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Russia Power Market Outlook to 2020 - Product Image

Russia Power Market Outlook to 2020

  • Published: February 2010
  • Region: Russia
  • 90 pages
  • GlobalData


  • Energoatom Concern OJSC
  • JSC OGK-1
  • JSC OGK-6
  • JSC RusHydro
  • OAO Mosenergo
  • MORE

Russia Power Market Outlook to 2020


This report gives detailed information on the Russian power market and provides historical and forecast numbers for generation, capacity and consumption up to 2020. The research analyzes upcoming power projects, key import and export trends, regulatory frameworks and infrastructure for the market. This coupled with elaborate profiles of key market participants provides a comprehensive understanding of the market’s competitive scenario.


- Statistics for installed capacity, power generation and consumption from 2000 to 2008, forecast forward 12 years to 2020
- Break-up by technology, including thermal and hydro
- Data on key current and upcoming projects
- Information on grid interconnectivity, distribution losses and power exports and imports
- Policy and regulatory framework governing the market
- Detailed analysis of top market participant, including market share analysis and SWOT analysis. Key market players include JSC RusHydro, Energoatom Concern OJSC, OAO Mosenergo, JSC OGK-1, and JSC OGK-6
- Data sourced from proprietary databases and primary interviews with key participants READ MORE >

1 Executive Summary
1.1 Thermal Fuels are the Dominant Source in Russia’s Power Mix
1.2 Continued Growth in Electricity Generation and Consumption
1.3 Renewable Energy is the Way Forward
2 Table Of Contents
2.1 List of Tables
2.2 List of Figures
3 Introduction
3.1 Report Guidance
4 Russia Power Market Analysis, 2000-2020
4.1 Russia Power Market Overview
4.2 Russia Power Market, Demand and Consumption Scenario
4.3 Russia Power Market, Import and Export Scenario
4.3.1 Russia Power Market, Total Annual Imports, 2000-2008
4.3.2 Russia Power Market, Total Annual Exports, 2000-2008
4.4 Russia Power Market, Annual Power Consumption, 2000-2020
4.5 Russia Power Market, Cumulative Installed Capacity, 2000-2020
4.5.1 Cumulative Thermal Installed Capacity, 2000-2020
4.5.2 Cumulative Hydro Installed Capacity, 2000-2020
4.5.3 Cumulative Nuclear Installed Capacity, 2000-2020
4.5.4 Cumulative Renewable Installed Capacity, 2000-2020
4.6 Russia Power Market, Annual Power Generation, 2000-2020
4.6.1 Annual Thermal Power Generation, 2000-2020
4.6.2 Annual Hydro Power Generation, 2000-2020
4.6.3 Annual Nuclear Power Generation, 2000-2020
4.6.4 Annual Renewable Power Generation, 2000-2020
5 Russia Power Market, Top Active and Upcoming Projects
5.1 Active Power Projects
5.1.1 Top 10 Thermal Power Projects
5.1.2 Top 10 Hydro Power Projects
5.1.3 Top 10 Nuclear Power Projects
5.1.4 Top 10 Renewable Power Projects
5.2 Upcoming Power Projects
5.2.1 Top 10 Thermal Power Projects
5.2.2 Top 10 Hydro Power Projects
5.2.3 Top 10 Nuclear Power Projects
5.2.4 Top 10 Renewable Power Projects
6 Russia Power Market, Regulatory Structure
6.1 Russia Power Market, Regulatory Structure, Overview
6.1.1 Russia Power Market, Power Sector Restructuring
6.1.2 Russia Power Market, Renewable policy
7 Russia Power Market, Infrastructure
7.1 Russia Power Market, Infrastructure Overview
7.1.1 Grid Interconnection
7.1.2 Planned Investments
7.1.3 Distribution Overview
8 Russia Power Market, Competitive Landscape: Snapshot of the Top Five Power Companies
8.1 Russia Power Market, Market Shares of the Major Power Companies
8.2 Key Companies in the Russia Power Market, JSC RusHydro
8.2.1 JSC RusHydro, Company Overview
8.2.2 JSC RusHydro, Business Description
8.2.3 JSC RusHydro, SWOT Analysis
8.3 Key Companies in the Russia Power Market, Energoatom Concern OJSC
8.3.1 Energoatom Concern OJSC, Company Overview
8.3.2 Energoatom Concern OJSC, Business Description
8.3.3 Energoatom Concern OJSC, SWOT Analysis
8.4 Key Companies in the Russia Power Market, OAO Mosenergo
8.4.1 OAO Mosenergo, Company Overview
8.4.2 OAO Mosenergo, Business Description
8.4.3 OAO Mosenergo, SWOT Analysis
8.5 Key Companies in the Russia Power Market, JSC OGK-1
8.5.1 JSC OGK-1, Company Overview
8.5.2 JSC OGK-1, Business Description
8.5.3 JSC OGK-1, SWOT Analysis
8.6 Key Companies in the Russia Power Market, JSC OGK-6
8.6.1 JSC OGK-6, Company Overview
8.6.2 JSC OGK-6, Business Description
8.6.3 JSC OGK-6, SWOT Analysis
9 Appendix
9.1 About Power eTrack
9.2 Market Definitions
9.2.1 Power
9.2.2 Installed Capacity
9.2.3 Active Installed Capacity
9.2.4 Electricity Generation
9.2.5 Thermal Power
9.2.6 Hydro Power
9.2.7 Nuclear Power
9.2.8 Renewable Energy Resources
9.2.9 Generation Company
9.2.10 Electricity Consumption
9.2.11 Transmission Network
9.2.12 Interconnector
9.2.13 Transmission and Distribution Loss
9.3 Abbreviations
9.4 ’s Methodology
9.4.1 Coverage
9.4.2 Secondary Research
9.4.3 Primary Research
9.4.4 Expert Panel Validation
9.5 Contact Us
9.6 Disclaimer

JSC RusHydro
Energoatom Concern OJSC
OAO Mosenergo

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