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Future of Red Biotechnology in China Product Image

Future of Red Biotechnology in China

  • ID: 1212744
  • April 2010
  • Region: China
  • 178 Pages
  • CCM International Limited

Red biotechnology (RB) refers to the biotechnology applied in pharmaceutical production and it has become the most important part in biotechnology industry. About 60% of achievements in biotechnology in the world are applied in production of bio-pharmaceuticals. At present, RB products mainly include gene recombinant drugs, blood products, vaccines, diagnostic reagents, etc. What is the current production situation of different RB products in China?

Driven by its substantial environmental or economic benefits, China’s RB industry has witnessed fast development and has played an increasingly important role in Chinese economic growth. However, the overall development of China’s RB industry remains in growth stage, and still has an enormous gap compared with developed countries. What is the future trend of Chinese RB industry development? What are the relevant supporting policies on Chinese RB industry? What have been the popular cutting-edge technologies in China in recent years? Where are the investment opportunities and what is the investment mode in China?

What is covered in this report?

- Overview of China’s red biotechnology

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Executive summary

Methodology & sources

I Overview of red biotechnology in China

Introduction to red biotechnology

Role of red biotechnology in medicine industry

Overview of red biotechnology development

II Development environment of red biotechnology in China

II-1 Macro economic environment

II-2 Policy environment

II-3 Medicine industry development

II-4 Venture capital

III Market segments of red biotechnology industry in China

III-1 Gene recombinant drugs

III-1.1 Erythropoietin(EPO)

III-1.2 Insulin


III-1.4 Rh-GH

III-1.5 Interferon

III-1.6 Anti-tumor monoclonal antibody

III-2 Blood products

III-3 Human vaccines

III-4 Diagnostic reagent

III-4.1 Diagnostic reagent history in China

III-4.2 Current production situation in China

III-4.3 Producers information of Chinese diagnostic reagent

III-4.3.1 Biochemical diagnostic reagent

III-4.3.2 Immunodiagnostic reagent

III-4.3.3 Molecular diagnostic reagent

III- PCR reagent

III- Biochips

III-4.4 Forecast

III-5 Other red biotechnology based drugs

III-5.1 Antibiotic

III-5.1.1 Current antibiotic production in China

III-5.1.2 Penicillin production technology

III-5.1.3 Waste treatment technology

III-6 Forecast on supply & demand to the next 5~10 years

III-6.1 Forecast on gene recombinant market during 2010~2020

III-6.1.1 Supply of gene recombinant drugs during 2000~2020

III-6.1.2 Demand for gene recombinant drugs during 2009~2020

III-6.1.3 Difference between demand and supply during 2009~2020

III-6.2 Forecast on blood product market during 2010~2020

III-6.2.1 Supply of blood products during 2005~2020

III-6.2.2 Demand for blood products during 2009~2020

III-6.2.3 Difference between demand and supply during 2009~2020

III-6.3 Forecast on human vaccine market during 2010~2020

III-6.3.1 Supply of human vaccines during 2005~2020

III-6.3.2 Demand for human vaccines during 2009~2020

III-6.3.3 Difference between demand and supply during 2009~2020

III-6.4 Forecast on diagnostic reagent market during 2010~2020

III-6.4.1 Supply of diagnostic reagents during 2005~2020

III-6.4.2 Demand for diagnostic reagents during 2009~2020

III-6.4.3 Difference between demand and supply during 2009~2020

IV Cutting edge technology development in China

IV-1 Stem cell treatment

IV-2 Monoclonal antibody

IV-3 Diagnostic reagent

IV-4 Vaccine

V Geographical distribution of China’s red biotechnology industry

V-1 Regional distribution

V-2 Introduction to RB industrial clusters

V-3 Overview of major RB industrial bases

V-3.1 Changsha Natioanl Biomedical Industrial Base

V-3.2 Zhangjiang National Biomedical Industrial Base

V-3.3 Zhongguancun National Biomedical Industrial Base

V-3.4 Shenzhen National Biological Industry Base

V-3.5 Changchun National Biological Industry Base

V-3.6 Guangzhou National Biological Industry Base

V-3.7 Shijiazhuang National Biological Industry Base

V-4 Forecast on national biological industry base in the next 5~10 years

VI Analysis of main Chinese companies in red biotechnology

VI-1 Choice of main Chinese companies in red biotechnology industry

VI-2 Analysis on main Chinese companies in red biotechnology industry

VI-2.1 Company engaged in biotech drugs
- Shanghai FOSUN Pharmaceutical (GROUP) Co., Ltd.

VI-2.2 Companies engaged in blood products
- Shanghai RAAS Blood Products Co., Ltd.
- Hualan Biological Engineering,Inc.

VI-2.3 Company engaged in vaccine
- Beijing Tiantan Biological Products Co.,Ltd.

VI-2.4 Company engaged in bio-engineering drugs
- Beijing SL Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

VI-2.5 Company engaged in antibiotics
- Shangdong Lukang Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.

VI-2.6 Company engaged in diagnostic reagents
- Shanghai Kehua Bio-Engineering Co.,Ltd.

VII Main foreign involvement in China’s red biotechnology

VII-1 Foreign companies in China

VII-1.1 GlaxoSmithKline (China) Co., Ltd.

VII-1.2 Pfizer (China) Co., Ltd.

VII-1.3 Novartis (China) Co., Ltd.

VII-1.4 Sanofi Pasteur (China) Co., Ltd.

VII-2 Comparison of foreign companies and Chinese companies

VII-3 Forecast of foreign involvement in China in next 5~10 years

VII-3.1 Forecast on Novartis expansion in China

VII-3.2 Forecast on GSK expansion in China

VII-3.3 Forecast on Sanofi-aventis expansion in China

VIII Analysis of investment in the next 5 years

VIII-1 Investment opportunities in biopharmaceutical industry

VIII-1.1 Solid foundation of bio-pharmaceutical investment

VIII-1.2 Investment hotspots in China

VIII-2 Risk analysis of the investment in China’s red biotechnology

VIII-2.1 Risk from international environment

VIII-2.2 Risk from domestic environment

VIII-2.3 Estimation of bio-pharmaceutical investment risk in the next 5 years

IX Profiles of key players in China

IX-1 Companies

IX-1.1 Gene recombinant drugs

IX-1.2 Blood products

IX-1.3 Vaccine

IX-1.4 Diagnostic reagent

IX-2 Research institutes

Table II-1.1 Annual benchmark lending rate of RMB
Table II-2 Relevant policies on bio-pharmaceutical industry in China, 2006-2009
Table II-3.1 Medicine industry output value in China, 2004-2008, billion USD
Table III-1.1.1 Market share of major EPO manufacturers, 2009
Table III-1.2.1 Three generations of insulin
Table III-1.2.2 Main rh-insulin manufacturers in China, 2009
Table III-1.3.1 Output of some G-CSF manufacturers, 2008
Table III-1.4.1 Market share of main rh-GH manufacturers in China, 2006-2008
Table III-1.5.1 Top four interferon manufacturers in China, 2009
Table III-1.5.2 Market share of main interferon manufacturers in China, 2006-2008
Table III-1.6.1 List of imported anti-tumor monoclonal antibody drugs
TableIII-1.6.2 List of domestic anti-tumor monoclonal antibody drugs
Table III-2.1 Some major human albumin manufacturers in China, 2010
Table III-2.2 Human albumin output of major manufacturers in China, 2008-2009
Table III-2.3 Human immunoglobulin for intravenous injection output of major manufacturers, 2009
Table III-3.1 Vaccines belonging to National Immunization Program, 2010
Table III-3.2 Average import and export prices of human vaccines, 2006-2009
Table III-3.3 Production situation of H1N1 Influenza A Vaccine in China, 2010 (Unit: thousand doses)
Table III-3.4 Monthly lot release volume of top 4 H1N1 Influenza A vaccine in China, Sep-Dec. 2009 (Unit: thousand doses)
Table III-3.5 All Inactivated Split Influenza vaccine lot release in China, 2009
Table III-3.6 Situation of domestic HBV lot release, 2007-2009 (unit: thousand doses)
Table III-3.7 Major manufacturers’ HBV lot release situation, 2009 (unit: thousand doses)
Table III-3.8 Lot release volume of some major human vaccines, 2007-2009
Table III-4.1 Comparison of three main diagnostic reagents
Table III-4.3.1 Major diagnostic reagent producers in China, 2008
Table III- Top 3 producers of biochemical diagnostic reagents in China, 2008
Table III- Some producers of immunodiagnostic reagent in China, 2008
Table III- Major PCR reagent producers in China, 2008
Table III- Some biochips producers in China, 2009
Table III- Supply of four gene recombinant drugs in China, 2000-2020
Table III- Supply of gene recombinant drugs in China, 2009-2020
Table III- Demand for gene recombinant drugs in China, 2009-2020
Table III- Demand & supply gap of gene recombinant drugs in China, 2009-2020
Table III- Supply of blood products in China, 2005-2020
Table III- Demand for blood products in China, 2009-2020
Table III- Demand & supply gap of blood products in China, 2009-2020

- Shenyang Sunshine Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
- Hualan Biological Engineering Inc.
- Zhejiang Tianyuan Bio-Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
- Beijing Tiantan Biological Products Co., Ltd.
- Shanghai Kehua Bio-engineering Co., Ltd.

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