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Coaching Yourself to Leadership: Five Key Strategies for Becoming an Integrated Leader

  • ID: 1213360
  • Book
  • September 2005
  • 200 pages
  • HRD Press
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What would happen if a respected business coach gave you a new model for leadership that could help you achieve the happiness, productivity and fulfillment at work you so desire? It would change your life. That’s exactly what author Ginny O’Brien has done. She’s a certified business coach who draws on an approach she’s used successfully for years in her practice to develop effective leaders. It integrates competencies from three domains of leadership - self, work and others - and emphasizes both masculine and feminine elements of strength.

O’Brien’s themes - be authentic, visionary, emotionally intelligent, an assertive communicator and connected to others through relationships and alliances - are covered in-depth in separate chapters. Exercises, tools and specific guidance are also provided to help you turn the information presented into everyday practices.

The purpose of the book is not to help you become the next Jack Welch - being a great leader doesn’t mean you have to get to the top. Rather, it is to provide you with practices and techniques that will transform you into a more positive, authentic leader who can make work better for yourself and those you currently lead.

Sample Topics:
- Identifying values: getting to the core of you.
- The dilemma of defensive behaviors.
- Leadership and parenting: the same skill set dealing with people you don't respect
- Assertive vs. Agressive
- Passive-agressive communicators: The alienators
- The art of asking powerful questions
- Managing your fear
- The problem with delegating perfection

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CHAPTER ONE—Be Authentic: Work According to Your Values
Who Are You?
Reflecting Your Way to Authenticity
My Values
Values: The Case of Ruth
Identifying Values: Getting to the Core You
A List of Values
Core Values Exercise
Beliefs Can Make or Break You
Affirmations Create Possibilities
Negative Beliefs Rob You of Power
Unraveling Your Behavior Patterns: The Story of Brian
The Dilemma of Defensive Behaviors
Feeling Small
Positive Imaging Exercise
Authenticity Summary Steps
Coaching Questions on Authenticity and Values

CHAPTER TWO—Be Visionary: Know Where You Want to Go and How to Get There
Dream Big Passionate Dreams
Understand Your Vision and Life Purpose
Vision and Life Purpose Exercise
Vision and Gender
Turning My Vision into Reality
Assessing Your Skills: How Integrated Are You?
Easy Assessments You Can Do Yourself
Integrated Leadership: Three Domains
Getting Feedback from Others
Integrated Leadership Competencies Self-Assessment
Gap Analysis: Creating Yearly Strategies for Success
Charting Your Goals
Goals and Actions Sample
Being Comfortable Outside Your Comfort Zone
The Risk Bull’s Eye
Managing Your Fear
My Mistakes
Learning to Trust Your Intuition
Transferring Skills: From the Personal to the Professional
Risk and Intuition Exercise
Vision and Smarts Summary Steps
Coaching Questions on Vision

CHAPTER THREE—Be Emotionally Intelligent: Build Your EQ Muscles
EQ at Work: Maintaining Emotional Control
Vacillating Between Extremes
Understanding Your Emotions: The Story of Rose
What’s Your EQ?
Emotional Intelligence Self-Assessment
Develop Trust Through Good Judgment
Confidence in Confidentiality
Leadership Links with Learning
EQ Bridges Differences
EQ and Relational Competence
Diversity: The Case of Lyn and Tony
Leadership and Parenting: The Same Skill Set
Integrated Leadership: Accessing Masculine and Feminine Energy
Leadership Styles Determine Organizational Culture
Leadership Styles
Integrating Styles: The Story of Mike
Dealing with People You Don’t Respect
The Problem with Delegating Perfection
Emotional Intelligence Summary Steps
Coaching Questions on Emotional Intelligence

CHAPTER FOUR—Be Assertive: Know How to Communicate Effectively
Assertive versus Aggressive
Passive Communicators: The Retreaters
Passive-Aggressive Communicators: The Alienators
Communication Styles
Staying Grounded and Assertive
Presence: An Essential Intangible of Leadership
Non-Assertive Communication: The Case of Sonia and Diana
Your Communication Style
Listening Skills for Leaders
My Listening Barriers
Listening Barriers Exercise
Listening: A Key to Influencing
Building Trust Requires Listening
The Art of Asking Powerful Questions
Skillful Conversations: An Optimum Tool for Communicating
A Framework for a Skillful Conversation
Negotiation: Taking Skillful Conversations to the Next Level
Advocating for Yourself
Managing Evaluations
Gender Differences in Communicating
Leadership Requires Setting Expectations and Giving Feedback
Managing “No”
Assertiveness Summary Steps
Coaching Questions on Assertive Communication

CHAPTER FIVE—Be Connected: Build Strategic Relationships
Alliance Building: Is There Something to Learn from Reality Shows?
Lessons in Alliance Building
Building Alliances Exercise
Mentors: A Critical Alliance
Mentors Make Things Happen
How I Met My Mentor
Finding and Nurturing Mentoring Relationships
Managing Up: Building a Good Relationship with Your Boss
Dealing with a Difficult Boss
Building Your Team: The Ultimate Test of Leadership
Motivating Your Team
The Story of Cheryl: A Partnership Approach to Team Building
Motivation Exercise
Networking: The Basics
Network with Conscious Intent
Presenting with Presence
The Elevator Speech
Your Elevator Speech
Building Relationships: Focus on the Other Person
Networking Do’s and Don’ts
Strategic Relationships Summary Steps
Coaching Questions on Strategic Relationships

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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown