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Dee Valley Group PLC Fund Report

  • ID: 1216725
  • May 2015
  • 2 pages
  • Morningstar
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Morningstar's Fund Analyst Reports

Morningstar evaluates stocks for what they truly are--pieces of a business. Instead of prognosticating short-term price movements or momentum, our analysts focus on determining the value of a business, its risks, and whether the stock price accurately reflects both the value and risk. Simply put, we look for superior businesses that trade at discounts to their fair values. The market, of course, doesn't always agree with us, so sometimes our recommendations are out of step with consensus thinking. But we believe this approach is the most sensible way to create wealth over the long term.

Report Outline:

Fund Picks and Pans

It can be a daunting for the investor looking to narrow the field to a manageable list of buy candidates. Morningstar created Fund Picks to provide a short-cut to the list of the very best funds around. Like our Fund Analyst Picks, Fund Analyst Pans are funds with no compelling reason to buy; if you own it, you should consider selling. We look for poor management, high costs, poor performance, or just bad strategies when building our pans list. Some pans are complete dogs and others are simply below-average READ MORE >

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Fund Picks and Pans
Role in Portfolio
Stewardship Grade

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