Company Study of Angel Yeast Co., Ltd, 2009-2010

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Yeast is mainly applied for food ferment, seasonings and feedstuff additives. It is estimated that, in 2009, China’s yeast market capacity was about 367-443 kilotons while the output of yeast was 200 kilotons or so. China’s output capacity of yeast is mainly centralized in Angel Yeast, Lesaffre and AB Mauri, the output capacity of which occupies 80.5% of the total capacity. Angel Yeast Company is of the largest scale.

In 2009, the output capacity of Angel Yeast reached 91 kilotons, accounting for about 45% of China’s total output capacity of yeast. In September, 2009, Angel Yeast expanded its production line with the annual output of 15 kilotons in Chongzuo, Guangxi; promisingly, the company’s annual output capacity of yeast can reach 106 kilotons when that production line puts into production in 2011.

In recent years, Angel Yeast has speeded up its overseas expansion, which can be reflected in its great increase of export business. Since 2006, the export business of Angel Yeast has experienced rapid growth, and in 2009, the year-on-year growth rate of export revenue was high up to 53.6%. The export revenue of Angel Yeast in 2009 accounted for READ MORE >

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1 Company Profile

2 Analysis of Yeast Industry
2.1 Overview
2.2 Development of China’s Yeast Industry
2.2.1 Market Capacity
2.2.2 Development Prospect
2.3 Competition in China’s Yeast Industry

3 Analysis of Angel Yeast Company
3.1 Operation
3.2 Output Capacity
3.3 Favorable Income Tax
3.4 Cost Analysis
3.4.1 Composition of Yeast Cost
3.4.2 Price Rising of Molasses
3.4.3 Countermeasures for Price Rising of Molasses
3.4.4 Prime Operating Cost Rate

4 Summary
4.1 Development Strategy
4.2 Competitiveness

List of Charts:

Main Products & Application Fields of Angel Yeast
Profile of Angel Yeast Subsidiaries
Main Applications of Yeast Extract
Yeast Classifications and Proportions in China
China Yeast Output, 2004-2009
Market Capacity Estimate of China Yeast Industry
Global Main Yeast Manufacturers, April, 2010
Fields with Which Technical Advantage of Main Yeast Manufacturers Rest
China’s Main Yeast Manufacturers and Output Capacity, April, 2010
Main Business Revenue of Angel Yeast, 2005-2009
Net Profit of Angel Yeast, 2005-2009
Export Revenue Share in Main Business Revenue of Angel Yeast, 2005-2009
Export and Domestic Sales Revenue Growth of Angel Yeast, 2002-2009
Distribution of Angel Yeast’s Production Bases and Output Capacity
Production Capacity Change of Angel Yeast
Income Tax Rates of Angel Yeast and Its Subsidiaries
Real Income Tax Rate of Angel Yeast, 2005-2009
Composition of Yeast Production Cost
Use of Molasses
Impact of Cost Rising of Angel Yeast
Prime Operating Cost Rate of Angel Yeast, 2005-2009

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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown






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