Patent map and technology intelligence report. Toys, Dolls, Hoops, Building Blocks

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  • January 2010
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Tops; Whip tops; Top whips; Hopping, dancing, or curve-drawing tops; Double tops; Multiple tops mounted in or on one another; Color tops; Musical tops; Climbing tops, e.g. Yo-Yo; Whirling or spinning discs driven by twisted cords; Dolls; Air-filled or inflatable toy figures; Flat toy figures provided with limbs, with or without arrangements for making them stand up; Double-faced dolls; Jumping jacks; Drinking dolls; Dolls producing tears; Wetting dolls; Floating dolls; Arrangements of sound-producing means in dolls; Means in dolls for producing sounds; Details; Accessories; Musical or noise-producing devices for additional toy effects other than acoustical; Pistols or machine guns operated without detonators; Crackers; Toy figures led or propelled by the user; Special methods or compositions for the manufacture of dolls, toy animals, toy figures, or parts thereof; Self-movable toy figures; Toy figures with self-moving parts, with or without movement of the toy as a whole; Other gravity-operated toy figures; Toy vehicles, e.g. with self-drive; Accessories therefor; Highways or track ways for toys; Propulsion by special interaction between vehicle and track; Model railways; Other toy railways; Toy boats; Floating toys; Other aquatic toy devices; Toy steam, gas, or compressed-air engines; Toy aircraft; Other flying toys; Drive mechanisms for toys in general; Remote-control arrangements specially adapted for toys, e.g. for toy vehicles; Gearing for toys; Other toys; Jokes; Confetti, streamers, or other dance favors.

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1. Pace of Invention.
Recent trends and patenting growth patterns.

2. Technology Overview.
Organization of patented inventions into broad and specific technology fields, based on the International Patent Classification system

3. Competitive Intelligence
Major patenting players.
Top inventors .
Key attorneys agents or attorney firms representing innovators.

4. Appendix A
Tabulation of all data used in the report.
Patenting activity for the last 20 years timeframe.
Listing of top 100 players, inventors and agents.

5. References
List of references.

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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown





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