Patent map and technology intelligence report. Additional Work, Such As Equipping Roads Or Constructig Platforms, Helicopter Landing Stages, Signs, Snow Fences

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  • January 2010
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Construction of platforms or refuge islands; Landing stages for helicopters, e.g. located above buildings; Draining the sub-base of roads or ballastway of railways by trenches, culverts, or conduits; Devices affording protection against snow, sand drifts, side-wind effects, snow slides, avalanches or falling rocks; Anti-dazzle arrangements; Arrangements for absorbing or reflecting air transmitted noise from road or railway traffic; Arrangement of road signs or traffic signals; Arrangements for enforcing caution, e.g. speed bumps; Embedding pads or other sensitive devices in paving or other road surfaces; Arrangements for obstructing or restricting traffic, e.g. gates, barricades; Safety arrangements for slowing, redirecting or stopping errant vehicles, e.g. guard posts or bollards; Arrangements for reducing damage to roadside structures due to vehicular impact.

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1. Pace of Invention.
Recent trends and patenting growth patterns.

2. Technology Overview.
Organization of patented inventions into broad and specific technology fields, based on the International Patent Classification system

3. Competitive Intelligence
Major patenting players.
Top inventors .
Key attorneys agents or attorney firms representing innovators.

4. Appendix A
Tabulation of all data used in the report.
Patenting activity for the last 20 years timeframe.
Listing of top 100 players, inventors and agents.

5. References
List of references.

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown


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