Patent map and technology intelligence report. Controlling Combustion Engines

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  • January 2010
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Controlling fuel-injection pumps, e.g. of high-pressure injection type; Controlling low-pressure fuel injection, i.e. where the air-fuel mixture containing fuel thus injected will be substantially compressed by the compression stroke of the engine, by means other than controlling only an injection pump; Other non-electrical fuel injection control; Controlling engines by throttling air or fuel-and-air induction conduits or exhaust conduits; Arrangements for, or adaptations to, non-automatic engine control initiation means, e.g. operator initiated; Controlling the engine output power by varying inlet or exhaust valve operating characteristics, e.g. timing; Varying compression ratio; Controlling engines by cutting-out individual cylinders; Rendering engines inoperative or idling; Controlling engines characterized by their use of non-liquid fuels, pluralities of fuels, or non-fuel substances added to the combustible mixtures; Controlling engines characterized by their being supplied with non-airborne oxygen or other non-fuel gas; Controlling engines characterized by their being supercharged; Controlling two or more co-operating engines; Controlling engines characterized by their being reversible; Programmed-control of engines; Controlling engines, such controlling being peculiar to the devices driven thereby, the devices being other than parts or accessories essential to engine operation, e.g. controlling of engines by signals external thereto; Use of speed-sensing governors to control combustion engines, not otherwise provided for; Controlling delivery of fuel or combustion-air, not otherwise provided for; Miscellaneous.

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1. Pace of Invention.
Recent trends and patenting growth patterns.

2. Technology Overview.
Organization of patented inventions into broad and specific technology fields, based on the International Patent Classification system

3. Competitive Intelligence
Major patenting players.
Top inventors .
Key attorneys agents or attorney firms representing innovators.

4. Appendix A
Tabulation of all data used in the report.
Patenting activity for the last 20 years timeframe.
Listing of top 100 players, inventors and agents.

5. References
List of references.

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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown





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