Data Center Outsourcing Key Trends - The Emergence of Outsourcing into the Cloud

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  • April 2010
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New developments, such as Web 2.0, virtualization and Web services, are pushing data-center planners to make a complex and difficult decision: Outsource, build your own data center, or re-optimize the existing data center. Today, most organizations (53%) do some form of data-center outsourcing (either in addition to or instead of owning).

A combination of factors drives the choice: location, financial, skill set, risk management, and power. Some see outsourcing options as a continuum from leasing through cloud services. Over the next three years, the differences between the services will blur. Two primary factors that ultimately influence the outsourcing choice are the economy and overcoming compliance and privacy concerns for cloud computing. IT organizations will resolve these issues, and we project significant movement to cloud services as alternatives to build-your-own, co-location, managed hosting and even disaster backup facilities. Most organizations should continue to architect a mixed environment. Success correlates most highly with mixed (owned plus co-location) environments.

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1. Executive Summary

2. Introduction

3. Top Trends
3.1. Outsourcing Options are Moving Targets
3.2. Delivering High-Availability, Low-Latency Services Drives the Outsourcing Decision
3.3. Outsourcing Changes the Color and Amount of Money
3.4. Skill Set Availability Drives Outsourcing
3.5. Risk Management Driving the Outsourcing Decision
3.6. Power is Stressing Today’s Data Centers
3.7. New Optimization Technologies Can Alleviate or Solve Power and Density Limitations

4. Outsourcing and Technology Framework
4.1. Not All Co-location is Alike
4.2. Data Center Classifications
4.3. Retool to Extend Data Center Lifespan
4.4. HVAC Innovation
4.5. Data Center Power and HVAC monitoring

5. Data-Center Outsourcing Vendors

6. Data-Center Optimization Vendors

7. Technology Forecast
7.1. Prices for Co-location Are Going Up
7.2. Recommendations

8. Conclusion

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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown


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