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Global Salmon Fish Market: An Analysis

  • ID: 1268382
  • July 2010
  • Region: Global
  • 48 Pages
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  • Cermaq
  • Leroy Seafood
  • Marine Harvest
  • SalMar
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The overall production of farmed salmon has shown an increasing trend till 2008, after which the production started declining. The decline can be attributed to Atlantic Salmon as the quantity of Pacific Salmon produced worldwide is expected to have increased during 2008-10. The Atlantic Salmon production declined due to reduced supplies from Chile due to Infectious Salmon Anemia (ISA), a disease which causes immense mortality and reduced growth for Atlantic salmon.

Norway and Chile are the dominant producers in the global salmon market, with a share of about two-thirds of global farmed salmon. There are other producing countries, which include Scotland and Canada. The worldwide salmon consumption can be divided among five major markets: the European Union fresh and frozen market, the Japanese fresh and frozen market, the US fresh and frozen market, canned salmon markets and other markets. The European Union dominates the worldwide salmon market.

Typically salmon production has been confined to four companies: Marine Harvest, Leroy Seafood, and Cermaq, Salmar. Marine Harvest is the leading salmon farming player.

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  • Cermaq
  • Leroy Seafood
  • Marine Harvest
  • SalMar
  • MORE

1. Introduction

1.1 Industry Overview
Fishmeal Consumption by Region
Fish Production Breakup

1.2 Global Fish Trade
Major Exporters
Major Importers

1.3 Salmon and Its Species
1.4 Salmon Processing

2. Global Salmon Fish Market

2.1 Worldwide Production
Production Growth
Regional Breakup

2.2 Worldwide Consumption
Consumption Breakup by Region

2.3 Salmon Prices

2.4 Market Segmentation
Atlantic Salmon
Pacific Salmon

3. Country Analysis

3.1 Major Producers

3.1.1 Norway
Market Overview
Price Trend

3.1.2 Chile
Market Overview

3.1.3 Scotland
Market Overview

3.1.4 Canada
Market Overview
Price Trend

3.2 Major End-Markets

3.2.1 European Union (EU)
Imports Statistics
Price Trend

3.2.2 Unites States

4. Atlantic Salmon

4.1 Overview
Value Chain

4.2 Atlantic Salmon Production
Production by Value & Volume
Regional Breakup

4.3 Atlantic Salmon Trade

5. Market Trends
5.1 Demographic Trend
5.2 Mergers and Acquisitions
5.3 Consumer Preferences
5.4 Pricing Rise
5.5 Cyclical Industry
5.6 Research and Development

6. Key Challenges
6.1 Biological Risks
6.2 External Environmental Damage

7. Competitive Landscape

8. Company Profiles

8.1 Marine Harvest
Business Description
Financial Summary
Business Strategies
Wide Geographic Presence
Focus on Research and Development

8.2 Leroy Seafood
Business Description
Financial Summary
Business Strategies
Strategic Acquisitions and Alliances
Product Range Dispersal
Customer Satisfaction

8.3 Cermaq
Business Description
Financial Summary
Business Strategies
Diversified Geographical Exposure
Product Quality and Cost Efficiency
Focus on Research and Development

8.4 SalMar
Business Description
Financial Summary
Business Strategies
Increase in Production
Expansion through Acquisitions

9. Market Outlook
9.1 Market Forecast
9.2 Forecast Methodology
9.2.1 Dependent and Independent Variables
9.2.2 Correlation Analysis
9.2.3 Regression Analysis

List of Figures:

World Fishmeal Consumption by Region (2008)
Global Fish Production (2009)
Major Fish Exporters Worldwide by Value (2008)
Major Fish Importers Worldwide by Value (2008)
Edible Meat per 100 Kg Feed (for different sources of meat),2009
Salmon Production Worldwide (2006-2010e)
Global Salmon Production- Geographical Breakdown (2008)
World Salmon Market by Countries (2008)
Global Average Salmon Prices per Kg (2004-2011e)
Global Farmed Salmon Production by Species (2008)
Global Production of Farmed Atlantic Salmon by Country (2008)
Global Production of Farmed Pacific Salmon by Country (2008)
Salmon Fish Production in Norway (2005-2008)
Norwegian Sites with PD Suspicion (2003-2009)
Salmon Exports in Norway (2007-2009)
Exports to Key Markets by Norway (2009E)
Salmon Prices in Norway (2009-May 2010)
Chilean Farmed Salmon Production by Species (2008)
Chilean Exports (Volume) by Destination In 2008
Chilean Salmon Exports (Volume) In Different Forms in Q108 (Jan-March)
Scotland Exports by Destination (2008)
Canadian Salmon Market Breakdown (2008)
Canadian Canned Sockeye Salmon Price per Kg (Jan 2010-May 2010)
EU Fisheries Imports by Category (2008)
Sources of EU Imports of Pacific Salmon (2008)
Salmon Price per Kg Gutted in Europe (2002-2009)
US Atlantic Salmon Imports by Sources (2009)
Atlantic Salmon - Value Chain
Global Aquaculture Production of Atlantic Salmon by Volume (2001-2008)
Global Aquaculture Production of Atlantic Salmon by Value (2001-2008)
Global Atlantic Salmon Production by Region (2008)
Demographics of the Global Seafood Consumer (2007)
Worldwide Weekly Spot Prices of Fresh Salmon SUP 3-6 Kg Oslo (2010)
Norwegian EBIT/Kg Margin Development (1990-2009e)
GWP (Global Warming Potential) per Kg Edible Meat
Market Share of Global Salmon Production – by Company (2008)
Production Volumes by Company (2009e-2011e)
EBIT per Kg Margins by Company (2009e-2011e)
Enterprise Value per Kg by Company (2009-2010)
Marine Harvest’s Revenue (2007-2009)
Marine Harvest’s Revenue by Business Segments (2009)
Leroy Seafood’s Revenue (2006-2009)
Leroy Seafood’s Revenue by Business Segments (2009)
Cermaq’s Revenue (2006-2009)
Cermaq’s Revenue by Business Segments (2009)
SalMar’s Revenue (2006-2009)
Salmar’s Geographic Breakdown of Revenue (2009)
Global Salmon Consumption (2009-2013F)

List of Tables:

Essential Amino-Acids (%) In Various Food Sources
Global Salmonids Production (2003-2007)
Salmon Consumption per Capita – by Countries (2008)
Chilean Volume Exports of Salmon by Species (2003-2007)
Top Ten Consumed Seafood in the US (2008)
US Exports & Imports of Salmon Products (2009)
Global Atlantic Salmon Product Flow (2008)
Financial Position of Key Players of Salmon Fish Production (FY09)
Dependent & Independent Variables (2006– 2010)
Correlation Matrix
Model Summary – Coefficient of Determination
Regression Coefficients Output

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown

- Marine Harvest

- Leroy Seafood

- Cermaq

- SalMar

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown


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