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Russian Market of Sheet Glass

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  • December 2014
  • Region: Russia
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The report contains actual information about the sheet glass market and its state in December 2009. The aim of the research is to describe the state of the Russian sheet glass market, present actual information about the production volume, exports, imports, consumption, state of the market, and also changes in 2009.

The Russian market of sheet glass experienced a sharp drop in demand in the 1st quarter of 2009; in the summer the market situation stabilized and, since the 3rd quarter, there has been a growth in consumption. The impact of the economic crisis affected in different ways the industry and consumers of sheet glass. In 2009, we forecast a structural change in demand: the specific share of consumption of sheet glass from the car industry will decline, and from construction - will grow.

The volume of total demand for sheet glass in the domestic market in 2009 will decrease by 20% to 129.8 million square meters. Until 2008, the market of sheet glass encountered a production deficit, which was due to high workload, (lack of) of existing facilities (with the corresponding capacity), as well as their uneven geographical location. The lack of products in the domestic market was offset by imports, whose volume is comparable to the one of the exports. Favorable market conditions prevailing in the pre-crisis period, was the signal for investors to open new production. More than 10 large-scale projects for the production of sheet glass were planned for 2009-2012. Some of them will not be implemented or will not be realized fully.

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  • LLC “Pilkington Glass”
  • OJSC “Satovstroysteklo”
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RMR (a division of “IndexBox”) proposition
1. Executive summary
2. Research design
3. Product classification:
3.1 Types of sheet glass
3.2 Brands of sheet glass
3.3 Production technology
3.4 Characteristics of the raw materials basis
4. Factors, influencing the development of the sheet glass market:
4.1 State of the building industry
4.2 Characteristics of the automotive industry
4.3 STEP-analysis of the market of sheet glass
5. Characteristics of the sheet glass market:
5.1 Market size
5.2 Demand structure
5.3 Characteristics of supply and demand on the market in January-November 2009
5.4 Market dynamics. Forecast of the market development
6. Volume of the import suppliers of sheet glass on the Russian market:
6.1 Import size and dynamics
6.2 Producing countries of sheet glass, leading suppliers in the Russian Federation
6.3 Main importing companies of sheet glass in 2009
7. Size and structure of export supplies of sheet glass for foreign markets:
7.1 Export size and dynamics
7.2 Main exporting companies. Countries, purchasing Russian sheet glass
8. Volume of the domestic production of sheet glass:
8.1 Main participants of the sheet glass market
8.2 Production volume in 2005-2008
8.3 Production volume by production categories in 2005-November 2009
8.4 Remaining finished goods for January-March 2005-2009
8.5 Dynamics of production volume of sheet glass. Forecast until 2015
9. Production volume
9.1 Main market participants. Analysis of production basis
9.2 Potential players on the Russian market of sheet glass. Investment projects in 2009-2012
9.3 Production concentration of capacity usage and seasonal factor
9.4 Geography of production placing
9.5 Chronological development of the industry. Main events in the companies, 2003-2011
10. Description of the current activities of the market participants
10.1 Common characteristics of the company activities
10.2 OJSC “AGS BSZ” ( )
10.3 LLC “Pilkington Glass” ( )
10.4 OJSC “Satovstroysteklo” ( )
11. Main factors for success and stop-factors in building a glass factory:
11.1 Main factors for success
11.2 Stop-factors for building a glass factory
12. Forecast on sector development in 2009-2016

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- LLC “Pilkington Glass”
- OJSC “Satovstroysteklo”

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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown