How Tweens & Teens Use Social Media

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With a click on any of these three words, tweens and teens influence trends and brand recognition - and determine the "next big thing".

The report How Tweens & Teens Use Social Media shows how these savvy, multi-focused trendsetters interact with social media and how brand marketers successfully intercept their fragmented attention. This comprehensive report provides you with hard data and definitive analysis, giving you the invaluable information you need to promote your core business through social media programs.

In How Tweens & Teens Use Social Media you will learn:

- How leading brands integrate social media while using corporate partners for youth events and activities.
- Which traditional sports league is using social media to entice and engage more young fans.
- In what way teens stream, download, and record content.
- How top companies use social media to keep sponsorships relevant to tweens and teens.
- Which social media brands are most valuable in tweens' and teens' eyes.

These days, life without technology and social media is unfathomable - for tweens and teens more than anyone. Tethered to their READ MORE >

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Tweens' Online Habits
Tweens' Self-imposed Rules Regarding Their Internet Usage

Tweens' Social Networking Behaviors
How Kids Ages 6-12 Use Social Networks

Parents Outline Their Tweens' Online Habits

Video Viewing Habits Among Ages 6-12
How Tweens Consume Video, By Age Group, Per Week

Insight Into Tweens' Lifestyles
Activities 6-11-year-olds Do On Their Cell Phones

Children's Digital Habits And Use
What Tweens Ages 6-11 Do While Using Smart Devices
How Tweens Ages 6-11 Use Smart Devices

Ages 10-11 Are Key Internet Turning Points

Tween Girls Gather Around The Computer On Saturdays At 5 p.m. To Play Online Games
Most Popular Online Gaming Genre Among Tween Girls Ages 8-12

Tweens Love Angry Birds
Most Popular Android Games Among Tweens Ages 8-15, Based On Length Of Time Spent Playing

How To Connect With Today's Tweens

Teens And Their Online Lives, Social Media Habits, And What They Think About Privacy
Who Are Teens' Facebook Friends?
Information Teens Post To Their Social Network Profiles, 2006 Vs. 2012

Teens Prefer IMAX But Almost Half Stream Movies
Monthly Time Teens And Young Adults Spent Watching Video On TV, Online, And On Mobile, By Age
How Teens Prefer To Watch Movies
How Teens Prefer To Listen To Music

Myths And Misconceptions Over Youth Digital Habits

Teens Are Connected And Empowered By Technology
Situations When Teens Are Unplugged From Technology
Social Media Platforms Teens Visit At Least Weekly
Brand Purchases That Teens Say They Have "A Lot" Or "A Little" Influence Over

Teens Have More Tech Devices And Spend More Time On Them Than Adults
Teen And Young Adult Social Network Demographics
Media Use Is Complementary, Not Cannibalizing
Technology Ownership, By Age Range

Millennials Are Ushering In New Views Over Online Privacy

Most Valuable Social Media Brands
Most Valuable Social Media Brands

Teens Offer Mixed Opinions Over Texting And Driving
Teen Behavior While Behind The Wheel Over Past Three Months
Teens On Most Effective Ways To Get Them And Their Friends To Stop Texting While Driving
Average Number Of Text Messages Teens Send And Receive Each Day

Mobile Gamers Come Out To Play During Primetime
Peak Weekday Usage For Select Smartphone Activities

Parents Keep An Eye On Teens

Millennials And Their Online Lives

Teens Are Regular Users Of Tumblr, Facebook
Daily Users Of Select Social Networks, By Age Group

Teens Link?Social Media With TV?Viewing
TV Viewing And Social Media Habits Of 15-17-year-olds Vs. 18-34-year-olds

Facebook Users Show Their Love For Wall Posts, Not Brands
What Facebook Users "Like"

Ages 13-14 Signal Tech Transition
Median Number Of Text Messages Sent Per Day By Children 12-17-years-old, By Select Demographic Characteristics

How Teens Stream, Download, Record Content
Demographics Of Teens Who Upload And Record Video
Demographics Of Teens Who Stream Live Video

Teens'?Online Activities Kept Hidden?From Parents

How Teens Avoid Online Parental Monitoring
Teen Online Users' Most Visited Websites

Teen Girls Favor Free Streaming

Teens Spend $9 Per Month On Online Games
Game Genres That Teen Boys And Girls Play Most Frequently On Facebook And Mobile Devices

Teens Use Digital Devices To Do Homework

Social Media Raises Teens' Awareness

Online Awareness Gap Grows Between Parents And Children

Parents Are Concerned About Their Teens' Online Futures

Kids Spend Time Watching TV, Playing Games, But Parents Wish?They Would Read

Teens Text To Talk With Friends, But They Want Brands To Use Email To Reach?Them
Preferred Channel For Teens To Receive Select Information
Ways Teens Ages 15-17 Have Been Influenced To Purchase A Product Or Service During Past Year
Social Media Activities Teens Ages 15-17 Do At Least Once A Day

Teen Internet Usage Varies By Gender, Race, And Household Income
Teen Computer And Tablet Ownership Demographics

Teens Want Friends To Stop Tagging Their Photos
Activities Kids Ages 9-17 Do 5-7 Times Per Week, 2010 Vs. 2012


Merchandising Apps: Identifying And Overcoming The Challenges To Becoming The Next Angry Birds

Taking It For Granted: How Brands Keep Sponsorships Fresh After Several Years Of Support

How The NHL Is Making Itself Relevant To Younger Fans

How Discovery Uses Social Networks To?Connect With?Young Viewers

Marketing Guru Outlines Tactics To Successfully Utilize Social Media

Effective Tactics For Social Media Campaigns

Social Networking Challenges When Users Are Under Age 13

Coca-Cola Uses Celebrity To Unite Its Social Media Presence

Social TV: The Next Big Thing For Reaching Teens?

Organic Is Most Popular Social Media Tactic, Paid Is The Most Effective
Social Media Tactics Used By Marketers
Targets Used By Marketers When Buying Ads On Social Media Sites


Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown





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