Russian Federation - PhaseZero Market Insight Report

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  • July 2010
  • Region: Russia
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Whythawk PhaseZero reports offer rapid, high-level comparative country insight. Our reports combine quantitative and qualitative content with striking data visualisation. To assist comprehension, chart elements - called sparklines - are integrated throughout the report to allow concise and immediate comparisons of all reported data.

Charts and data are presented relative to a benchmark of leading emerging market investment destinations. All content is comprehensively referenced with online links embedded into the report for immediate access to source documentation.

Russian Federation has been analysed according to the following segments:

1. Demography: Population, Health and Education
2. Economy: Market Opportunity and Investment Environment
3. Infrastructure: Telecommunications, Energy, Access and Rights
4. State: Governance, Law and Stability
5. Structure: Aid, Enterprise and State Expenditure
6. Healthcare: Morbidity, Mortality & Treatment

A flavour of major economic opportunities and risks highlighted in the PhaseZero Russian Federation report:

- Exxon Mobil in 2009 said it would unfreeze new phases of Sakhalin-1 after Russia READ MORE >

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Russian Federation Market Insight Contents

Country Overview
Introduction to Russian Federation
The Bue Curve and Emerging Market Analysis
Methodology: Bue Analysis
Bue Analysis
Comparative GDP Forecast, and Exchange Rate Base Year and Value
Segment 1: Demography
Segment 2: Economy
Segment 3: Infrastructure
Segment 4: State
Segment 5: Structure
Segment 6: Healthcare
Bue Analysis Conclusions
References: Data Sources
References: Content Sources

Russian Federation Market Insight Figures

Key Country Rankings (Russian Federation), 2010
Bue Curve - Summary of Results (Russian Federation), 2010
Gross domestic product, current prices in US dollars (Russian Federation), 2010
Russian Ruble Vs. US Dollar, 2000 - 2009
Key Population and Education Indicators (Russian Federation), 2010
Key Health Indicators (Russian Federation), 2010
Key Market Opportunity Indicators (Russian Federation), 2010
Key Investment Environment Indicators (Russian Federation), 2010
Key Telecommunications Indicators (Russian Federation), 2010
Key Energy Indicators (Russian Federation), 2010
Key Governance and Legal Indicators (Russian Federation), 2010
Key Stability Indicators (Russian Federation), 2010
Key State Ease of Business Indicators (Russian Federation), 2010
Key Aid and Enterprise Indicators (Russian Federation), 2010
Key Mortality and Morbidity Indicators (Russian Federation), 2010
Key Treatment Indicators (Russian Federation), 2010
Final Table of Bue Scores (Russian Federation), 2010

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown





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