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  • August 2010
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  • ABB Robotics
  • Adept Technology
  • Cognex Corp.
  • Denso Robotics
  • Fraunhofer
  • INOS Automation
  • MORE

Bin Picking is one of the applications in industrial automation still offering great potential for efficiency increase in production and material handling in many industries

Especially in difficult market situations, like the one we are experiencing since the beginning of the financial crisis, manufacturers of goods as well as the whole automation market are looking for new or additional possibilities to open up efficiency and cost reduction potentials by introducing process automation. This might be one of the reasons for the recently increased interest in the application of “Bin Picking”, the automated unloading of unsorted parts from transport boxes.

Now, a comprehensive market report on this topic is available for the first time ever. By interviewing both, suppliers and users in many different industries, such as Aerospace, Automotive, Food & Packaging, Foundry, Logistics, Medical Engineering, and Pharmaceuticals the compilation of an extensive survey of the market was achieved. The market report “Bin Picking” provides an in-depth insight into customer requirements, technologies, products, and turnkey solutions. The report presents information READ MORE >

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  • ABB Robotics
  • Adept Technology
  • Cognex Corp.
  • Denso Robotics
  • Fraunhofer
  • INOS Automation
  • MORE

1. Introduction
- What is so difficult with bin picking?
- Goals of the market report
- Summary of the market Report
- Generation of data - Research
- Definition of used terms

2. Market Report Summary
- Automation Technology opens up Bin picking solutions
- Common understanding of bin picking
- Focus on solutions
- End user survey
- Successful Solutions
- Solutions with additional mechanical part separation
- Standardizing bin picking technology
- Solution Concepts
- Description Stationary Concept
- Technologies
- Detection Technologies
- Vision Algorithms
- Handling, Robotics and Gripping
- Market Overview
- Vendor Overview

3. Market needs
- End- User survey
- Introduction
- Meeting technical criteria and budget needs
- Maintenance
- Parameterization of a cell for new parts
- MMI – Men Machine Interface
- Responsibility and Competence

4. Technologies
- Introduction
- Detection Technologies
- 3D- Detection Technologies
- 3D (Laser-) Triangulation
- Photogrammetry
- Photogrammetry- 3D with one camera
- Stereometry
- 3D Laser Scanning
- 3D ToF (Time of Flight)
- Algorithms
- Gripping
- Robots & Handling

5. Turnkey- Concepts
- Introduction
- Back- up Strategies
- Cell Concepts
- Stationary Concept
- Robot mounted
- Hybrid
- Additional stationary Detection Unit
- Additional station
- Additional mechanical Part separation

6. Market Overview
- Introduction
- Automotive Overview
- Automotive – Body in White / Press shop
- Overview, General description
- Application Example: Unloading of pressed parts and De-Racking
- Automotive – Powertrain
- Overview, General description
- Application Example: Break Disk Handling
- Automotive – Tier 0,5 & Tier 1
- Overview, General description
- Application Example: Unloading of Gear Shafts
- Aerospace
- Overview, General description
- Food & Packaging
- Overview, General description
- Application Example: Picking of Food
- Application Example: Picking of Packaged Food
- Logistics
- Overview, General description
- Application Example: Warehouse Automation
- Application Example: Distribution Center – The Parcel Robot
- Pharmaceuticals - Overview
- Overview, General description
- Application Example: customizing daily packages
- Bin picking related applications
- Overview, General description
- Application Example: Picking of Bins
- Application Example: De-Palettizing of sacked/Bagged goods
- How to find bin picking applications

7. Supplier Overview
- The Survey
- Vendors by Core Competence
- Chart - Core Competences of the vendors
- Core Competence - Key figures
- Chart - Core Competences of System Integration Vendors
- Table, Core Competence
- Vendors by Business Activities
- Business Activities - Key figures
- Chart - Robot & Automation Companies Supply of Machine Vision
- Chart, Machine Vision Companies Supply of Automation
- Table, business fields
- Vendors by Business Region
- Table, Vendor, Business Region
- Vendors by Industries
- Industries Overview - Key figures
- Chart- Industries where Vendors are active
- Chart - Industry Distribution by Core Competence
- Table, Industries where vendors are active
- Vendors by Industry - Automotive details
- Chart - Automotive detailed Overview
- Automotive detailed Overview - Key figures
- Table, Automotive detailed
- Vendors by Handling Systems Supported / supplied
- Handling Systems supplied and / or supported Key Figures
- Chart - Handling Systems Supplied and / or supported
- Table, Handling Systems supplied / supported
- Vendors by Vision Systems & Sensors
- Chart - Vision used and / or supported
- Vision Systems & Components Key Figures
- Table - Vision Systems Components
- Vendors by Detection Technologies
- Detection Technologies Key Figures
- Chart- Detection Technologies used, supported or provided
- Chart- Comparison, Detection Technologies used in Automation and Machine Vison
- Table - Overview Detection Technologies
- Vendors by Algorithms used or supported
- Detection Algorithms Key Figures
- Chart- Algorithms available
- Table, Algorithms
- Vendors by Gripping Technology used or supported
- Gripping Technologies Key Figures
- Chart - Gripping Technologies
- Table, Grippers
- Vendors by TurnKey Concepts
- Cell Concepts Key Figures
- Chart, Support of Cell Concepts
- Table, Cell Concepts
- Overview Installed Systems & Prototypes
- Installed Systems and Prototypes Key Figures

Appendix A, Publications
- Advenovation: Manufacturing Operation
- PointGrey and Cognex to unveil real-time 3D part alignment
- DHL discover logistics: The comeback of the robots
- Fanuc Robotics: Robots Use 3D Vision to Improve System Costs and Product Quality
- Fanuc Robotics: Fanuc Demonstrates Intelligent bin picking at IMTS 2006
- Fraunhofer, IPA- bin picking
- Isra Vision: bin picking with a 3D Sensor
- Isra Vision: MONO3D Vision System Automates DaimlerChrysler Body Shop Operations
- Mafu: bin picking
- Scape Technologies: Disc Bin- Picking and Loading
- Thyssen Krupp Krause: A helping hand from parcel robot
- Tordivel: New 3D bin picking Concept in R&D Project Autocast
- VMT: Modular, Efficient, Versatile – Platform Strategy for Automated Material Handling

Appendix B, Vendor Listing in alphabetical order

Appendix C, Literature
- Literature
- Copyright

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  • ABB Robotics
  • Adept Technology
  • Cognex Corp.
  • Denso Robotics
  • Fraunhofer
  • INOS Automation
  • MORE

- Helps to get a basic understanding about the bin picking applications and the philosophy behind

Report Summary
- 9 pages of key facts and information giving you an overview of the total report of 128 pages

Market needs
- Information about the expectations of users of the technology and the most important decision making criteria.

Overview and detailed explanations of the key technologies used in bin picking, as well as in robot vision. Detailed explanation of the 3D machine vision technologies
- Laser scanning
- Triangulation
- Stereometry
- Photogrammetry
- ToF (Time of Flight)

TurnKey Concepts
- Overview and detailed explanations of the different cell layouts, the way they work, as well as the pros and cons

Market Overview
- Overview, explanations and application examples of bin picking in the following industries: Aerospace, Automotive, Automotive Suppliers, Food & Packaging, Foundry, Logistics and Pharmaceuticals.

Supplier Overview
- More than 40 companies focused on bin picking and related applications are covered in the report. They are presented by:

- Core Competence
- Business Activities
- Business Region
- Industries
- Handling Systems supported
- Vision Systems & Sensors
- Detection Technologies
- Algorithms
- Gripping Technologies
- TurnKey Concepts supported

Appendix with publications
Appendix with vendor listing

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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- ABB Robotics
- Adept Technology
- Cognex Corp.
- Denso Robotics
- Fraunhofer
- INOS Automation
- Sick AG
- Motoman Robotics
- MVTech
- Tordivel AS

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown






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