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Service Station Retailing in Turkey

Based on market data and insight into the country's leading fuel retailers, this brief provides you with an up-to-date picture of the service station retailing market. In addition to outlining site numbers, fuel sales, competitor shares, c-store, car wash and automatic network data, it also details retailers' fuels, c-store, car wash and card product offerings.


- Data and analysis based on an annual programme of research with national service station retailers and delivered in a useable presentation format.

- A country synopsis followed by a market examination of fuel demand and value, total service stations and vehicle numbers for 5 years to January 2009.

- A review of the competitive landscape including fuel sales by service station brand, motorway and unmanned formats and shop and car wash information.

- Insight into the main competitors' propositions for fuels, c-store, food service, cards and car wash as well as ownership and network expansion plans.

Highlights of this title

Despite a fall in fuel demand, the value of service station fuel sales increased in 2008 due to price hikes. Between 2007 and 2008, the combined total value of diesel and petrol sales increased by 6%. Average fuel sales per service station increased from EUR1.9m in 2007 to EUR2m in 2008.

With four companies selling over 84% of service station fuel in the country, Turkey is quite a concentrated fuel retailing market. Petrol Ofisi is the service station market leader. It has the largest network, with 3,193 branded sites and a fuel volume market share of 29.5%. lowest average throughput per site out of the five top players,

Turkey has a low penetration of service stations with a shop and only BP has shops at all of its sites. As would be expected, Petrol Ofisi has the largest network of service station shops and it has recently started selling mobile phones and other accessories at a number of its service stations.

Key reasons to purchase this title

- Develop new marketing ideas for your service station shop, car wash and card propositions by examining the activities of other players across Europe.

- Access a clear overview of the competitive position and operations of key fuel retailers. This is particularly useful for suppliers to the sector.

- Assess how the competitive position of the country's service station brands is evolving and identify new emerging players.
Service station market overview
Brief synopsis of the service station market and basic commentary regarding fuel consumption, fuel prices, network changes, motorway sites, unmanned sites and shop and car wash penetration.
Market level charts showing:
Total service stations and population per car over time, over five years
Cars/population per service station, over five years
Total fuel consumption/Average fuel volumes per car/Average fuel volumes per service station, over five years
Global oil prices/95 Octane petrol/98 Octane petrol prices/Autodiesel prices, over seven years
Total diesel sales value in €/Total petrol sales value in €/Average fuel spend per car in €/Average fuel spend per service station in €, over five years
Total unmanned service stations, over five years
Company level charts showing:
Service station network size by brand, 2009
Fuel volume market share by brand, 2008
Top five fuel retailers fuel and network information, including:
Network size
Fuel volume market share
Unmanned sites
Average throughput
Types of fuel sold
Dealer owned network size
Additional secondary information, e.g. LPG sites, planned expansion/divestments
Top five fuel retailers shop sites, including:
Shop network, over five years
Secondary shop/convenience store information
Top five fuel retailers car wash sites and secondary car wash information
Car wash network, over five years
Secondary car wash information, e.g. manufacturers used and prices.
Top five fuel retailers private loyalty card and business fuel card offerings
Basic marketing information on card features, such as network acceptance and incorporated services and pictures of loyalty and fuel cards.

Despite a fall in consumption, the value of fuel sales in Turkey increased in 2008
The population per car has fallen since 2005 in Turkey
The number of cars per site has risen slowly in Turkey
46% of registered cars in Turkey are diesel powered
In 2008, the volume of fuel sold in Turkey fell by 51 million litres
Turkish pump prices increased in 2008 in line with the cost of oil
The value of fuel sales in Turkey increased in 2008
Petrol Ofisi holds the largest share of a concentrated market
Petrol Ofisi has the largest number of service stations in Turkey
The top four brands sell over 84% of all service station fuel in Turkey
Petrol Ofisi sells the largest volume of fuel and has the biggest network of service stations in Turkey
Petrol Ofisi has the largest service station network in Turkey
Shell has the second largest network in Turkey
Opet has the second largest service station network in Turkey
BP sells the fourth largest volume of fuel in Turkey
TOTAL has the fifth largest fuel volume share in Turkey
The Turkish market has a low penetration of service station shops
Just under half of all service stations in Turkey have a shop
Petrol Ofisi, Opet and Shell account for 67% of all sites with a shop
Petrol Ofisi has the largest number of service station shops
Petrol Ofisi has a shop at 66% of its branded service stations
Shell sites account for 15% of all service station shops in Turkey
Opet has increased its number of shops by 15% since 2005
BP has shops at all of its Turkish service stations
TOTAL has an 8% market penetration, with shops at 95% of its service stations
The Turkish service station network has a low penetration of car washes
One in three service stations in Turkey has a car wash
42% of sites with a car wash are located at Petrol Ofisi stations
Petrol Ofisi has the greatest market penetration of car washes
Opet has over 1,000 sites with a car wash in Turkey
BP is Turkey's third largest service station car wash provider
6% of TOTAL branded sites in Turkey have a car wash
Each of the major fuel retailers in Turkey offers a loyalty card for non-business customers
Petrol Ofisi offers a loyalty and credit card for private customers
Opet is part of the Paro multi-brand loyalty scheme
Shell offers a loyalty and fuel card in Turkey
BP offers a points-based loyalty card
TOTAL has a fuel card for business customers

All data is taken from our 2009 Service Station Retailing Database
Stage one - Agree scope and definitions
Stage two - Collating the information
Stage three - Data-inputting and checks
Stage four - Full data finalization check
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