Risky Business - Psychological, Physical and Financial Costs of High Risk Behavior in Organizations

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  • September 2010
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What are the financial and psychological costs of risky behavior in business to the individuals concerned and their organizations? Risky Business provides a perspective on addictive behaviors such as gambling, drug taking and even addiction to work; criminal behaviors such as theft and corruption; and behaviors such as aggression and violence. The authors then look at their implications to employee and organizational health within the context of the workplace environment; an environment that is often synonymous with psychological demands, stress, long hours, overwork and shortages of staff or other essential resources.

An essential guide for occupational psychologists, human resource specialists, risk managers and for researchers in this field.

About the Author

Ronald J. Burke earned his PhD from the University of Michigan and is Professor Emeritus of Organizational Behavior. One of Canada's most prolific researchers, Professor Burke's work has focused on the relationship between the work environment and individual and organizational health. He was the Founding Editor of the Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences and has served on the editorial boards of more READ MORE >

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Part I Introduction

Chapter 1 Human Frailties and Toxic Organizations
Ronald J. Burke

Part II Human Frailti es

Chapter 2 Work Hours, Work Intensity and Work Addiction:
Weighing the Costs
Ronald J. Burke

Chapter 3 Understanding and Treating Workaholism:
Setting the Stage for Successful Interventions
Corine I. van Wijhe, Wilmar B. Schaufeli, and Maria C. W. Peeters

Chapter 4 Dangerous Concoctions:
Alcohol, Employment and the Family
Paul M. Roman and Lauren A. O’Brien

Chapter 5 Case Studies on Substance Abuse in the Workplace
Lord Victor Adebowale CBE and Sarah Reed

Part III Toxic Organizati ons

Chapter 6 Discrimination as High Risk Behavior in the Workplace
Robert L. Dipboye

Chapter 7 Psychologically Intimate, Romantic, and
Sexually Intimate Relationships in the Workplace
Ronald J. Burke

Chapter 8 Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
Vicki J. Magley, Timothy J. Bauerle, and Benjamin M. Walsh

Chapter 9 Job Demands, Resources and Psychological and
Physical Well-being: Critical Factors Which May
Make Some Jobs More Stressful Than Others
Susan Cartwright

Chapter 10 Tragic Duty
Ronald J. Burke

Chapter 11 The Nature and Outcomes of Destructive
Leadership Behavior in Organizations
Ståle Einarsen, Merethe Schanke Aasland, and Anders Skogstad

Chapter 12 Bullying in the Workplace
Lars Glasø, Tina Løkke Vie and Helge Hoel

Chapter 13 Workplace Violence: The American Experience
Richard V. Denenberg and Tia Schneider Denenberg

Chapter 14 Managing the Risk of Workplace Accidents
Sharon Clarke

Chapter 15 Biting the Hand that Feeds: The Employee
Theft Epidemic—A Human Face on Theft
Terrence D. Shulman


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...Risky Business delves into these murky, twisted, can-of-worms difficult topics, by investigating the psychological, behavioural, and social dimensions of high-risk behaviours by individuals and groups in organizations. Every year we read in the newspapers about 'cases' – where employee behaviour causes immeasurable damage to organizations...Risky Business – aptly-named, tells you how and why this type of event happens: how to spot the symptoms of employee disenchantment, unrest, unhappiness, dysfunction, and so on, and how to ensure that it doesn't happen to you, and your organization!

Buy it, read it, and learn! You won't want to put it down!' – Professor Janice Langan-Fox, Swinburne University of Technology, Australia.

'Burke and Cooper have put together a very impressive book. The theme is very relevant and will attract many readers. They have invited some top experts to help them in the collection and the result is impressive. They also discuss subthemes that are in the intersection of the “yellow magazines” and the serious research, in an effective and super readable manner...the overall final product is innovative, interesting and may I add even needed.' – Prof. Simon L. Dolan, Editor-in-Chief: Cross Cultural Management: An International Journal

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