Post Crisis Changes in Mortgage Lending in U.S. - Forecast & Analysis 2010-2015

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Report Description: Post Crisis Changes in Mortgage Lending in U.S. – Analysis & Forecast

The U.S. has the world's largest mortgage market; in 2009 the country had an outstanding mortgage-to-GDP ratio - above 100% - despite being very badly affected by the recent financial crisis. The report ‘Post Crisis Changes in Mortgage Lending in the U.S. – Analysis & Forecast, 2010-2015' is a market research study of recent changes in the U.S. residential mortgage industry. The report has five chapters – Market Overview, Forecast & Analysis, Strategy Formulation, Case Studies, and Vendor Analysis.

‘Market Overview' focuses on post crisis changes in the U.S. residential mortgage industry. It identifies top players and their market shares according to mortgage origination as well as servicing volume. Overall, the chapter contains the gist of recent changes or developments related to the industry.

The second chapter, ‘Analysis & Forecast', contains estimates for residential mortgage originations till 2010. To forecast origination, this report recognizes the three most important demand side factors and three most important READ MORE >

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1 Introduction
1.1 Report Purpose
1.1.1 Report Catalyst
1.1.2 Report Structure
1.2 Research Objective
1.3 Study Methodology

2 Market Overview
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Post Crisis Mortgage Scenario
2.2.1 Fear Of Foreclosure Leads To Refinancing
2.2.2 Costly Fha Creates Opportunity For Private Mortgage Insurance
2.2.3 Banks Under Pressure To Repurchase Mbs
2.2.4 Banks Prefer Reverse Mortgage
2.2.5 Market Consolidation Mortgage – A Consolidating Market Residential Mortgage Lending – Top Lenders
2.3 Government Revamps The Mortgage Industry
2.3.1 Mha (Making Home Affordable) Program
2.3.2 Federal Reserve'S Mbs Purchase Program
2.3.3 Tax Credits To Boost Home Sales

3 Analysis And Forecast
3.1 Introduction
3.2 Analysis Of Demand Side Indicators
3.2.1 Nominal Gdp To Grow Over 3% By 2015
3.2.2 Highest Unemployment Rate Since 1984
3.2.3 Savings Rate Reduces From The 2009 High
3.3 Analysis Of Supply Side Indicators
3.3.1 Reducing Core Inflation
3.3.2 Mortgage Rates At Their Lowest
3.3.3 Housing Starts To Grow From 2010
3.4 Mortgage Origination To Increase After 2011
3.4.1 Mortgage Origination Will Grow At 10% Cagr
3.4.2 From Refinance To New Purchases

4 Strategy Formulation
4.1 Introduction
4.2 Strategies Adopted By U.S. Banks
4.2.1 Acquiring Troubled Lenders For Expansion
4.2.2 Efforts To Reduce Default Rates
4.2.3 Efforts To Create Awareness & Brand Building
4.2.4 Upgrading Technology
4.3 Early Movers Will Exploit Opportunities In Near-Future
4.4 Strategies Followed By Banks In Foreign Markets
4.4.1 Product Bundling Strategy Effectively Adopted By Australian Banks To Build Customer Loyalty
4.4.2 Arab Bank'S Initiative In Bahrain Helps Reduce Burden Of Repayment Through Linked Accounts
4.4.3 Lloyds Tsb Allowed Its U.K. Borrowers To Use Third Party Contributions For Home Purchases
4.4.4 U.K. Based Guarantors' Mortgage Programs To Boost Lending
4.4.5 Ireland Based Bank Protects Home Owners From Falling House Prices
4.4.6 Success Of Repayment Options Depend On Flexibile Terms Multiple Repayment Options By Standard Chartered Bank New Zealand Based Tsb Bank'S Flexible Repayment Options
4.4.7 Hybrid Home Loans In New Zealand, Canada And The U.K. Give The Advantage Of Fixed As Well As Variable Rates

5 Case Studies
5.1 Case Study I – Community Bank Of Pennsylvania Increased Loan Volume And Streamlined Mortgage Process With Integrated Point Of Sale Solution By Mortgagebot
5.1.1 About Community Bank
5.1.2 Objectives Manual Data Entry Paper Dependency And Inefficiency – Main Bottlenecks Faced By The Bank Challenge – Increase Efficiency And Productivity Bank Selcts Mortgagebot'S Powersite Mortgage Pos More Channels, Higher Volume And More Productivity Were The Main Benefits
5.1.3 Conclusion
5.2 Case Study Ii – Mortgage Builder Software Implements End-To-End Saas Loan Origination Platform At Cortland Bank
5.2.1 About Cortland Savings And Banking Company
5.2.2 Objectives Challenge Of Cost And Time In Implementing An Enterprise Level Los Saas Model Offered By Mortgage Builder Solved The Bank'S Requirement
5.2.3 Conclusion

6 Vendor Analysis
6.1 Vendor Benchmarking
6.1.1 Strategic Benchmarking
6.1.2 Functional Benchmarking
6.2 Vendor Profiles
6.2.1 Del Mar Datatrac Products And Services Developments
6.2.2 Ellie Mae Products And Services Developments
6.2.3 Isgn Products And Services Developments
6.2.4 Mortgage Builder Software Products And Services Developments
6.2.5 Mortgage Cadence Products And Services Developments
6.2.6 Mortgagebot Products And Services Developments
6.2.7 Motivity Solutions Products And Services Developments
6.2.8 Mrg Document Technologies Products And Services Developments

List Of Tables:

Table 1 List Of Acquisitions And Benefits To Acquirers
Table 2 Lenders Effort To Reduce Delinquencies

List Of Figures:

Figure 1 Degree Of Correlation Between Residential Mortgage Origination And Its Drivers
Figure 2 Excessive Consumption In Line With Overvalued Housing
Figure 3 Nationwide Average Home Prices (1987 – 2009)
Figure 4 Total Number Of Vacant Homes: Condos And Single Family
Figure 5 Foreclosures Continue To Soar
Figure 6 Total Mortgage Repurchases By Banks (2009)
Figure 7 Combined Market Share Of Top Five Lenders Since 2004
Figure 8 Market Share Of Mortgage Lenders In Q1–2010
Figure 9 Sales Of Existing Single Family Homes
Figure 10 Number Of Houses Sold
Figure 11 U.S. Gdp Growth Is Back In Positive Territory
Figure 12 Unemployment Rate Is At Its Highest
Figure 13 Number Of People Unemployed And Duration Of Unemployment
Figure 14 Personal Savings Rate At An All Time High
Figure 15 Correlation Of Inflation With Home Price Index
Figure 16 Mortgage Rates In Line With Treasury Yields
Figure 17 Average Mortgage Rates Show Downward Trend
Figure 18 Total Housing Starts (2005 – 2010)
Figure 19 Prime And Sub Prime Mortgage Originations By Fico Score
Figure 20 Mortgage Origination (2008 – 2015)
Figure 21 New Mortgage And Refinance Origination (2004 – 2012)
Figure 22 Advertisement Through Print Media
Figure 23 Common Strategies Adopted By Vendors
Figure 24 Strategy Adopted By Vendors
Figure 25 Product Line And Functionality Offered By Vendors

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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown





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