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Global Car Rental Market Report: 2010 Edition Product Image

Global Car Rental Market Report: 2010 Edition

  • Published: September 2010
  • Region: Global
  • 30 Pages
  • Koncept Analytics

The global economic downturn has severely affected the car rental market in 2009. The global car rental volume and demand experienced a steep decline as the leisure and business spending remained weak and prices for gasoline faced significant volatility which adversely affected the automotive travel patterns in material ways. Almost all the major industry players reported negative results for 2009.

The car rental market is generally categorized either by the location of rental, that is airport or non-airport; or by the type of customer, that is, Leisure, Corporate, or Replacement. In the global car rental market, the United States is the largest market accounting for almost sixty percent of the global sales, followed by Europe and other nations. The demand for car rentals is mainly driven by increase in air travel, increase in hotel occupancy rates and implementation of appropriate distribution and logistics strategy by the companies operating in the car rental market. The most important long term trends in the car rental industry today are technological innovation through the adoption of green cars, navigation systems and other technological features; increase in vehicle acquisition READ MORE >

1. Overview
- Revenue Model

2. Global Car Rental Market Overview
2.1 Global Market Structure
2.2 Major Markets

2.2.1 United States Car Rental Market
- Market Value
- Growth Rate
- Market Share

2.2.2 European Car Rental Market
- Overview
- Market Segments

2.2.3 Chinese Car Rental Market
2.2.4 Japanese Car Rental Market

3. Market Dynamics

3.1 Key Trends
3.1.1 Increase in Vehicle Acquisition Cost and Fleet Financing
3.1.2 ""Greening"" of Car Rental Industry
3.1.3 Industry Consolidation
3.1.4 Cost Saving Programs
3.1.5 Diversification of Fleet Purchase
3.1.5 Car Rental for Business Travelers Remains Flat

3.2 Significant Developments
3.2.1 Technological Innovations
3.2.2 Car Sharing Program
3.2.3 Increased Marketing Efforts
3.2.4 New Ways of Competing

3.3 Growth Drivers
3.3.1 Leisure and Business Spending Picks Up
3.3.2 Increase in Enplanements and Hotel Demand
3.3.3 Adoption of Proper Distribution and Logistics Strategy

3.4 Major Challenges
3.4.1 Adverse Economic Conditions
3.4.2 Fuel Costs
3.4.3 Dependence on Air Travel
3.4.4 Pricing Pressure

4. Competitive Scenario of Car Rental Market

5. Company Profiles

5.1 Hertz Global Holdings, Inc.
- Company Overview
- Financial Summary
- Business Strategies
- Customer Focused Innovation
- Revenue Diversification Initiative
- Expansion in Leisure Market

5.2 Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group, Inc.
- Company Overview
- Financial Summary
- Business Strategies
- Focus on Core Operations
- Expand Brand Representation through Franchising
- Improved Fleet Diversification and Fleet Management

5.3 Avis Budget Group, Inc.
- Company Overview
- Financial Summary
- Business Strategies
- Optimizing the Two Brand Strategy
- Expanding Revenue Sources
- Capturing Incremental Profit Opportunities

List of Charts:

US Car Rental Revenues, 2003-2009
US Car Rental Fleet, 2003-2009
Market Shares of Leading Players in US Car Rental Market, 2009E
Market Shares of Leading Players in US Airport Rental Market, 2009
Europe Car Rental Market Segments by Customer Type, 2009
Europe Car Rental Market Segments by Location, 2009
Market Shares of Rental Brands in US, 2009E
Diversification of Fleet Purchase by Avis Budget, 2004-2010E
Av Daily Cost of Domestic Car Rental for Business Travelers, August 2010
Distribution of Rental Categories, August 2010
Fleet Sizes of Leading Car Rental Companies, 2007-2009
Revenues per Vehicle per Month of Leading Car Rental Companies, 2007-2009
Pretax Incomes per Vehicle per Month of Car Rental Companies, 2007-2009
Trends in US Hotel Room Demand, Jan-05 to Jan-10
Hertz, Revenue by Segment, 2009
Hertz, Revenue by Geographic Area, 2009
Hertz Car Rental Sales, 2006-2009
Dollar Thrifty Car Rental Sales, 2005-2009
Avis Budget Net Revenues, 2005-2009

List of Tables:

US Rental Transaction Days Outlook, 2005-2012E
Top 10 U.S. Airports' Scheduled Enplanements on U.S. Airlines, 2009
Market Shares of Leading Companies, 2003-2009
Hertz's Revenues by Type of Car Rental, 2009
Diversified Revenue Sources of Avis Budget Group, Inc., August 2010

- Hertz Global Holdings, Inc.

- Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group, Inc.

- Avis Budget Group, Inc.

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