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Global Medical Equipment and Devices Industry Product Image

Global Medical Equipment and Devices Industry

  • Published: October 2010
  • Region: Global
  • 45 Pages
  • Ken Research Private Limited


  • 3 M Company
  • Baxter International Inc.
  • Johnson & Johnson
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This report covers major segments of the medical equipment and device industry with geographical distribution. The explanation starts from an overview of the global medical equipment industry and then covers the US, China, India, Indonesia, Italy and New Zealand. The US is the largest market for medical equipments and supplies due to high disposable income and advance technology. In this report we have tried to analyse all the major segments of United States medical equipment industry, of which diagnosis contributing to the largest part. Apart from geographical distribution here we have talked about recent industry trends and driving forces supporting the industry growth. Also we have profiled major players, their business, financial information, business strategies and developments.

Products Mentioned:
Medical Equipment, Medical Devices, Medical Supplies, Diagnosis, Dialysis, In Vitro Diagnostics, Patient Monitoring and Life Support (PMD), Cancer Molecular Diagnostics Market, Cancer Diagnostics Market, Breast Cancer Diagnostics Market, Colorectal Cancer Diagnostics Market, Implantable Medical Devices

Medical equipments and devices constitutes a vast category of devices READ MORE >

1. Global Medical Device Market

1.1 Demand for Dialysis

1.2 Demand for IVD

2. United States

2.1 Diagnostics Market Demand

2.1.1 Cancer Molecular Diagnostics Market

2.1.2 Breast Cancer Diagnostics Market

2.1.3 Colorectal Cancer Diagnostics Market

2.2 US Medical Equipment Device Market

2.2.1 Medical Equipment Market by Product Segmentation

2.2.2 Future Outlook of Medical Equipment Market in US

2.3 Demand for Implantable Medical Devices in US

3. Strategic Analysis by Region

3.1 China Medical Device Market: An Overview

3.2 New Zealand Medical Devices and Equipments Market

3.3 Dental Equipment and Supplies Demand in Indonesia

3.4 Medical Devices and Equipments Market in Italy

4. Industry Trends

4.1 Healthcare Concern is rising in U.S.

4.2 India expects New Regulations for medical devices

4.3 Changing trends in Saudi Arabia medical device industry

4.4 Medical Tourism brings opportunity for Medical Equipment Market

5. Driving Forces

5.1 HIV cases Indicating Potential Market for Medical Devices

5.2 Rising number of cancer patients and Medical Device usage

5.3 Aging population and increased urbanization expand healthcare Expenditure
5.4 Health Problems Leading Demand for Medical Treatment

5.5 Favouring Disposable Income in Developing Countries

6. Industry Players and Profiling

6.1 Competition in the Medical Device Industry

6.2 Johnson & Johnson

6.2.1 Business Overview

6.2.2 Financial Performance

6.2.3 Business Strategies

6.3 Becton, Dickinson & Company

6.3.1 Business Overview

6.3.2 Financial Performance

6.3.3 Business Strategies

6.4 3M Company

6.4.1 Business Overview

6.4.2 Financial Performance

6.4.3 Business Strategies

6.5 Baxter International Inc.

6.5.1 Business Overview

6.5.2 Financial Performance

6.5.3 Recent Developments

6.6 Stryker Corporation

6.6.1 Business Overview

6.6.2 Financial Performance

6.6.3 Recent Developments

List of Charts
Figure: Dialysis Patients Growth forecast in 2010 (%)
Figure: Worldwide IVD Market by Segments in 2007 & 2012E
Figure: In-Vitro Diagnostics Market Geographical Breakdown in 2008
Figure: Global Patient Monitoring Device Market and Forecast by Value (2005-2013E)
Figure: Global Anaesthesia and Respiratory Device Demand and Forecast (2008-2012E)
Figure: Global Medical Devices and Equipments Market and Forecast (2000-2014)
Figure: U.S. Cancer Molecular Diagnostics Market (2004-2013E)
Figure: US Cancer Molecular with contribution of Diseases in 2008
Figure: US Cancer Diagnostics Market Share in 2008
Figure: Breast Cancer Incidence in U.S. (2005-2013E)
Figure: US Breast Cancer MDX Market (2004-2013E)
Figure: US Colorectal Cancer MDX Market by Value (2004-2013E)
Figure: US Medical Equipment Demand by Value (2000-2009)
Figure: US Medical Equipment Demand by Segments in 2009
Figure: Medical Equipment Demand Forecast by Value (2008&2013E)
Figure: Demand for Implantable Medical Devices in US (2002-2009)
Figure: Implantable Medical Device by Segments in 2009
Figure: Global HPV Testing Market (2007-2013E)
Figure: WW Aging Population within age group 55 to 80+
Figure: Urban per capita Disposable Income in China (1998-2007)
Figure: J&J Revenue (2004-2008)
Figure: Becton, Dickinson & Company Revenue (2005-2009)
Figure: 3M Company Total Revenue (2004-2009)

List of Tables
Table: Medical Device Export and Import in China (1H08)
Table: New Zealand Medical Devices and Equipment Market (2007-2010E)
Table: Saudi Arabian Medical Device Market in 2007
Table: Saudi Arabian Medical Device Market Projections (2007-2012)
Table: HIV/AIDS Worldwide in 2007
Table: Baxter International Revenues by Business Segment (2004-2008)
Table: Baxter International Revenues by Geography (2004-2008)
Table: Stryker Revenues by Business Segments (2005-2009)

- Johnson & Johnson
- Becton- Dickinson & Company
- 3 M Company
- Baxter International Inc.

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