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Applied Mechanics And Mechanical Engineering - 3-Volume set - Product Image

Applied Mechanics And Mechanical Engineering - 3-Volume set

  • Published: November 2010
  • 2924 Pages
  • Trans Tech Publications Inc

Series: Applied Mechanics and Materials Vols. 29-32

Selected, peer reviewed papers from the 2010 International Conference On Applied Mechanics And Mechanical Engineering (ICAMME 2010), September 8 ~ 9, 2010, Changsha, China

The 2010 International Conference on Applied Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering (ICAMME 2010), was held in Changsha (China) on September 8th and 9th, 2010. The goal of these proceedings was to bring together researchers from academia and industry, as well as technologists, to share ideas, problems and solutions related to the multifaceted aspects of applied mechanics and mechanical engineering. The 477 peer-reviewed papers are grouped into 12 chapters: Session One: Computational Mechanics and Applied Mechanics, Session Two: Mechanical Design, Session Three: Materials Science and Processing, Session Four: System Dynamics and Simulation, Session Five: PC Guided Design and Manufacture, Session Six: Other Related Topics, Session Seven: Computational Mechanics and Applied Mechanics, Session Eight: Mechanical Design, Session Nine: Materials Science and Processing, Session Ten: System Dynamics and Simulation, Session Eleven: PC-Guided Design and Manufacture, Session Twelve: Other Topics. This volume thus provides an invaluable insight into the current state-of-the-art of this field.

Sponsors and Committees


Session One: Computational Mechanics & Applied Mechanics

A Sweet Spot Model for Batting
F. Li, Y.B. Zhang, S.S. Hu and H.R. Liang
Load Distribution over Raceways of an 8-Point-Contact Slewing Bearing
X.H. Gao, X.D. Huang, H. Wang and J. Chen
Primary Resonance of the Current-Carrying Beam in Thermal-Magneto-Elasticity Field
X.Y. Xi, Z. Yang, L.L. Meng and C.J. Zhu
Nonlinear Model of Thin-Walled Composite Beams with Moderate Deflections
Y.S. Ren and X.H. Du
Solitary Waves and Chaotic Behavior in Large-Deflection Beam
Y.Q. Zhou, Z.F. Liu and S.Y. Zhang
On Computing Leakage Flow of Plunger Pair in Radial-Plunger Pump
Y.D. Sun and W.Q. Xu
Research on the Force on the Plunger and the Roller of the Static Pressure
Supporting Cylinder Pair
W.Q. Xu and B.Q. Zhou
The Modeling Study on Kinematic Interface Joints Based on Accordant Displacement Method
X.Q. Chen, Q. Du and X.J. Chen
Identification of Boiling Two-Phase Flow Regimes Based on Two Kinds of Neural Networks
L. Guo, S.S. Zhang, Y.Q. Chen and L. Cheng
Numerical Simulation of Boiling Heat Transfer of Water in Vertical
Rectangular Mini-Channels
L. Guo, S.S. Zhang, Y.Q. Chen and L. Cheng
Experimental and Numerical Study on Unreliability of Young’s Modulus Measurement by
Conventional Split Hopkinson Bar
Y.J. Mao, Y.L. Li, R. Wang, W.G. Guo and F.F. Shi
A Rod-Explosive Technique for Testing Structural Responses Induced by X-Ray
Blow-Off Impulses
Y.J. Mao, H.J. Deng, Y.L. Li, R.J. He, H.W. Xiao, X.H. Yue, H.Y. Huang and Q. Zhou
Frequency Band Energy Statistics Method and the Applications in Monitoring the Work
Conditions for Mechanical Equipments
Y.L. Yuan, C.Y. Yuan and C.Z. Yang
Failure and Deformation Modes of Sandwich Beams under Quasi-Static Loading
L. Jing, Z.H. Wang and L.M. Zhao
Numerical Analysis of Internal Flow in Mufflers with Complex Structures
Z.C. Zheng, N. Liu, J. Li, Y. Gao and H.O. Chen
Numerical Simulations and Analysis on External Flow Field of Van Body
Truck Based on ANSYS
N. Liu, Z.C. Zheng and Y. Gao
Experimental Study of Fracture Controlled Blasting
Z.W. Zhu and Y. Li
Numerical Analysis on Thermal and Stress Coupling of Soil Subgrade
Z.W. Zhu and J.G. Ning
Application of Digital Image Monitoring System in Strain Measurement of
Cantilever Steel Beam
P.H. Li, Y.P. Wen, W.G. Zhao and H.P. Zhu
Damage Effect of Shock Wave on Ventilation Structures during Gas Explosion
Z.M. Qu
Study on Theoretical Analysis and Numerical Simulation of Smoke Flow during Gas Explosion
Z.M. Qu
Experimental Study on Integrated Performance for Flower Baffle Heat Exchanger’s Distance
between Two Flower Baffles
X.J. Lai, R. Li, Y. Dai and S.Y. Huang
High-Pressure Water Spray Research Based on Neural Network
R. Li and Z.M. Kou
On the Numerical Study of Bubbly Flow Created by Ventilated Cavity
M. Xiang, S.C.P. Cheung, J.Y. Tu, W.H. Zhang and Y. Fei
Numerical Analysis of Joint Rock Shear Properties Considering Joint Geometrical Characters
Q. Zhang, X.R. Ge and S.L. Wang
Model-Free Algorithm for Friction Torque Adaptive Identification and Compensation
L.J. Zheng, X.M. Cheng and S.S. Chen
Fractal Applications in Fluid Mechanics of Enhancing Oil Recovery from Low-Permeability Oil
Reservoirs by Gemini Surfactant Flooding
H. Wei, L. Wei, J.H. Yin, F.L. Yin, J.H. Liu, H.H. Li, G.Q. Wei, X.G. Liu and W.D. Liu
Fractal Application in Micro Rock Mechanics of Low-Permeability Oil Reservoirs and Its
Relationship with Enlarging Producing Reserves by Gemini Surfactant Flooding
H. Wei, L. Wei, J.H. Yin, F.L. Yin, J.H. Liu, H.H. Li, G.Q. Wei, X.G. Liu and W.D. Liu
Research on Mass Partition Coefficient for a Whole Car under Vertical and
Lateral Road Excitations
L. Wu
Jamming and Wedging Analysis of Non-Rigid Assembly with Friction Contact
Y.C. Xia, Y.W. Bai and Y.F. He
Neural Network Analysis of the Magnetic Bearing Systems
H.Y. Fu, P.F. Liu, Q.C. Zhang and G.D. Li
Effects of Mechanical Properties of Kevlar/PTFE Fabric-Reinforced Self-Lubricating Liners on
Performance of Self-Lubricating Spherical Plain Bearings
Y.L. Yang, C.R. Ma, S.J. Huang, L.Q. Jing and H.T. Pang
Vibration Measurement and Data Analysis of a Spinning Shaft Using a Camera-Based Motion
Analysis System
X. Qian, G.C. Lin and X.W. Du
The Reliability Study of LRB Continuous Girder Bridges Subject to Seismic Excitation
W.J. Liu, L. Li and K. Ye
Experimental Study on Cutting Force of Pocket Corner in HSM
Z.Y. Zhao, M.J. Liu and B. Liu
Modified Analytical Expression of Damping Constant in the Hertz Contact Model with Non-
Linear Damping for Structural Pounding
K. Ye, R. Fu and S.Q. Ma
Artificial Neural Network Model for Time-Dependent Vertical Bearing Capacity of Preformed
Concrete Pile
T. Xia, W. Wang and X.N. Wang

Session Two: Mechanical Design

Study of a Bistable Stochastic Resonance-Based Children Activities Monitoring System Using
Wireless Sensor Network
G.H. Hui
Application of the LMI Approach in the Robust Force Control of Servo-Hydraulic Actuator
with Parametric Uncertainties
N.C. Chen, P. He and X. Yu
An Improved Synchronization Mechanism of SERCOS III in Strong EMI Environment
C.Y. Hou, H.H. Jiang, Y. Yang, W.Z. Rui and L.W. Hu
Keyhole Modeling during Laser Deep Penetration Welding
R.P. Wang, Y.P. Lei and Y.W. Shi
Ontology-Based Representation of Heterogeneous Mechanical Systems Information
for Integrated Diagnostics
Z.S. Chen, Y.M. Yang and L.J. Song
Embedded Sensing Design of Gearboxes for Vibration Monitoring
Z.S. Chen, Y.M. Yang, Z.X. Ge and C. Li
Fractal Geometry Based Mathematical Model and Simulation of Permeability of
Dehulled Rapeseed Cake
X. Zheng, J.Z. Wang, G.X. Lin, N. Wan and D.P. He
Research on the Pretension of the NGW Reducer Tumbler Bearing
H.Z. Zhao, L. Ma and W. Li
Research and Practice for Experimental Teaching of the Innovative Design of the
Machine Driving Plan
H.Z. Zhao, Q.C. Tan, S.T. Sun, W. Li and Z.Q. Kou
The Chaotic Behavior of Symmetric Laminated Composite Arch
J.J. Wang, Z.J. Han, C. Kang, G.Y. Lu and S.Y. Zhang
Design of a 5-DOF Rehabilitation Robot Mechanism for Upper Limb and
its Kinematics Analysis
Z. Lan, Z.L. Li and Y. Li
Building Safety Risks Induced by Settlement and Its Prevention Methods
A.Z. Zhou, W. Wang and N. Li
Methods for Crack Prevention of Large Volume Concrete Foundation of High-Rise Building
J.J. Guo and W. Wang
Free Modal Analysis of a 2-Cylinder Diesel Engine Cylinder Block
Z.C. Zheng, N. Liu, Y. Gao, K.J. Zhang and H.O. Chen
Controlled Five-Bar Mechanism Optimization Based on Two-Stage Synthesis Method
J.T. Yang, J.Y. Kong, G.F. Li and Y. Li
Mechanical Behaviours of Open-Cell and Closed-Cell Aluminium Foams against Spherical-
Nosed Projectile Penetration
X.P. Yan, N.M. Zhang, W.M. Liang, Y.G. Zhao and G.T. Yang
Numerical Simulation Calculation of Ship Submarine Oil Spill under
Complicated Ocean Environment
X. Liang, J.D. Zhang, W. Li and J.G. Lin
Influence of Different Sliding Velocity on the Thermo-Mechanical Coupling of the
Rough Surface Contact
C.H. Gao, J.M. Huang and L. Dai
Nodal Evolutionary Computation Enhanced Level Set Algorithm for Structural
Topology Optimization
H.P. Jia, C.D. Jiang, B. Liu, D.X. Cao and C.B. Jiang
Hierarchical ANFIS Identification of Magneto-Rheological Dampers
H. Wang and X.M. Shi
The Research on Software of the Temperature Control of Motor Speed System
J. Tang and E.X. Zheng
Mechanics Model and Machining Distortion Analysis for High Speed Milling of Titanium Alloy
Aircraft Monolithic Component
Y. Yang, C.H. Li and F.Z. Yang
Mechanics Modeling and Three-Dimensional Finite Element Simulating for High Speed Milling
of Titanium Alloy
Y. Yang, Y.L. Wang and C.H. Li
Study on “Single Factor” Material Model Used in Finite Element Simulation of High Speed
Cutting of Mo-Cr Cast Iron
Y. Yang, C.J. Chen and C.H. Li
Study on one Special-Shaped Long-Span Arch Bridge Using Wind Tunnel Test
F.Y. Xu, H.L. Wang, Z. Zhang and C.L. Huang
Comparative Analysis on Aerostatic Coefficients of Bridge Deck Based on Wind Tunnel Test
F.Y. Xu, B.B. Li, C.L. Huang and Z. Zhang
Comparative Study of Natural Frequencies of Super-Long Steel and CFRP Cables
F.Y. Xu, X. Chen, Z. Zhang and C.L. Huang
Preparation and Mechanical Properties of PTFE/SPT Composites
Reinforced with Nanoparticles
Z.N. Jia, Y.L. Yang, B.L. Fan and X.J. Yu
Tribological Performance of Hybrid PTFE/Nano-EG Composites Reinforced with Nanoparticles
Z.N. Jia, Y.L. Yang and B.L. Fan
Research on Coupled Water Hammer in Hydraulic Pipe System
J.J. Liao and B.R. Li
The Resistance-Heated Furnace Temperature Control Based on CMAC-Fuzzy
Immune PID Control
D.D. Wen
Numerical Simulation of Oscillating Flows over a Circular Cylinder
T. Li, J.Y. Zhang and W.H. Zhang
Level Set Based Mesh Model Simplification
X.S. Liu
Virtual Five-Axis Milling of Free-Form Surface-Part I: Process Modeling
L.Q. Zhang and Y.C. Yan
Virtual Five-Axis Milling of Free-Form Surface-Part II: Feed Optimization
L.Q. Zhang and Y.C. Yan
The Identification of the Natural Frequency of Rolling Bearing Rotor System Based on
Combined Genetic Neural Network
T.R. Ma, X.L. Shan, H.N. Liang, Z.C. Xiang, R.X. Liu and T. Zhang
A New Design Method for Waste Gas Efflux Self-Sucking Device Based on the Isentropic Gas
Flow Theory
C.J. Li, W.D. Shi and X. Wang
Time Domain Identification of Distributed Dynamic Load of Rotating Timoshenko Beam Based
on Orthogonal Polynomial
D. Jun, F. Zhang and G.P. Chen
The Chaotic Motion of an Axially Compressed Cylindrical Shell Subjected to
Radial Disturbance
T. Zhang and S.Y. Zhang

Session Three: Material Science and Processing

Plasma Assisted Deposition Technology of Optical Coating
X.H. Rong, C.X. Li, X.Y. Zhang, Y.M. Wang and W.L. Wang
An Improved Model for Predicting Fatigue Crack Initiation Life of GH
D. Lei, G. Li, B.K. Shi and J.H. Zhao
Fatigue Life Prediction Using Average Strain Range of Fatigue Process Zone
D. Lei, B.K. Shi, G. Li and J.H. Zhao
Monitoring Models for Plastic Debris
T.T. Wang, Y.B. Zhang, Z.N. Liang and W. Huang
Measurement and Analysis of Time-Temperature-Transformation Curves of
Boron Steel 22MnB
L.F. He, G.Q. Zhao and H.P. Li
Study on Fracture Characteristics of Concrete by White Light Digital Image Analysis in
Frequency Domain
X.W. Yang, X.M. Jin and R.L. Tian
Deformation Measurement of Concrete by White Light Digital Image Analysis in
Frequency Domain
X.W. Yang, H.G. Man and R.L. Tian
3D X-Ray Based BGA Solder Joints Inspection Algorithm
R.Q. Zhang, X.M. Zhang and Z. Chen
Experimental Study on Inhibitory Action of Inhibitors on the Tungsten Carbide Leaching of the
Cemented Carbide Tool
X.M. Jia, X.L. Zhang, Y.X. Song and X.X. Chen
High-Speed Video of Micro-Detonation Arc Machining Process for Engineering Ceramics
X.L. Tian, B.G. Zhang, J.F. Yang and F. Guo
Numerical Simulation for the Effect of Wall Material on Near Wall Conductivity
in Hall Thrusters
Z.W. Wu, S. Shu, D.R. Yu, X.Y. Liu and N.F. Wang
Springback Variation Principles in Materials Forming Processes
B.L. Fu and Y.J. Chen
Two Dimension Value Simulation of Plasma Powder Deposition Process in
Electromagnetic Field
C. Wang, H.O. Zhang and G.L. Wang
Combination Mechanism of Ni-Al Sprayed Coating under Median Temperature Sintering and
Valid Evaluation for its Bonding Strength
W. Zhou, X.X. Zhang and X.T. Li
Experimental Study on Flexural Behavior of Recycled Coarse Aggregate Concrete Beam
W.H. Bai and B.X. Sun
Anti-Plane Moving Crack in Functionally-Graded Material
Q. Liu
Swept Blade Aerodynamics Numerical Simulation of Super-Critical HP Stage Static Cascade
Z.M. Feng, Z.X. Sun, D.S. Zhang, G.L. Zhou and C.H. Li
Fixture Layout and Clamping Force Optimization for Large-Scale Workpiece Using Augmented
Lagrangian Method
X.P. Zhang, W.Y. Yang and M. Li
The Microstructure and Characteristics of Luminescent Porous Silicon Film Prepared
by the Physicochemical
X.J. Wan and H.X. Jin
Numerical Analysis of Temperature Field in Laser Cladding on Teeth Surfaces of Gear Shaft
L. Chen and P.L. Xie
The Global Solution of Viscoelastic Thin Rectangular Plate Equation
D.X. Wang and J.W. Zhang
The Initial-Boundary Value Problem of a Nonlinear Thermoelastic Beam Equations
J.W. Zhang and D.X. Wang
Numerical Simulation of Solar Array with Shape Memory Alloy in Active Vibration Control
Y.L. Zhang, S.G. Zhao, L. Long and K. Li
Synthesis of Al2O3/AlB12/Al Composite Ceramic Powders by a New Laser-Induction
Complex Heating Method and a Study of their Mechanical Properties
K.J. Huang, L. Yan, H.M. Kou and C.S. Xie
Fabrication and Gas Sensing Properties of Nano ?-Fe2O3/ZnO Double-Layer
Film Gas Sensor
K.J. Huang, L. Yan and C.S. Xie
Effective Young’s Modulus of Syntactic Foams with Hollow Glass Microspheres
C.J. He, H.J. Li, W. Yu, X. Liang and H.Y. Peng
Experimental and Theoretical Study of Metallic Hollow Sphere with Medium Thick Wall
W. Yu, H.J. Li, C.J. He and X. Liang
Study of the Modeling of the Gear Dynamics Considering Mesh Stiffness and Sliding Friction
C.Z. Gu and X.Y. Wu
The Compound Tribological Properties of Nano-Ceramic Lubricating Additives and
Ni-W-P Alloy Coating
M. Chen, W.S. Cheng, Z.X. Zhao and X.B. Huang
Study of Compatibility of the Nano Lubricating Additives with the Electroless
Deposited Ni-W-P Coating
M. Chen, W.S. Cheng, Z.X. Zhao and X.B. Huang
The Non-Linear Contact Finite Element Analysis of Seal Structure on Large Scale
Cutting Tube Machine
M. Chen, X.M. Jiang, Z.X. Zhao and X.B. Huang
Damage Identification of Composite Materials Based on PNN
X.M. Dong
Moldflow Software in a Complex Plastic Shell Injection Mold Design
Z.Y. Zhao, L. Liao, F. Tang and B. Liu
Numerical Simulation and Research of Pool Fire Suppressed by Water Mist in the Engineroom
of a Ship
J.H. Zhao, Y. Gao and H.M. Wu
Calculating Method for the Solid Phase Effect Coefficient of the Solid-Fluid Two Phase Flow
Centrifugal Pump
C.J. Li, G. Yu and X. Wang
Fatigue Properties of TCS Stainless Steel Weld Joints in Axial Loading
W. Li, Q. Li and P. Wang
Experimental Study on High Frequency Short Pulse Electrochemical Mechanical Finishing
Y.P. Zhang, J.S. Guo, G.B. Sun and A.Z. Zhang
Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Segmented Castable Polyurethanes Based on 2,4-TDI
and 3,5-DMTDA
X.D. Chen, T.J. Ma, H. Zhang and R.S. Chen

Session Four: System Dynamics and Simulation

Research on Fault Recognition for Centrifugal Compressor Using Entropy Weight-Based Gray
Relational Analysis
L.Y. Li, Z.Z. Yang, X. Li and Z. He
Research on Intelligent Fault Diagnosis Method for ESP Protector Based on Fuzzy Petri Nets
L.Y. Li, Z.Z. Yang, X. Li and Z. He
Crack Analysis of Induction Heating Bent Pipe
Z.Z. Yang, D.X. Liu and X.H. Zhang
Dynamic Behaviors of a Rotor-Bearing System under Base-Transferred Shock Excitations
Considering Journal-Bearing Clearance
S.H. He, P.H. Zhang and X.Y. Wu
Simulation and Experiment of Three-Phase Inverter Based on SVPWM
Z.H. Wu, G.Q. Chen, Y. Zhu, G.Y. Tian and L.Q. Fan
CFD Analysis of Turbulent Flow in Typical Rod Bundles in Rolling Motion
B.H. Yan, H.Y. Gu, Y.H. Yang and L. Yu
Solving Obstacle Problem Based on Potential-Reduction Interior Point Algorithm
L.Q. Yong
Dynamic Model of a Discrete-Pontoon Floating Bridge Subjected by Moving Loads
J. Zhang, J. Liu, X.L. Ni, W. Li and R. Mu
Inverse Dynamics of 2UPS-RPU Parallel Mechanism by Newton-Euler Formation
W.H. Wang, Z.Y. Feng and T.L. Yang
Inverse Dynamics of 2UPS-2RPS Parallel Mechanism Based on Virtual Work Principle
W.H. Wang, Z.Y. Feng, T.L. Yang and C. Zhang
Handling Stability Performance Simulation and Analysis of Three Different Vehicle Models
S.F. Wang, H.S. Li and C.H. He
The Design and Performance Analysis of Multi-Axle Dynamic Steering System
S.F. Wang and J.Y. Zhang
The Soliton Control Research for the Nonlinear ITO System
Y.L. Ma and B.Q. Li
The Study on the Soliton Solution of the Generalized Burgers-Fisher System
Y.L. Ma and B.Q. Li
Chaotic Behavior of the Nonlinear (3+1)-Dimensional Burgers System
Y.L. Ma and B.Q. Li
Extended Kalman Filter Based Identification of Dynamic Model for Underwater Robots
X. Liang, J.D. Zhang, W. Li and L.F. Su
Damping Mechanism of Crack in Near Field from the Blasting Point
N. Qiang and F. Xiang
Design and Simulation of a Tree-Based Intrusion Detection System against Denial of Service
Y. Bai and Z.Y. Bai
Design of Stereo Frequency Modulation Exciter Controlled by Microcontroller
J.B. Zhang, M.F. Zhu, Y.L. Ren and J. Lu
Study of Combined Fuzzy Clustering Algorithm Based on F-Statistics Hierarchy Clustering
M. Min
Design and Realization of Color Character Overlay Based on AT89S51 and MC
E.X. Zheng and J. Tang
Study on the Passive Vibration Control of Gear System
C.Z. Gu, X.Y. Wu and P.H. Zhang
Kinematics Simulation of Residues Cutting and Ridge Cleaning Equipment Based on ADAMS
S.H. Wu, B. Zhang, F.Y. He and B.F. Li
Research on the Improvement of Wireless Network TCP Integrated Mobile IP
Y.F. Jiang, Y. Sun and L.N. Hu
MEMS Gyroscope Random Error Modeling and Filtering
B. Ren, D.M. Zhang and H. Li
The Vehicle Dynamical Analysis of a High-Speed Train Passing through a Tunnel
Z.P. Feng, J.Y. Zhang and W.H. Zhang
Simulation of BLDCM Speed Control System Based on PI Controller with Fuzzy
Parameter Regulators
P.Y. Song, J.Y. Zhang and K.Y. Zhang
Mesh Exponential Stability of Look-Ahead Interconnected System
Z.L. Cao, T. Li and J.Y. Zhang
Vehicle Lateral and Longitudinal Velocity Estimation Using Coupled EKF and RLS Methods
L. Chu, Y.S. Zhang, Y.R. Shi, M.F. Xu and Y. Ou
Study on the Influence of Non-Newtonian Characteristics on Robots for Medical Application
J.P. Liu, X.Y. Zhang and Q.X. Jia
Study on Simulation of EDM Milling Technology Based on MATLAB
Y.P. Zhang, W. Zhao and A.Z. Zhang
Research of a Rotating Machine Reconfigurable Monitoring System
J. Wan, T.Y. Wang and Y. Yuan


Session Five: PC Guided Design And Manufacture

Oriented Graph Signal Decomposition Model Based on TSF and its Application
L. Shen and Y.Z. Li
A Convenient Designing Method of Feed Network at Low Frequency -
The Substructure Method
H.W. Zhan, C.X. Guo, Y. Zhang and Y. Zhou
The Segmentation of Textile Printing Image Based on the Algorithm of JSEG
X.J. Kang, J.F. Jing and L.H. Nie
The Registration Detection System of Rotary Screen Printing Machine Based on the Machine
Vision Technology
J.F. Jing, P.F. Li and J. Wang
The Detection System of Rotary Screen Printing Based on Machine Vision Technology
P.F. Li, J.F. Jing and B. Wang
Evolutionary Optimization Design of the Structural Dynamic Characteristics
under Multi Constraints
Z.Y. Mao, G.P. Chen and H. He
Multi-Objective Optimization for Parameters of Energy Management Strategy of HEV Based
on Improved NSGA-II
F. Hu and Z.G. Zhao
Development of Hybrid Electric Vehicle Control System Based on V-Cycle
F. Hu and Z.G. Zhao
An Improved Artificial Immune Network Algorithm to Solve Multi-Project Scheduling Problem
in Product Development
T.G. Chen
A Novel Centroid Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm Based on Two Subpopulations
Y.S. Wang, J.L. Li and Y. Lou
Nonlinear Diffusion Equation for Image Denoising Method Based on Gradient Fidelity Term
D.S. Wu, Q.Q. Wen and Y.P. Rao
Combining Production Planning Model of Product Line Based on Genetic Algorithm
G.Z. Jiang, J.Y. Kong, G.F. Li and L.X. Xie
Method of Parallel Sequential Minimal Optimization for Fast Training Support Vector Machine
L.Y. Tian and X.G. Hu
A New Algorithm for a Spatial Serial Robot
X.G. Huang, G.P. He and D.L. Li
Kinematics Analysis of a Parallel Robotic Manipulator
X.G. Huang, G.P. He and D.L. Li
Solving the Inverse Position Problem of a 7R Robot
X.G. Huang, D.L. Li and G.P. He
Solving RFID Networks Scheduling Problems Using Hybird Binary
Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm
J. Tang
A Novel SVM-Based Method for Seismic First-Arrival Detecting
M. Chen, Y. Li and J. Xie
Model of Heating Fuzzy Intelligent Control System of Large-Scale Coke Oven
G.F. Li, J.Y. Kong, G.Z. Jiang and L.X. Xie
Green Design and Manufacturing in Electromechanical Product
G.F. Li, J.Y. Kong, G.Z. Jiang, G. Zhao and L.X. Xie
A New Impulse Grounding Resistance Measuring Instrument
W.J. Dai and K. Wang
Signal Collection and Analysis on CO2 Arc Welding Based on DSP
W.J. Dai and X.J. Chen
Optimal Design and Experimental Study on 500SM35 Type Centrifugal Pump
M.W. Hou
Search Technology of Resource Service in Manufacturing Grid Based on Ant
Colony Optimization Algorithm
J. Lou and H.X. Xu
New Computational Method for a Class of Optimization Problems in Production System and
System Engineering
Q.G. Feng, H.P. Mao, Y.F. Wei and H.W. Jiao
Algorithm of the Scanning Path Based on SLC Files in Rapid Prototyping
M.L. Wu and L.J. Hua
Fuzzy Evaluation of Maintainability with Tribological Factors at Design Stage
J.R. Li, Q.H. Wang and H.Z. Shen
Test Pattern Generation of VLSI Circuits Using Hopfield Neural Networks
Z.L. Pan, L. Chen and G.Z. Zhang
A New Verification Method of Digital Circuits Based on Cone-Oriented Partitioning
and Decision Diagrams
Z.L. Pan and L. Chen
Research on Force Feedback-Based Tool Operation in Virtual Assembly
C.J. Chen, Y.F. Wu and N. Li
Research on CANopen-Based Intelligent Sensor for Ship Monitoring System
Y.F. Wu and B. Liu
A Modeling and Representation Method for Virtual Assembly System
C.J. Chen, Y.F. Wu and Y. Yang
A Note on a Class of Optimization Problems in System Engineering
H.W. Jiao, K. Li, J.B. Yin and Y.Q. Chen
Design of Precision Micro-Milling Machine for Meso-Scaled Parts
Z.Y. Cao and H. Li
Investigation of Micro-Milling Force Based on Miniature Machine Tool
Z.Y. Cao and H. Li
Parameter Optimization of Hydraulic Hybrid Vehicle Based on Genetic Algorithm
T. Liu and X.Z. Ju
Configuration of Random Transducer Array in Irregular Region Based on
Delaunay Triangulation
S.L. Wu, Q. Zhang and Z.P. Huang

Session Six: Others Related Topics

Multi-Economic Agent Grid Resource Allocation Strategies in the Signaling Game
Theory Analysis Model
J. Xie and J.G. Li
Grid Resource Discovery Strategies Base on Multi-Economic Agent
J. Xie and J.G. Li
A Comprehensive Evaluation Model of the Solution to the North Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch
C. Chang, Y.B. Zhang and S.W. Wei
A New Model for Forecasting the Locations of Next Crime
J.D. Wan, Y.B. Zhang, W.J. Yu and C. He
A Study on the Key Issues of Cloud Storage Technology
Z.L. He, Y.H. He and L.Y. Chen
Ear Recognition Based on Supervised Learning Using Gabor Filters
Y.L. Xiao and S.P. Zhu
Materialized View Selection in the Data Warehouse
L.J. Zhou, H.J. Geng and M.S. Xu
A Dynamic Programming Model of the Coordination between Forest and Socio-Economy
T. Ye
Return Intervals Analysis of the Sunspot Time Series
J. Fan, W.Q. Li, H. Zhang and K.Q. Dong
Improvement to the Expected Discounted Penalty Function for a Classical Risk Model with a
Threshold Dividend Strategy
W.G. Yu and Z. Liu
On the Expected Discounted Penalty Function for a Risk Model with Thinning Process
W.G. Yu
The Prediction of Grain Output in Jiangsu Province Based on the Grey Markov Methord
Q.Y. Zhou and J.J. Luo
Study on Divergence Based on the Grey Relational Degree in the Group Decision-Making
J.Y. Wang, D.H. Li and S.H. Wu
Design of Variable Structure Control with Bounded Inputs
Q.K. Zhou, S.J. Bai and Z.Y. Zhang
Matching Relationship between Frequency Characteristic and Parasitic Error of Compliant
Linear Buffer Mechanism
Q.K. Zhou, Y.F. Lu, D.P. Fan, Z.Y. Zhang and L.C. Zhang
The Object Removal Detection Based on the Background Subtraction
L.K. Chen and L.H. Zhu
Application of Performance Baseline in Network Measurement
X.J. Jiang and H.Q. Feng
Research on Triangulation Reconstruction from Section Data
G.J. Zhu, C.S. Ma and F. Xie
A Fuzzy Knowledge Matching Method Based on Variable Weight IDM
L.L. Zhu, D.Q. Tang, X.K. Qin and G.H. Dai
Transfer Orbit Design and Control Based on Forbes' Assumption
L.L. Zheng, J.P. Yuan and Z.X. Zhu
Research on Data Model of Electronic Medical Record Based on XML
L. Liu, Q. Cen, M. Ji and L.Q. Chen
Research on Cow Epidemic Disease Diagnosis Based Certainty Factor
X. Jing, D.J. He, L.S. Zan, J.Y. Wang and J. Zhao
The Algorithm Research of Coin Detection Based on DSP
Z.W. Chen, J.T. Yun and J.B. Gu
Research on Customer Requirements Expansion Based on TRIZ and Grey Theory
J.H. Ge, J.Y. Xu, Y.P. Wang and F. Wei
A Congestion Control Protocol in P2P Networks
Y.X. Zhao and C.J. Chen
Rotational Speed and Noise Level due to Distribution Oil Window Size of Three Type Pumps
D.S. Wen, Z.L. Wang, S.J. Lv, J.B. Sun and L.B. Du
Computation of Reliability with Both Aleatory and Epistemic Uncertainty Based on Random
Sets Theory
H.X. Guo, L. Chen, H.M. He and D.Y. Lin
Reliability-Based Design Optimization of Valve-Spring Using Evidence Theory
and Genetic Algorithm
H.X. Guo, J. Dai, G.Y. Hu and L.Z. Cheng
Curvature Estimation to Scattered Point Cloud
S.H. Cheng, Y.W. Zhou, J.F. Shi and L.T. Zhang
On Adaptive Identification Algorithm for PA Linearization
H. Li, C.S. Pan, Y. Zhang and B. Ren
Innovative Design Based on Topological Analysis of Rope-Type Long-Link Grippers
W.C. Zhou and T. Zhou
A Robust Map-Match Algorithm for DR Correction
Y.Q. Han, Z.D. Liu and J.B. Chen

Session Seven: Computational Mechanics & Applied Mechanics

Asymptotic Analysis for Hyperbolic Equation with Neumann Condition
X. Cai
Effective Approximation for Elliptic Partial Differential Equation with Periodical Boundary
Value Problem
X. Cai
Aerodynamic Simulation and Analysis for Biomimetic Flapping-Wing Robot
J. Xu, L. Chen and W. Sun
Multi-Axle Moving Train Loads Identification by Using Fuzzy Pattern Recognition Technique
Y. Wang and W.L. Qu
The Allocating Point Solution for the Out-of-Plane Stability of Arches with the Double
Symmetry Axis Section
Y.J. Chen
Nonlinear Vibration Characteristics of Helical Spring
N.N. Wang, Y.F. Hou and Z.Z. Tian
The Study on the Residual Stresses of Circular Sawblades with Spherical Surface
Pressed Many Spots
Q.Y. Mo, Z.K. Zhang and H. Li
Visualization Experiment with PIV and Analysis of Flow Field in Hydrodynamic Coupling
X.Q. Lu, W.X. Ma, L.D. Fan and B.S. Cai
Finite Element Analyses of Modified Compact Tension Shear (MCTS)-Specimens under Mixed-
Mode Loading Conditions
G.Y. Qi and Q.F. Li
Research on Assessment Methods of Load-Bearing Capacity of Existing Bridges
G.J. Liu, Y.Q. Yang and F. Guo
Vehicles Aerodynamics while Crossing each other on Road Based on
Computational Fluid Dynamics
Z. Zhang, Y.C. Zhang and J. Li
The Study about Flexural Performance of GFRP Bar Reinforced Concrete Beams Based on
Numerical Calculation Method
Q.G. Yang, Y.W. Zhang and Z.Z. Tu
Dynamical Behaviors of Asphalt Pavement under Vehicle Loads
N.M. Zhang and X.D. Wang
The Study on Fractal Damage of Rock under Hydraulic Fracturing Basing on
Conversation of Energy
W.C. Zhao, T.T. Wang, G.S. Ju and D.C. Zheng
Mechanical Determination of Re-Fracture Well Create New Fracture
W.C. Zhao, T.T. Wang and G.S. Ju
Research on the Efficiency of Metal Belt Continuously Variable Transmission for Vehicle
Q. Jiang, H.Y. Liu and J.J. Hao
Study on the Roller’s Thermal Stress of the Liquid Core Heavy Reduction Rolling Mill
D.Y. Sun, Y.F. Zhang, X.W. Zha, W.W. Liu and H.W. Ma
An Analysis of the Influence of Rolling-Cut Shears with Different Eccentric Magnitude on the
Locus of Upper Blade
D.Y. Sun, Y. Zhao, Y.J. Yan, C.G. Dong and J. Wang
Two Mechods to Get Lateral Pressure of Bulk Material on Squat Silo
X. Shao and W.X. Zhang
Boundary Lubrication Model under Square Surface Contact Condition
W.Z. Wang, L.Y. Wang, Z.X. Zhang and H.B. Chen
A Development of 3D-DDA with Finite Deformation Theory
Y.N. Gao, F. Gao, M.R. Yeung and Q.H. Jiang
Simulations on Sliding Process between Si-DLC and DLC Films on a
Water-Lubricated Condition
H.Q. Lan, C. Liu and T. Kato
Dual Mechanical Environment Simulations on Liquid Reserve Batteries
B. Wu, D.D. Huang and S. Xi
Study on High-Speed Lateral Stability of Car-Trailer Combination
S.W. Zhou, S.Q. Zhang and G.Y. Zhao
Study on the Calculation Method of Gas Flow in Vacuum System Based on the Fluent Software
S.W. Zhang, J.C. Liu, G.Z. Song and Z.J. Zhang
Creep and Relaxation of Thermo-Viscoelasticity Using the Symplectic System Method
W.X. Zhang and F. Yuan
Flow and Heat-Transfer Simulation Based on CFD and Experimental Study during
High-Pressure Gas Quenching
Z.J. Wang and X.F. Shang
Effect of Prestrain on Fracture Toughness of Welded Joint
Q.H. Lu, Z.S. Yu and L.G. Chen
Research on Oil Mist Condensation in Lubrication Pipe Based on CFD
J.C. Song, J.W. Chen, Z.W. Zhang and C.Z. Wang
An ICA-Based Method for Improving Cross-Correlation Performance in Estimating Stress
Wave Propagation Time
Y.M. Fang, J. Li and H.L. Feng
Study on Similar Skills of Dynamic Model Test Concerning Fluid-Structure Interaction for
Water-Conveyance Tunnel in Soft Soil
J.Y. Liu and J.Y. Chen
Vibration Analysis for Elastic Vascular Stent
S.M. Ma and X.C. Shang
The Research of the Active Cells Balancing by the Inductive Charge Transfer
X.M. Xu and X.Z. Wei
Seismic Safety Evaluation of High Arch Dams Using Concrete Damage Theory
Z.G. Niu, J. Lu and R. You
Effect of Velocity of Fluid Field of 3-Spacer Nozzle in Roll-Casting Models Using Coupled Fluid-
Thermal Finite Element Analysis
Y. Zhou
Experimental Investigation of Characteristics of Vibratory Compaction System with Different
Water Saturation
X.P. Li, Y.N. Teng, L.L. Xin and B.C. Wen
The Rock Mass Damage Fragment Distribution of the Fracture for the Wells
with Broken Casing
C. Ai, J.N. Zhang and G.Y. Liu
Stability Analysis of Non-Viscous Granular Media Seepage Failure Based on Particle Method
Z. Zeng, F.N. Dang, Z.H. Zhang and Q.J. Wang
The Analysis of Thrust Fault in the Tensional Environment
H. Hao, J.F. Qi and J.L. Cheng
Reliability Analysis of Slope Stability at Seismic Action Based on Artificial
Fish-Swarm Algorithm
B.X. Shi, Y.M. Liu and Z.Y. Mu
On the Transversal Vibration of Pile-Yarn with Time-Dependent Tension in Tufting Process
X.P. Gao, Y.Z. Sun, Z. Meng and Z.J. Sun

Session Eight: Mechanical Design

Tool Wear Mechanisms in High Speed Machining Ductile Cast Iron
F.Z. Yang, J.Q. Zhou, G.Y. Meng, J. Zhao and C.H. Li
Damage Detection for Simply Supported Beams Using Mid-Span Displacement Indicator
S.J. Zhang and Z.J. Ma
New Damage Detection Method Based on Support Reaction and Mid-Span Displacement for
Simply Supported Bridges
Z.J. Ma and S.J. Zhang
Transformer Fault Diagnosis Based on Improved Quantum Genetic Algorithm and BP Network
J. Wei, H. Yu and J. Li
A Pseudo Excitation Method for Vehicle Vibration Analysis in Uneven Speeds
L.P. Zhang and L.X. Guo
Study on Road Simulation Test of Motorcycle
X.H. Shi, X.H. Zou and P. Yang
Jumping Mechanism Analysis of the Humanoid Robot
C. Yong
Experiment and Simulation of Electromagnetic Stiffness for Stepper Motor
Y.L. Yang, W. Cheng, S.J. Wu and G.Y. Wang
The Casting Process Design and Simulation of the Volute of 65ZGB Slurry Pump
X.H. Zhi, Y.J. Han and H.H. Wang
The Simulation Study on 3D Gas Flow Field and Structure Improvement with Tower
Continuous Vacuum Dryer
Z.J. Zhang, S.W. Zhang and C.H. Xu
Living Load Nonlinear Analysis of Self-Anchored Cable-Stayed Suspension Bridges
H.L. Wang, S.F. Qin, C.L. Huang and X.M. Ge
Improved Large Mass Method for Structural Base Excitation Analysis
G.L. Zhou and X.J. Li
Failure Detection Using Matrix Pencil Algorithm to Reaction Wheel
G.H. Liu, D. Li, R. Zhang, J. Zhang and Z.Z. Li
A Multi-Fault Diagnosis Method of Rolling Bearing Based on Wavelet-PCA and
Fuzzy K-Nearest Neighbor
X.S. Chen, H.B. Zeng and Z.X. Li
Profile Surface Construction and Pressure Angle Analysis of a New Type of
Globoidal Indexing Cam
L. Li, X.Y. Feng, Z.P. Zhang, X.C. Han and Y.Q. Song
Large Wind Turbine Blade Layer Design and Dynamics Characteristics Analysis
X. Wang, Y.X. Xu and C. Ma
Research on the Double-Drum Drive Power Balance of the Hemicycle Deep
Trough Belt Conveyor
Y.S. Deng, C.Y. Xiao, P.Y. Xiao and Y.X. Sun
Gear Crack Assessment Using Correlation Dimension
Z.P. Feng, M.J. Zuo, F.L. Chu and C.Y. Xiao
Modeling and Simulation Research of Coaxial Parallel Hybrid Loader
N.W. Zou, Q.L. Dai, Y.H. Jia, W. Zhang and Y.C. Ren
Design of Mounting Bracket for Missile-Borne Laser Gyroscope INS
B. Wu, H.F. Wang, D.D. Huang and P.M. Ding
Calculating Study on Flow Characteristics of Butterfly Vacuum Control Valves
S.W. Zhang, G.Z. Song, Z. Wang, J.C. Liu and Z.J. Zhang
Research on Flow Characteristics of Slide Valve Used in Water Hydraulic Servo Valve
X.H. Wang, W. Li and S.W. Sun
The Analysis of Energy-Saving Mechanism of Hybrid Excavator
P.Y. Wang, Q.N. Wang, Q.M. Zhang and S.Q. Yang
Gas-Solid Two-Phase Flow Simulation of Coaxial Powder Delivery Nozzle in Rapid Prototyping
Z.J. Wang and X.F. Shang
Experimental Investigation of Effect of WIB Embedded Depth on Ground Vibration Isolation
G.Y. Gao, N. Li and J.G. Zheng
Experimental Study on Convolution Flow near Charged Spray Nozzle
Z.T. Wang, J.F. Wang, W.D. Jia and T.Q. Luo
A New Viewpoint on Ablation Mechanism Discrimination
X.L. Xu and H.M. Huang
A Mathematical Modeling Method on Micro Heat Pipe with a Trapezium-Grooved
Wick Structure
X.B. Li, S.G. Wang, J.H. Guo and D.S. Li
An Experimental Investigation on Micro Heat Pipe with a Trapezium-Grooved Wick Structure
S.G. Wang, X.B. Li, B.R. Tao and H.X. Zhang
Performance Study for Storage-Type Domestic Electrical Water-Heaters with Double
Tank Based on the CFD Simulation
D.X. Wang and Z.J. Zhang
Dynamic Analysis of Multistage Gear Driven System of Wind Turbine
Y.Q. Liu, Q. Long and Y.P. Yang
Loaded Tooth Contact Analysis of Face Gear Drive with Modification
S.Y. Zhang and H. Guo
Applying Support Vector Machines to Predict Tunnel Surrounding Rock Displacement
B.Z. Yao, C.Y. Yang, B. Yu, F.F. Jia and B. Yu
Research on a New Type of Center of Mass Measuring Instruments
F.S. Wang and G. Bao
Analysis on Degree of Freedom of Leg Joint of Humanoid Robot for Fashion Show
S.Y. Liu, Y. Xu and M. Yin
Dynamic Characteristic and Experiment Research of a Rotor-Bearing System
Supported by Oil-Film
C.F. Li, J.S. Dai, X.P. Li and B.C. Wen
A Novel Control Algorithm Integrated RBFNN and Physical Model for Roller Kiln
L. Tang, L.X. Gong and M.Z. Yang


Session Nine: Material Science and Processing

Tensor Presentation of Algorithmic Tangent Modulus for Plastic-Damage Models
J. Zhang, Z.X. Zhang and C.P. Huang
Data Analysis and Application Research of Microhardness and Wear Resistance of Surface
Detonation Spraying Coat
H.W. Xu, Q.Z. Zhang and L. Zhang
Design and Fabrication of Nanocomposite Tool Materials
F.Z. Yang, J.Q. Zhou, G.Y. Meng, J. Zhao and C.H. Li
Modeling the Effect of Permeability on Methane Gas Production from Hydrates
in Porous Media
X.K. Ruan, Y.C. Song and H.F. Liang
Review on Deflection Compensation Methods for Machining of Thin-Walled Components
Y.P. Chen, J. Gao and L.F. Wu
The CFRP Material's Mechanical Performance and Application
J. Zhao, Q.S. Liu and K. Shi
The Research on Preparation and Machining Performance of Hard, High Strength and Tenacity
Wax-Based Material
C.C. Han and S.L. Lin
Numerical Simulation of Gas-Solid Coupling in Coal Face
L. Bing and L. Ye
Three-Dimensional Sonic Band Gaps Tunned by Material Parameters
X.Z. Zhou, Y.S. Wang and C.Z. Zhang
Strain-Induced Modulations of Electro-Optic and Nonlinear Optical Properties of ZnO: A First-
Principles Study
C. Li, F. Yang and W.L. Guo
The Effect of Material Flow Stress on Analytical Simulation of Machining
B.L. Li, L. Ling, Y.J. Hu and X.L. Wang
Numerical Modeling the Effect of Tool-Chip Friction in Orthogonal Cutting AISI
G.T. Xu and Y.S. Li
The Morphology and Phases of Ni-Se Powders Prepared by Hydrothermal Method
K.G. Liu, Y. Liu and B. Xu
Study on the Morphology and Phases of Cu-Se Powders Synthesized by
Hydrothermal Co-Reduction
K.G. Liu, B. Pang, Z.G. Wang and B. Xu
Research on NC Enveloping Machining for Complex Inner Spiral Surface
X.W. Sun, G.Z. Hou, Y.J. Zhang and K. Wang
Surface Topography Predication in High-Speed End Milling of Flexible Milling System
Z.Q. Li, S. Li and M. Zhou
Finite Element Simulation and Experiment of Chip Formation during High Speed Cutting of
Hardened Steel
C.Z. Duan, H.Y. Yu, Y.J. Cai and Y.Y. Li
Analysis on Perforation of Cone-Nose Projectile to Composite Laminated Aluminum
Foam Target
Y.G. Bao, N.M. Zhang, X.P. Yan and G.T. Yang
Study on the Dimensional Stability of Aluminum Alloy Welded Joint under Space Thermal
Cycling Conditions
C. Jin, J.T. Niu and C.Y. Shi
A Micromechanical Constitutive Model for Porous Shape Memory Alloys
B.F. Liu, G.S. Dui and Y.P. Zhu
Analysis on a Steel-Concrete Hybrid Structure Temperature Effect and
Supporting Block Design
Z.L. Yao, G.L. Bai and F.N. Dang
Laboratory Experiment on Porosity Variation of Crushed Rock Layer under Vibrating Load
B.X. Sun, L.J. Yang, W.H. Bai, J.Z. Zhang and S.J. Wang
Experimental Study on Compressive Property of Concrete Corroded by
Seawater in Low-Temperate
Y.Z. Zhang, Y.F. Fan, H.N. Li and X.N. Wu
Numerical Simulation of the Casting Process with Coupled Thermal and Stress Field
J.Q. Zhou, F.Z. Yang and D.S. Li
Experimental Investigation of the Impact of Annealing on Resistivity of Boron-Doped
Hydrogenated Nanocrystalline Silicon Thin Films
H.B. Pan, Y. Tian, G.G. Cheng and L.Q. Guo
Design of Voltage Monitoring Module of Stacked Lithium-Ion Cells in Series
B. Sun and X.Z. Wei
Effects of Electric Pulse Modification on As-Cast Texture of Pure Copper
J.G. Qi, J.Z. Wang, X.J. Liu and S. Dai
Simulation and Prediction Studies on Harden Penetration Depth of AISI 5140 Alloy
Steel in Surface Grinding
L. Zhang, Y.F. Gao and W.B. Bi
Liquid/Liquid Interfacial Polymerization to Fabricate Sulfonated Graphene/Polyaniline
Nanocomposite for Supercapacitors
Q.L. Hao, H.L. Wang, X.J. Yang, L.D. Lu and X. Wang
Morphology-Based Steels Automatic Counting Method
W.C. Wang and F.L. Chang
Thermoelectric Properties of C-Axis-Oriented Ca3Co4O9+d Films Grown on MgO-Buffered
Si (100) by PLD Technique
X. Zhang, H. Chen, Q.H. Liao and X. Li
P-Type ECRL Circuits for Gate-Leakage Reduction in Nanometer CMOS Processes with Gate
Oxide Materials
W.Q. Zhang, Y. Zhang and J.P. Hu
Laser Beam Shapers Applied in the Laser Micro-Jet Processing
X.Z. Lu, C. Lin, Z.H. Lin and Y.Q. Huang
A New P-Type Clocked Adiabatic Logic for Nanometer CMOS Processes with Gate
Oxide Materials
J.P. Hu, L.F. Ye and L. Su
A Single-Phase Energy-Recovery Register Using Drowsy Cache and MTCMOS
Techniques for Leakage Reductions
H. Li, J.G. Zhu and J.P. Hu
Using Orthogonal Design in Optimizing Parameters for Bubble Electrospinning of Polyvinyl
Alcohol (PVA) Nanofibers
L. Dong, W. Shou, Y. Liu, R. Wang and R.D. Chen
Analyzing of Functionally Graded Materials by Discrete Element Method
F.X. Zhou, S.R. Li, Y.M. Lai and Y. Yang
Generalized Thermoelastic Responses of Functionally Graded Materials
S.R. Li, F.X. Zhou, Y.M. Lai and Y. Yang

Session Ten: System Dynamics and Simulation

Design and Analysis of Agricultural Remote Monitoring System Based on ZigBee and
Embedded Technology
Q.Y. Zou, J.W. Ji, Z.S. Zuo and S.Y. Zhang
Study on Anti-Disturbance of Linear Servo System Used for Piston Machining
H. Cui and J.H. Cui
Study on Chaotic Theory in an Information Security Management Approach
Z.G. Ji
A Fast Structured Light Matching Method in Robot Stereo Vision
G. Gao, X.C. Yang and H.M. Zhang
Study of the Antilock Braking System with Electric Brake Force Distribution
J.W. Li and J. Wang
The Stability Control of Individual Drive Electric Vehicle Based on Torque Distribution
J.W. Li and X.L. Cui
Modal Analysis of Interior Acoustic Pressure Distribution of Bus Bodywork
L.X. Guo, J.C. Cui and Y.M. Zhang
Research on Motion Profile Smooth Control Algorithm Based on Continuous Jerk
G.Y. Zhao, Y.G. Zhao and R.G. Hou
Influences of the Noise of Woodworking Wide Belt Sander on Human’s Psychological Load
Q.Y. Mo and H. Li
Acoustic Measurement of a Small Sample Using Differential Acoustic Resonance Spectroscopy
Y.N. Li and S.X. Wang
A Study on the Position and Velocity Control of AC Servo System Using Discrete Sliding Mode
Predictive Algorithm
H.K. Li, L.Z. Song, H.S. Li, L.S. Huang and Y. Yin
Robust Passivity Control for Uncertain Time-Delayed Systems
G.F. Li, Y.C. Sun and S.G. Huang
Dynamic Simulation of Hydraulic Truck Crane Hoisting System Based on AMESim
Y. Fei, Q. Wu and H.Y. Yu
Analyzing of Dynamic Characteristics of Special CNC Machine Tool
K. Wang, G. Lv and X.W. Sun
Research on the Power Balance of Belt Conveyor Adjusted by Hydraulic Coupler
Y.S. Deng, Y.G. Lu, P.Y. Xiao and X.L. Liu
Research on Vibration Behaviors Simulation for a Novel High-Speed PMT
X.L. Chen, S.S. Jia, X.Y. Jiang and Y.S. Zhao
The Damage Theory Model on Fluid-Solid-Heat Coupling of Reservoir under Process Injection
W.C. Zhao, C. Ai and D.C. Zheng
The Integrated Control of Semi-Active Suspension and Electronic Stability Program Based on
Fuzzy Logic Method
J.H. Guo, L. Chu, X.B. Zhang and F.K. Zhou
Evolutionary Game Analysis for the Greenhouse Gases Emission and Environmental Inspection
L. Zhang, Y.J. Jiao and N. Li
Modeling and Simulation of Hybrid Hydraulic Excavator Based on AMESim
K. Cheng, J. Zhang, Q.L. Dai, P.Y. Wang and J. Zhang
Path Tracking Control for a Wheeled Mobile Robot
Y.L. Zhang
Hybrid Robust Control for Gantry Crane System
Z.M. Chen, W.J. Meng, M.H. Zhao and J.G. Zhang
A Robust Design of SD-PID and BP-PID Simulated Control Model for Brake Designing
D. Ma and J.D. Huang
Nonlinear Behavior of Pedestal Looseness Fault Rotor-Bearing System with Slowly
Varying Mass
Y.G. Luo, S.H. Zhang, B. Wu and B.C. Wen
Analysis of Fractional Derivative Model for MR Damping System
X.M. Liu, Y.J. Huang, H.Y. Li, Q.J. Zheng and Y.Y. Shi
The Performance Analysis on Cooling Capacity of the Air Cooler for a Turbocharged 4-Stroke
Marine Diesel Engine
J.L. Huang, D. Wang and G.H. Yang
Research on Fuzzy Control of the Hydraulic System for Continuously Variable Transmission
C.Z. Wang, J.C. Song and S. Li
Numerical Simulation of the Supersonic Inlet Flow Field
D.M. Cao, H.Y. Lv, X.Y. Zhang and S.B. Hu
Gait Recognition Based on Wavelet Descriptors
C.P. Shi, B.R. Tao and F.J. Miao
Study on Cooperative Navigation Based on Nonlinear Filtering for Multiple UUVs
J. Lu, D.M. Xu, L.C. Zhang and F.B. Zhang
Selection of Power Train Components and Simulation of Dynamic Performance
of Electric Vehicles
C.J. Tu, X.Z. Wei and H.F. Dai
Measures of Protection against Electric Shock on EV
X.Y. Chang, Z.C. Sun and X.Z. Wei
The Asymptotical Stability Analysis for Switched Descriptor Systems
W. Liu and Z.Y. Lu
Grey Evaluation Method on Security Risk Assessment of Power Information System
R. Liu and D.X. Niu
Time-Varying Sliding Mode Control for Discrete-Time Nonlinear Uncertain Coupled Systems
via Sliding Mode Prediction
L.F. Xiao, S.D. Duan and T. Shen
Study on Master-Slave Control Method Using Load Force and Impedance Identifiers for Tele-
Operated Hydraulic Construction Robot
X. Li
Research on Control Strategy of Maximum Power Point Tracking of VSCF Wind Generation
W.J. Dai and H.J. Liu
A Two-Stage Model of State Prognosis Based on Vibration Monitoring Information
Y. Wang, Y.H. Dong, J.Y. Qiao and M. Li
Investigation on Nonlinear Dynamics Characteristics of Vibration Friction System
Based on Vibration Pile Driver
Y.N. Teng, X.P. Li, Q.H. Zeng and B.C. Wen
A Speed Regulation System of DC Motor Based on PWM Technology
W.C. Wang
Research on Induction Motor DTC System Based on Fuzzy PI Controller
X.Z. Hu and G.Q. Nan
Research on Chaos Feature and Forecasting of Air Conditioning Load
H.Q. Liu and W.H. Feng
On Approximate Treatment of Nonlinear Dynamical System of an Electrostatically Actuated
Y.M. Chen, G. Meng and J.K. Liu
Faults Diagnosis for Electro-Hydraulic Servo System Using Support Vector Machine Based on
Robust Observer
R.L. Lin and T.T. Ming

Session Eleven: PC Guided Design and Manufacture

Based on 3D Technology Application Research about Urban Underground Pipeline
Management Information System
H.W. Xu, Q.Z. Zhang and X.C. Li
Quality Control and Reliability Analysis of Remanufactured Automotive Products
T.Z. Zhang, X.P. Wang, J.W. Chu, P.F. Cui and G.D. Tian
Collaboration Strategy Simulation of Multi-Agents for Pursuit-Evasion in
Wireless Sensor Networks
L.X. Guo and L.P. Zhao
The Design of the Electro-Hydraulic Speed Control System for Diesel Engine
L.M. Jia, G. Wang and X.H. Zhi
Study on Parameter Optimization Based on Workspace of 3-DOF Parallel Machine Tool
X.S. Li and G.Q. Cai
Multi-Threshold Image Denoising Based on Shearlet Transform
J. Zhao, L. Lü and H. Sun
Numerical Simulation and Optimization Design of Foam Core/Carbon Fiber
Composite Sandwich Beams
J. Li and B.T. Xi
A Forward Secure RFID Privacy Protection Scheme with Two-Way Authentication
Y. Gan, L. He, T. Zhang and N.N. Li
A Revised Serverless Authentication Protocol with Forward Security for RFID
L. He, Y. Gan, N.N. Li and T. Zhang
Robust Design Optimization Based on Improved Ant Colony Algorithm with Application
S.M. Hao, H.X. Guo, J. Dai and L.Z. Cheng
Dual Extended Kalman Filter Based Momentum Wheel Identification
Z.Z. Li, R. Zhang, Z.C. Zhu and X.W. Liang
Research on Design and Testing of a Novel Power Source for Hybrid Vehicles
Y. Shi and S.Q. Chang
Laboratory Tests Study on the Power Dissipation Characteristics of Conductor Self-Damping
and Aeolian Vibration Dampers
Y.K. Chen, L. Li, K. Ye and P. Yin
Research on the Design of Motion Control System Based on a Novel 5-DOF PCMM
X.L. Chen, G. Hu, X.Y. Jiang, D.Y. Wei and Y.S. Zhao
MEMS Aided Design Method Based on 3D Features
C.F. Zhang and L.J. Wang
Low Cost AFDX End System Based on System on a Programmable Chip
B. Yu, T.H. Zhang and D.D. Liu
Software Design and Implement of Test System of a Certain Radar Transmitter Based
on the 1553B Bus
Y. Zhang, L. Zhang, H.C. Zhang and R.S. Long
Manufacture Parameter Design of SMG Spiral Bevel Gears Based on Local Synthesis and
Transmission Error Optimization
G.L. Liu, H.W. Fan and P. Jiang
Study of Magnetoelastic Torque Sensor for Cutting Processes Monitoring
X.Q. Wen and J.M. Li
Research of H.264/AVC Error Control Approaches Base on FMO
L.N. Hu, Y. Sun and Y.F. Jiang
The Technological Optimization of Closed Multiple-Ram Forging for Draw Rod
C.D. Zhu, T.L. Dai and H. Wang
The Study on the Strategy of Bidding Project Selection Based on Fuzzy AHP in
Network-Based Manufacturing
X. Zhang
A New Analytical Model on Lateral Vibration and Impact of Drill String - Choice of Safe and
Fast Drilling
W. Liu, Y.C. Zhou and Q. Zhao
Multi-Variable Model Predictive Control of Automatic Variable-Load in Air Separation Unit
Production Process
J.H. Wang, J.Y. Kong, J.T. Yang, G.F. Li and Y. Li
Monitoring of Water Quality Using Remote Sensing Techniques
X.P. Wen and X.F. Yang
Atmospheric Correction of Landsat ETM+ Remote Sensing Data Using 6S Code
and its Validation
X.F. Yang and X.P. Wen
Design of Embedded Remote Monitoring Terminal Based on 3G Module SIM
H.B. Yu, B.R. Tao, H.J. Zhu and H. Li
Development of a High-Efficiency CVT
J.J. Hao, J.W. Wei, W. Lv and N.S. Cheng
Optimization Design of Elastic Coupling in Swashplate Engine Based on BP-GA
Y.F. Kong, Z.S. Zhang and G.T. Cheng
A New Method of Quality Control for New Product Development
X.Y. Jiang, X.Y. Sun, S.J. Wang and W.S. Wang
Review of Methods for Battery Life Modeling and Their Applications
W.J. Gu, Z.C. Sun, X.Z. Wei and H.F. Dai
Hardware-in-Loop Test Platform for Electric Vehicle Cell Battery Management System
Q. Wang, X.Z. Wei and H.F. Dai
Parametric Modeling Technologies of the Advanced Actuator
C.P. Zou
Dynamic Behavior of the Advanced Actuator
C.P. Zou
Torsional Rigidity of the Advanced Actuator
C.P. Zou
Research on Soft Switching Power Supply with High Power Factor Based on Boost Converter
Q.H. Xiao and H.J. Liu
The VLSI Design of Fingerprint Normalization Algorithm
S.M. Du
Multi-Criteria Optimal Design of Parallel Manipulators Based on Natural Frequency
B.J. Lv, S.J. Zhu and J.F. Xing
A Structure Analysis Method for Machine Tools Based on Assembly Relationship
D.F. Hu, Y. Li and J.D. Shang
A Projection Pursuit Evaluating Model of Project Investment Decision-Making
X.Q. Zhang, W.H. Feng and N.N. Li
The Risk Assessment Research on Real Estate Projects in View of Fuzzy-Synthetical Evaluation
X. Zheng and S.T. Xu
A Single Phase High Power Factor Rectifier with UCC
H.S. Zhang
Transient Analysis of Boost Converter Based on PSpice Software
H.S. Zhang
Design of a Single Phase Power Factor Corrector
H.S. Zhang
Design of Fiber Optic Digital Telemetry System
T.X. Meng
Design and Implementation of SOA-Based Professional Title Assessment System
X.J. Kang
New Blood Vessel Robot Design and Outside Flow Field Characteristic
F. Jiang, J. Yu and Z.W. Liang
Multi-Objective Optimization Algorithm Design and Implementation of Mobile Base Station
Site Selection
M. Wang and J. Tang
Application of Optimal Control in Inventory Management of Production
P.H. Sun, L. Tang and L.Y. Tang
Architecture Design of Distributed Computing System Based on SOA Model
J.C. Li, H.X. Jin and J. Tang
Research and Application on QFD Based on Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process
L.X. Gong, L. Tang and M.Z. Yang

Session Twelve: Others

The Building of Marketing Decision Support System Based on Data Warehouse
Z.G. Ji
The Information Organization of Digital Library Based on Network
Z.G. Ji
Improvement on Propagation Modeling of New Intelligent Botnet
X. Yang, Z.Q. Zha and Y.G. Zhu
Study on Emergency Evacuation Ability of Exits in Public Assembly Places
B.Q. Dai, T. Wang and J. Zhang
Simulation and Verification on Motorcycle Ride Comfort under Pulse Road
X.H. Zou, Q. Shi and X.X. Zhang
Experimental Study of Stress-Generated Potentials on Large Cattle Femur under Simulated
Physiological Loading State
X.G. Wu and W.Y. Chen
Investigation of the Disk Cavitator Cavitating Flow Characteristics under Relatively
High Cavitation Number
X. Hu and Y. Gao
Convergence of Generalized Relaxed SSOR Method for Augmented Systems
L.T. Zhang, S.H. Cheng, T.Z. Huang and T.X. Gu
Analysis of Influence Factors on Heavy Metal Release from Mine Waste Rock in Fu
Xin Mine Area
B. Liang, L.G. Jiang and X.S. Lu
A Modified Gene Optimization for TSP
C.M. Wu, P. Chen and Y. Yang
Multiparty Quantum Determined Key Distribution Protocol Using
Open-Destination Teleportation
Q.Y. Zhao, X.Y. Li and D.X. Zhang
Algorithm for Automatic 3-D Scanned Bullet Identification Based on the
Principle of Human Vision
J. Lu, S.H. Wu and Y.D. Shi
Research on Fractal Dimension Calculating Method Based on Improved Carpet
Covered Algorithm
W. Wang, J. Hong, J. Qu, H.T. Han and Z.G. Zou
STEP-Based Feature Modeller for STEP Compliant CNC
Q.L. Shu, A.X. Sun and G.B. Gong
Research on Forecasting Method Based on Genetic Algorithms and Support Vector Machines
C.Y. Xiao, P.Y. Guo, Z.P. Feng and Y.S. Deng
Secure Image Management Based on Deluge Protocol in Wireless Sensor Networks
M.D. Xie
Creep Characteristics Analysis of Oil Shale and its Application
J.G. Wang and B. Liang
Document Clustering Based on Fuzzy Similarity
J.L. Zhou, X.J. Nie, L.H. Qin and J.F. Zhu
An Improved Viscous-Spring Artificial Boundary Model
J.Y. Chen, Q. Xu and J. Li
Study on a New Sine Raster Generating Algorithm for Phase-Based Matching
X.H. Liu, K.Y. Jiang and J.Y. Lin
Bioinformatics Analysis of Gibberella moniliformis Phosphoenolpyruvate
Carboxykinase Gene
H. Li, G.Y. Zhou, H.Y. Zhang, L. Li and J.A. Liu
Bioinformatic Analysis of Chitin Deacetylase in Rhizopus oryzae
H. Li, H.Y. Zhang, G.Y. Zhou, J.A. Liu and Y.H. He
An Efficient Graph-Based Flickr Photo Clustering Algorithm
Z. Liu, H. Yan and Z. Li
An Improved Algorithm for Clustering Gene Expression Data Using Minimum Spanning Trees
W.L. Zhao and Z.G. Zhang
Influences of an Initial Micro Gap on Wave Transmission
X.Y. Chen and G.L. Yu
Numerical Simulation on Flow Past Sphere-Conic with Ablation
H.M. Huang, X.L. Xu and Y. Liu
A Creating Method of Underprop Project for 3-D Abnormal Space
M.W. Chui, Y.Q. Feng, W. Wang, J. Hong and P.L. Li
Application of Convolution Code in CCK Modulation Technology
X. Su, P. Bai, Y.P. Feny and Y.Y. Wu
Influence of Power Supply Current in Electrical Landfill Leakage Detection Method
S.P. Guan, Y.L. Wang, C.X. Nai and J.C. Liu
A Novel Method of Stereo Camera Calibration Using BP Neural Network
J.L. Xiong, J.Y. Xia, X.Q. Xu and Z. Tian
Attribute Recognition Model Based on Entropy Weight and Its Application to Evaluation of
Groundwater Quality
X.Q. Zhang, W.H. Feng and N.N. Li
A Study on the Impact of Industrial Concentration on the Economic Growth Based on the
Analysis of Gini Coefficient of the Construction Regions
X. Zheng and Z.N. Liu
A Modified Two-Way Authentication Protocol without Server for RFID
X.M. Lu and L. He
The Disposal of EEG De-Noising by a Wavelet New Threshold
L.L. Yu and S.L. Li
The Sleep EEG Partition by Stages Based on Complexity Measure
L.L. Yu and T.X. Meng
Pattern Recognition of Group Control Object Based on Fuzzy Neural Network
H.Y. Li, J.J. Li and J.Y. Li
A Scalable Routing Architecture for Next Generation Gatekeeper Independent
of Service Domain
W. Zeng and X.W. Yuan
Periodicity and Trend Analysis of Precipitation in Multi-Time Scale in Plain Regions
of Handan, China
Q.H. Luan, J. Yuan, Z.Z. Ma, X.B. Hao and T.B. Wu
Experiment Study of Volatilization Combustion during Coalfield Fire
Z.M. Qu
Mathematical Mechanism and Numerical Study of Volatilization Combustion
during Coalfield Fire
Z.M. Qu
Study on Three-Dimensional Large Eddy Simulation during Train Fire
Z.M. Qu
Camera Calibration with Neural Networks
Z. Tian, J.L. Xiong and Q. Zhang
Safety Requirements Model-Based Safety Test Automation of Train Control System of
High Speed Railway in China
G. Yu and Z.W. Xu
Research on High Strength Aluminum Alloys Components Stress Analysis by
Lock-In Thermography
X. Liu, J.Y. Liu and J.M. Dai
Monte Carlo Simulation for the Angle-Dependent Light Transmittance of
Thermotropic Material
J. Yao and J. Xu
Indoor Thermal Environment Simulation by Using MATLAB and Simulink
J. Yao and J. Xu
Design of A GUI Tool for the Prediction of Building Energy Performance
C.W. Yan, J. Yao and J. Xu
Fuzzy Neural Network for Groundwater Level Prediction
W.G. Zhao and L.Y. Wang
Daily Discharge Prediction Using Artificial Neural Networks
W.G. Zhao and L.Y. Wang
Research on the BPNN in the Prediction of PMV
J. Yao and J. Xu
Cause Analysis and the Counter-Policies for Ecological Environment Problems of Coal
Resource-Based Cities
Q.S. Qi

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