Biodiesel Market Outlook to France to 2020 - Production, Regulations, Biodiesel Plants, and Key Companies

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  • October 2010
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Biodiesel Market Outlook to France to 2020 - Production, Regulations, Biodiesel Plants, and Key Companies


Our renewable energy offering, “Biodiesel Power Market Outlook to France to 2020 - Production Capacity, Production, Regulations, Power Plants, and Key Companies” gives a view of France’s biodiesel market and provides forecasts to 2020. This report includes information on production, key trends, profiles of major industry participants, information on major biodiesel plants and analysis of important deals. This, along with detailed information on the regulatory framework and key policies governing the industry, provides a comprehensive understanding of the biodiesel market in the country.

This report is built using data and information sourced from proprietary databases, primary and secondary research and in-house analysis by Our team of industry experts.


- Brief introduction to the overall Biofuels Market
- Data provided historically from 2001 to 2009, forecast to 2020.
- Data on installed capacity and power generation.
- List of major current and upcoming Biodiesel Plants.
- Key Companies
- Policy READ MORE >

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  • Diester Industrie S.A.S.
  • ecoMotion GmbH
  • INEOS Enterprises Limited
  • TOTAL S.A.
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1.1 List of Tables
1.2 List of Figures
2 Executive Summary
2.1 Global Biodiesel Market - Government Incentives and Fuel Demand to boost biodiesel market
2.2 France Biodiesel Market - Steady Growth Expected
2.3 France Biofuel Deals Market - Increase in Deal Value and Decrease in Deal Volume Observed
3 Global Biodiesel Market Scenario 2001 to 2020
3.1 Global Biodiesel Market, Technology Definition
3.1.1 What is Biodiesel?
3.1.2 Biodiesel Production Process
3.1.3 Benefits of Biodiesel
3.2 Global Biodiesel Market, SWOT Analysis
3.2.1 Strengths
3.2.2 Weaknesses
3.2.3 Opportunities
3.2.4 Threats
3.3 Global Biodiesel Market, Supply Chain Analysis
3.4 Global Biodiesel Market, Market Overview
3.5 Global Biodiesel Market, Key Drivers
3.5.1 Government Support will Drive the Global Biodiesel Market
3.5.2 Rising Energy Requirements
3.6 Global Biodiesel Market, Key Restraints & Challenges
3.6.1 Issue of Biodiesel Production Competing with Food Crops and Water Will Continue to Affect the Market
3.6.2 Biodiesel Production Becomes an Expensive Option for Energy Security without Government Support
3.6.3 Reduced Efficiency as a Vehicle Fuel
3.7 Global Biodiesel Market, Historical and Forecast Production, 2001-2020
3.8 Global Biodiesel Market, Production by Region, 2009
3.9 Global Biodiesel Market, Production by Country, 2009
3.10 Global Biodiesel Market, Historical Consumption
3.11 Global Biodiesel Market, Feedstock Analysis, 2009
3.12 Global Biodiesel Market, Cost Analysis
3.13 Global Biodiesel Market, Price Analysis
4 France Biodiesel Market Scenario, 2001-2020
4.1 Overview
4.2 France Biodiesel Market, Production, Million Liters, 2001-2020
4.3 France Biodiesel Market, Trends, 2001-2020
4.3.1 France Biodiesel Market, Key Drivers
4.3.2 France Biodiesel Market, Key Restraints and Challenges
4.3.3 France Biodiesel Market, Feedstock Analysis, 2009
4.3.4 France Biodiesel Market, Producers Share, 2009
4.3.5 France Biodiesel Market, Geographic Distribution, 2009
5 France Biodiesel Market, Key Biodiesel Plants
5.1 France Biodiesel Market, Key Active Biodiesel Plants
5.2 France Biodiesel Market, Key Upcoming Biodiesel Plants
6 France Biofuels, Major Policies and Incentives
6.1 France, Quota Obligation for Biofuels
6.2 France, Tax Rebate for Biofuels
6.3 France, General Tax on Polluting Activities
6.4 France, Bonus/Penalty for Cars
6.5 France, Biofuel R&D Program
6.6 France, New Energy Technologies Demonstration Fund
6.7 France, Futurol Second Generation Biofuel Research and Development Project
7 France Biofuels Market, Deals Market Trends, 2009
7.1 France Biofuels Market, Deals Value versus Deal Volume Analysis, 2004-2009
7.2 France Biofuels Market, Major Deals, 2009-2010
7.2.1 CropEnergies Acquires Ryssen Alcools From Saint Louis Sucre
7.2.2 Poyry Sells Poyry Energy
7.2.3 Deinove Completes Its Initial Public Offering Of $16.2 Million
7.2.4 Biomethodes Signs Licensing Agreement With Virginia Tech
7.2.5 AlgaeLink Enters Into Agreement With Air France-KLM
7.2.6 Air Liquide Completes Bond Issue Of $560 Million
7.2.7 Tereos Completes Project Financing Of $13 Million For Deinol Ethanol Power Plant Project
7.2.8 Comax France Completes Bond Financing Of $1 Million For Two Cogeneration Plants, France
7.2.9 Tereos Completes Project Financing For Bioethanol Plant, Normandy, France.
7.2.10 Tereos Completes Project Financing Of $248 Million For Lillebonne Bioethanol Plant, Normandy, France
8 Company Snapshot - ecoMotion GmbH
8.1 Company Overview
8.2 Major Products and Services
8.3 Competitors
8.4 Locations And Subsidiaries
8.4.1 Head Office
9 INEOS Enterprises Limited, Company Snapshot
9.1 Company Overview
9.2 Major Products and Services
9.3 Competitors
9.4 Locations And Subsidiaries
9.4.1 Head Office
9.4.2 Other Locations & Subsidiaries
10 Diester Industrie S.A.S., - Company Snapshot
10.1 Company Overview
10.2 Major Products and Services
10.3 Competitors
10.4 Locations And Subsidiaries
10.4.1 Head Office
11 TOTAL S.A., - Company Snapshot
11.1 Company Overview
11.2 Business Description
11.2.1 Business Overview
11.3 Major Products and Services
11.4 SWOT Analysis
11.4.1 Overview
11.4.2 TOTAL S.A. StrengthsDifferentiated Chemicals Segment
11.4.3 TOTAL S.A. Weaknesses
11.4.4 TOTAL S.A. Opportunities
11.4.5 TOTAL S.A. Threats
11.5 Competitors
11.6 Locations And Subsidiaries
11.6.1 Head Office
11.6.2 Other Locations & Subsidiaries
12 Appendix
12.1 Abbreviations
12.2 Methodology
12.2.1 Coverage
12.2.2 Secondary Research
12.2.3 Primary Research
12.2.4 Expert Panel Validation
12.3 Contact Us
12.3.1 Disclaimer

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