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Future of SMS Aggregators: Business Model, Ecosystem and Value Chain - Product Image

Future of SMS Aggregators: Business Model, Ecosystem and Value Chain

  • ID: 1406260
  • October 2010
  • 46 Pages
  • Mind Commerce LLC


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Mobile marketing, media and entrainment, mobile information services, mobile commerce, off-portal content providing are becoming the core of the mobile business success story. Numerous applications in many business areas have been designed to reach wide mobile audience by SMS. According industry players the 2010 and years to come are bringing the call for shaping the business models using the SMS channel in more ways than one. Content, application and brand providers, SMS aggregators and SMS services providers are facing the challenges of exercising viable business models able to trade mass volumes of SMS traffic, real-time delivery, collection, reporting, billing and all other operations making their business more valuable.

This report addresses many questions raised around the SMS aggregators as service intermediaries and penultimate link in the enterprise SMS chain, and brings to the reader concise information from both a business and technical perspective. The report also evaluates the present enterprise messaging business model, revenue model, strengths and issues and desired changes for further success in the business. It also provides reliable survey from in-depth analysis READ MORE >


  • AdMob
  • Dialogue
  • Hanzo
  • mBlox
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What are SMS Aggregators?
Type of SMS Aggregators
Aggregator Service Spectrum
When to Use SMS Aggregators
SMS Ecosystem and Value Chain
Mobile-to-Mobile Value Chain: General Model
Application-to-Mobile Value Chain: Aggregator’s Model
SMS Purchaser
Mobile Operator
Revenue Share Models and Billing
Interconnection Agreements
Current Issues in the Present Value Chain
Number Portability
Interconnect Charges and Lack of Regulations
Favored Revenue Share
Other Observed Issues
Usage Areas of SMS Aggregators and Emerging Markets
SMS Usage Drivers
Usage Areas and Markets
Mobile Banking and Financial Services (MFS)
Location Based Services (LBS)
Mobile Marketing and Advertisement
SWOT Analysis
SMS Aggregator Architecture and Technologies
Basic SMS Network Structure
Protocols and Interfaces
Messaging Types
Case Studies
SMS Aggregators Products and Solutions
Bulk SMS Termination
Virtual Mobile Numbers (VMN)
Service Implementation

List of Figures
Figure 1 SMS aggregator services
Figure 2 Mobile-to-mobile typical value chain
Figure 3 Application-to-mobile value chain
Figure 4 Bulk SMS termination revenue model
Figure 5 Premium SMS revenue share
Figure 6 Premium messaging revenue by category in UK
Figure 7 SMS termination wholesale arrangement
Figure 8 M-banking & financial services consumers worldwide (2008-2015)
Figure 9 SWOT summary
Figure 10 Short messaging entities in the GSM network
Figure 11 SMS network layers
Figure 12 Aggregator architecture and protocols
Figure 13 Aggregator business support services

List of Tables
Table 1 Summary of Mobile Termination Rates (MTR) regulations by region
Table 2 Estimated revenue leakage due to non-delivery of messages
Table 3 Mobile messaging future 2010-2014
Table 4 Sample usage areas of SMS aggregators
Table 5 Examples of SMS transactions in m-banking and financial services
Table 6 SMS aggregators comparison table

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