Ensure Service Delivery with Systems Management

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  • October 2010
  • Info-Tech Research Group
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Dump the bottom-up approach to systems management, and manage services for success.

Your Challenge

- Systems management plays a critical role in service delivery, but many enterprises either don’t do it or take a bottom-up technical approach.

- Failing to take a service approach to systems management leaves IT exposed to service delivery failures and potential finger pointing when the technical staff try to isolate an issue.

- This solution set will help you assess your current systems management environment, business needs, and create a plan to move to service-centric systems management.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

- A solid systems management strategy can deliver on service availability, performance and capacity business needs if approached from the top down rather than as a technologist's tool.

- Service-focused systems management tools can take the burden off IT and move it to business stakeholders, empowering them to manage delivery without crossing swords with the technologists.

Impact and Result

- Improve service delivery by sharpening your systems management strategy.

- Save money by taking a top-down service delivery approach to systems management tools and only buy those you need.

- Identify capacity needs at the right time to meet business needs, and avoid over-investing in capacity.

Get to Action

1. Ensure service delivery with systems management.

Obtain reliable systems operation and performance.
- Storyboard: Ensure Service Delivery with Systems Management

2. Assess systems management needs.

Close gaps in service reliability and performance.
- Systems Management Strategy Assessment Tool

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- Storyboard: Ensure Service Delivery with Systems Management (Powerpoint)
- Systems Management Strategy Assessment Tool (Excel)

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What you receive:

*Storyboard: Ensure Service Delivery with Systems Management

IT leaders need to wring all they can out of their staff and systems, Info-Tech's business focused systems management offers a significant opportunity to:

- Reorient IT thinking by breaking out of silos, and embracing systems management.
- Create a minimum of documentation and process.
- Select and implement the right systems management tools with minimal effort.
- Make implementation of systems management easier.
- Build-in continuous improvement.

Following the authors lead on systems management will result in up to 50% improvement in availability and performance while saving IT from unnecessary implementation work.

*Systems Management Strategy Assessment Tool

IT organizations must prioritize their systems management efforts to maximize results with the resources available. The authors have created a tool to aid in assessing an organization’s systems management needs. Answers to a few simple questions will provide feedback and guidance for:

- Staffing
- Documentation
- Tools and monitoring
- Key performance indicators(KPI)

Improve your service delivery with a minimum of grief using a systems management strategy right for your enterprise. For best results, assess, act, measure, and annually repeat this systems management strategy exercise.

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown


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