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The latest version of a special report “primer” that sorts out the latest developments in the exciting area of e-books and e-publishing. The report provides an overview of the current hardware e-readers, software readers and formats, the current state of the market for e-books and e-periodicals, the outlook for these technologies, advice and recommendations for graphic communications companies and individuals—and even a step-by-step (or blow-by-blow) tutorial for converting printed books to e-books.

About the Present Report:

The purpose of this report is to provide a basic guide or primer on e-publishing technologies and what our outlook for the technology is. Are there any to pay attention to, any to ignore? What are the opportunities for graphic arts professionals in the area of e-publishing? What are the barriers? What are some pitfalls to watch out for?

As with all our “primer” series report, the present document is intended to get the reader up to speed on the issues and terminology, and lay the groundwork for further inquiry.

How This Report Is Organized:

Section 1 provides a detailed overview of the various e-book READ MORE >

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown

Defining Our Terms
A Note About Orthography
Historical Background
So Many Devices, So Little Time
About the Present Report
How This Report Is Organized
For More Information

1. E-Book Formats and Readers
Hardware Devices
The Sony Reader
Amazon Kindle
Barnes & Noble Nook
Kobo EReader
Alluratek Libre
iRex iLiad and Digital Reader
On the Horizon

Software Formats
All Purpose Document Formats
Specific E-Book/E-Publishing Formats
Online Books

Digital Periodicals
Changes in Digital Editions

2. The Day the Universe Changed
What Is It?
Why Should I Care?
Book Publishers
Magazine Publishers
Newspaper Publishers
Marketers and Advertisers
The Bottom Line

3. Count/Pointercount!
The Print vs. Electronic Dialogue

4. General Conclusions, Implications, and Recommendations
E-Book Sales Data
E-Book/E-Publishing Outlook
Back to the Future
Lingering Questions
Implications and Recommendations
For Book Publishers
For Magazine and Newspaper Publishers
For Commercial Printers
For Creatives
The Final Word

Appendix A: Creating E-Books
Basic PDF
Disrupting the Future
Disrupting the Future
Amazon Kindle
Disrupting the Future

Appendix B: A Tale of Two Casualties
Franklin eBookMan

Appendix C: Players and Products
E-Book Hardware Manufacturers
E-Book Software Readers
Portable Devices That Support E-Book Readers
PalmOS Handhelds and Smartphones
Windows Mobile Devices
Pocket PC
Symbian OS Devices
RIM BlackBerry
Digital Periodicals Providers
Online Books

About the Analyst

Table of Figures:

Figure 1: The Sony Reader Touch Edition
Figure 2: The Amazon Kindle
Figure 3: The Kindle for iPhone App
Figure 4: The Barnes & Noble Nook
Figure 5: The Kobo eReader
Figure 6: The Alluratek Libre eReader Pro
Figure 7: The iRex iLiad
Figure 10: The Fujitsu Flepia Color E-Book Reader
Figure 12: An E-Book Purchased from Fictionwise.com Can Be Read on the eReader E-Book Reader on the iPhone
Figure 14: A Fairly Typical Project Gutenberg Entry
Figure 19: The Apple iPad
Figure 20: Primary Entertainment Device Among UK iPad Owners, August 2010
Figure 21: Preferred Delivery Method for Reading Newspapers/Magazines Among UK iPad Owners, August 2010
Figure 22: Book Categories as a Percentage of Book Sales, 2008
Figure 23: Book Categories as a Percentage of Book Sales, 2009
Figure 24: E-Book Sales, 2003–2009
Figure 25: Change in Magazine Circulation, Population Growth, and Magazine Titles, 1970–2008
Figure 26: Exporting an EPUB file from InDesign CS5
Figure 27: InDesign’s General EPUB Export Options
Figure 28: InDesign’s EPUB Image Export Options
Figure 29: InDesign’s EPUB Contents Export Options
Figure 30: Rejected by the Threepress EPUB Validator
Figure 31: The Contents of an EPUB “File”
Figure 32: An EPUB’s OPF File
Figure 33: My EPUB File Passes Muster
Figure 34: Partial Disrupting the Future EPUB Error Report
Figure 35: The Basic Calibre Interface
Figure 36: Amazon’s Online Kindle Emulator Preview
Figure 37: Virus! on the Kindle for iPhone App
Figure 38: THE RCA REB 1100 E-Book Reader
Figure 39: The Franklin eBookMan

Table of Tables:

Table 1: Monthly Book Sales, May–June, 2010
Table 2: Estimated Net U.S. Book Sales, 2002–2009 ($000)

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown


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