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Malaysia Petrochemicals Report 2011

The Malaysia Petrochemicals Report provides industry professionals and strategists, corporate analysts, petrochemical associations, government departments and regulatory bodies with independent forecasts and competitive intelligence on Malaysia's petrochemicals industry.

Despite staging a recovery in 2010 and with the industry attracting foreign investors, no new projects have been announced and as such BMI’s latest Malaysia Petrochemicals Annual Report has not raised medium-term olefins and polyolefins capacity forecasts.

In 2010, the Malaysian petrochemicals industry began its recovery, with production surging due to export demand. Over the medium term, growth will be supported by three integrated petrochemicals zones in Terengganu, Pahang and Johor Baharu as well as growth in the oil sector and the LNG production site at Sarawak. Honam Petrochemicals has indicated that it plans to expand Titan’s crackers following its takeover of the Malaysian petrochemicals producer. Meanwhile, Petronas Chemicals hopes to raise US$4bn from an IPO to expand its facilities, with a particular focus on domestic capacities. While the potential for expansion exists, no new projects have been announced and as such BMI has left its forecasts for the next five years unchanged.

In 2010, Malaysian petrochemicals capacities remained unchanged from the previous year. In the olefins segment, the country had capacities of 1.74mn tonnes per annum (tpa) ethylene, 1.13mn tpa propylene and 100,000tpa butadiene. Intermediate petrochemicals production capacities include 240,000tpa styrene, 440,000tpa vinyl chloride monomer, 550,000tpa xylenes, and 380,000tpa and 385,000tpa EG and EO respectively. In the polymers segment, there was 975,000tpa PE (120,000tpa HDPE, 475,000tpa LDPE and 380,000tpa LLDPE), 560,000tpa PP, 260,000tpa PVC, 215,000tpa PET and 140,000tpa PS. In the fertiliser segment, Malaysia has capacities of 1.32mn tpa ammonia and 1.34mn tpa urea. It also hosts 1.77mn tpa of methanol capacity, with Petronas subsidiary Petronas Methanol (Labuan) dominating the market following the completion of its massive methanol complex in Q308. The same year saw PP capacity increase 100,000tpa at Titan Chemicals’ site at Pasir Gudang, Johor. There are few major expansions in the Malaysian petrochemical sector planned over the next five years. BMI does not envisage an increase in ethylene and polymer capacities over the forecast period.

Increased productivity and expansion in industry output over recent years have resulted in improved export performance. Malaysia continues to attract foreign investment, but the industry is re-assessing its competitive status within the ASEAN and the ‘threat’ posed by China’s rapid industrial expansion. The petrochemical industry is facing tougher market conditions with downward pressure on product prices caused by a massive increase in capacities in Asia and the Middle East. In order to sustain production volumes, Malaysian producers will need to constrain feedstock costs. In the face of intensified competitiveness in the global market, prospects for the Malaysian petrochemicals industry depend on its ability to cultivate and maintain competitive advantages over other competing nations.
Executive Summary

SWOT Analysis
Malaysia Petrochemicals Industry SWOT
Malaysia Political SWOT
Malaysia Economic SWOT
Malaysia Economic SWOT Analysis

Global Market Overview

Petrochemicals Market Overview
Table: World Ethylene Production By Country, 2009 And 2014 (‘000 tonnes capacity)

Financial Results
Table: Financial Results Of Major Petrochemicals Companies, 2009

Global Oil Products Price Outlook
Table: Oil Product Price Assumptions 2010 (US$/bbl)
Table: Oil Product Price Forecasts (US$/bbl)

Emerging Asia Petrochemicals Overview
Table: Asian Ethylene Projects

Malaysia Market Overview
Table: Malaysia’s Olefins Facilities, 2008
Table: Malaysia’s Aromatics Facilities, 2008
Table: Malaysia’s Polyolefins Facilities, 2008

Key Petrochemical Products
Regulatory Structure
Industry Trends and Developments
Liquefied Natural Gas
Recent Developments
Emergence Of Petrochemicals Zones
Table: Malaysia Petrochemical Plants

Business Environment

Asia Petrochemicals Business Environment Ratings
Table: Asia Pacific Petrochemicals Business Environment Ratings
Limits Of Potential Returns
Risks To Realisation Of Returns
Malaysia’s Business Environment Outlook
Latest/Recent Developments

Table: BMI's Asia Pacific Business And Operational Risk Ratings
Table: BMI's Asia Pacific Legal Framework Ratings
Table: Annual FDI Inflows Into Asia, 2006-2008
Table: BMI's Trade Ratings
Table: Malaysia’s Top Export Destinations, 2001-2008 (US$mn)

Industry Forecast Scenario
Table: Malaysia’s Petrochemicals Sector, 2007-2015 (‘000tpa)

Macroeconomic Outlook

Malaysia – Economic Activity

Company Monitor

Dow Chemical
Titan Chemicals

Glossary Of Terms

Table: Glossary Of Petrochemicals Terms


How We Generate Our Industry Forecasts
Chemicals And Petrochemicals Industry
Cross Checks
Business Environment Ratings
Table: Petrochemicals Business Environment Indicators And Rationale

Table: Weighting Of Indicators
Companies Mentioned
-Dow Chemical
-Titan Chemicals
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