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FootnotedPro Red Flag Alert - Universal, Legg Mason etc

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  • May 2015
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Weekly compilation of all significant findings in SEC filings.
FootnotedPro offers unparalleled analysis of critical issues within corporate Securities and Exchange Commission filings, emphasizing disclosures other investors are likely to overlook.
FootnotedPro research uncovers both hidden opportunities and early signs of potential problems by building a comprehensive mosaic from multiple filings -- research that requires intimate familiarity with the subtle yet powerful signals that companies provide in their seemingly routine filings.
While all of this information is technically publicly available, finding the most actionable tidbits is both difficult and time-consuming. FootnotedPro's methodology relies on recognizing patterns that become clear only after years of scrutinizing thousands of filings.
Because our bottom-up approach focuses on new and interesting disclosures in the filings, our analysis bridges all sectors and market caps, including companies that may not have crossed your radar previously.
FootnotedPro research focuses on:

- Significant legal issues
- M&A signals
- Unexpected managerial changes
- Accounting gimmicks
- Unusual stock grants
- Non-disclosure
- Questionable insider deals

For more than seven years, footnoted has been digging into SEC filings and helping investors make smarter decisions. Now you can get the most valuable, actionable investment insights through FootnotedPro reports.

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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown