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Stoking Your Innovation Bonfire. A Roadmap to a Sustainable Culture of Ingenuity and Purpose

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  • October 2010
  • 188 Pages
  • John Wiley and Sons Ltd
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Get back that innovation mojo!

"Innovation is all about taming the unknown. In large companies, the unknown often goes unfunded. Stoking Your Innovation Bonfire arms you with the case studies you need to go from random spark to a steady burn."
Steve Faktor, Vice President, Business Growth and Innovation, American Express

"Innovation is essential for the long–term success of companies. Braden Kelley provides individuals, organizations, and companies with a very powerful matchbox (tools and insights) to vigorously light their innovation bonfires! A must–read."
Chris Thoen, Managing Director, Global Open Innovation Office, Procter & Gamble

The essential guide for jump–starting your business's innovation process, Stoking Your Innovation Bonfire helps you regain the innovation superpowers that made your organization successful in the first place.

Take a look inside and discover:

- How to identify the barriers to innovation challenging your organization
- Why innovation can't happen until you get rid of blockages hindering it
- How to make the fundamental changes needed to rebuild hidden or lost innovation capabilities

Find out how vision, strategy, and goals combine to set the stage for successful innovation. Remove the roadblocks to innovation preventing your organization from creating sustainable growth and change. It's time to get back that innovation mojo start now, with the wealth of strategies and tactics found in Stoking Your Innovation Bonfire.

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About the Companion Web Site.

PART I Setting the Stage.

Chapter 1 Blinded by the Light: Vision Blockages.


Innovation Vision Example (Alcatel–Lucent).

Innovation Vision Example (Kuwait Petroleum Corporation).

There Is No Single Innovation Vision.

Innovation Vision Case Study Ford Motor Company.

Innovation Vision Case Study Hewlett–Packard.

Innovation Vision Case Study Apple Computer.

Innovation Vision Case Study Nintendo.

Innovation Vision Case Study Walmart versus Amazon.

Innovation Vision Case Study Intel versus AMD, Qualcomm, and NVIDIA.

Bringing It All Together.

Chapter 2 Peering in the Dark: Strategy Blockages.


Strategy Must Be Based in Reality.

Two Sources of Innovation, One Innovation Strategy.

Time as a Component of Innovation Strategy.

Innovation Strategy Case Study The Whirlpool Example.

Innovation Case Study Open Innovation at Procter & Gamble.

Not Just for Corporations.

Innovation Maturity.

Incremental versus Disruptive Innovation.

Innovation Portfolios.

Open Innovation.

Bringing It All Together.

Chapter 3 Setting a Course Blindfolded: Goal Blockages.


The Purpose of Innovation Goals.

The Infl uence of Customer Permissions and Visual Frameworks on Your Innovation Strategy and Goals.

Setting Your Innovation Goals.

Bringing It All Together.

PART II The Innovation Engine.

Chapter 4 What Are They Really Thinking?: Insight Blockages.


Four Lenses of Innovation.

Broadcasting the Voice of the Customer.

Trend Spotting, Behaviors, and Needs.

Insights and Execution.

Insights Case Study Apple iPhone.

Insights Case Study Apple iPad.

Are You Innovating for the Past or the Future?

Bringing It All Together.

Chapter 5 Shining a Light on the Customer Problem: Idea Generation Blockages.


Generating Ideas.

Idea Quantity.

Idea Quality.

Better Brainstorming.

The Idea Generation S–Curve.

The Nine Innovation Roles.

Bringing It All Together.

Chapter 6 Picking a Winner Without Looking: Idea Evaluation Blockages.


You Get What You Measure.

Separate But Equal.

Idea Evaluation Checklist.

Idea Challenges.

Parallel Idea Evaluation in a Serial World.

Saying No in the Right Way.

The Importance of "Not Now".

Bringing It All Together.

Chapter 7 Going to Market Blind: Idea Commercialization Blockages.


Useful or Valuable.

Slow Innovation.

Slow Innovation Case Study The iPod.

Slow Innovation Case Study The VCR.

Slow Innovation Case Study The Internet.

Slow Innovation Case Study Southwest Airlines.

Slow Innovation Conclusion.

Idea Commercialization Stories Apple Designs a "No!"

Lessons Learned.

Bringing It All Together.

Part III The Organization.

Chapter 8 Have You Had an Innovation Lobotomy?: Organizational Psychology Blockages.


What Are You Afraid Of?

The Impact of Culture.

Organizational Hierarchy of Needs.

Breaking Out of the Mold.

Choose Your Own Hours A Case Study in Flexibility.

Bringing It All Together.

Chapter 9 Do Your Policies and Processes Keep People in the Dark?: Information and Structural Blockages.


Some Secrets of Continuous Innovation Are Nothing New.

Should They Call Them Silos or Bunkers?

Get Your Hands Off My Bonus.

A Case Study in Breaking Down Information and Structural Barriers Cisco.

Another Case Study GE and Reverse Innovation.

Bringing It All Together.

Chapter 10 Keeping the Lights On: Sustainability Blockages.


Who Innovates?

Innovating in a Crisis.

Innovation Is Not a Project.

If You Want Systemic Innovation, You Need Systems to Manage It.

Innovation versus Flexibility.

Managing Innovation Is About Managing Change A Case Study.

Purpose and Passion.

Blogging Innovation as a Case Study in Passion.

Passion versus Obsession.

Innovation Is Social.

Bringing It All Together.


Appendix A Customer Exploration.

Appendix B Visual Frameworks for Guiding Your Innovation Efforts.

Appendix C The Innovation Baker's Dozen.


About the Author.


Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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"Kelley may have become an online media personality, but he's probably more well–known within the innovation community as author of the book
Stoking Your Innovation Bonfire, published October 2010 by John Wiley & Sons. I wanted to provide a book that helps people identify and remove barriers to innovation and is an innovation primer for people who are looking to get started," (
Seattle Times, 4 September 2011)

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown