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Winning Your NIH Research Grant

  • ID: 1470713
  • October 2010
  • 140 Pages
  • Principal Investigators Association
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Grant money is the life-blood of your research survival

What if you had access to a network of grant experts the next time you are working on your application? Most likely, you'd significantly increase your chances of getting approved.

What if you had decades of experience guiding you through the process? You could avoid many of the mistakes other less experienced principal investigators are making in their proposals.

80% of NIH grant applications don't get funded

In the competitive world of federal funding, getting your research grant into the winner's circle is getting tougher. This is your chance to get an incredible collection of informative articles to help you better understand - and make the most of - your grant application and award.

“Winning Your NIH Research Grant" is a collection of NIH grant articles and guides from some of the foremost experts in the country.

This 140-page report is divided into two parts:

1) Articles on grants, reprinted from Principal Investigator Advisor monthly newsletter and
2) Reader-submitted questions on grants with expert comments from P.I. eAlert weekly eZine.

These how-to advice articles and insightful comments will give you the edge you need to win your next award, and to manage READ MORE >

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A Note from the Editor

Grant Articles
- 8 Tips for Better Grant Writing
- Making Every Word Count in Your Grant Application
- Grant Applications Should Emphasize “Vision”, Not “Methods”, Expert Says2
- 5 Common Mistakes That Will Sink Your Grant
- The Most Important Grant in Your Career
- New NIH Short Grant Form: “Impact” Battles “Significance”
- 9 NIH Short-Form Writing Tips
- NIH Guidance on What ‘Overall Impact’ Means
- Is an SBIR the Right Grant for You?
- Factors in Choosing a Co-Investigator
- Should You Use Co-Investigators or Consultants?
- Does Your Location Influence Your Grant’s Funding Chances?
- Do Simultaneous Grant Submissions Raise Your Odds for Success?
- The Three Reviewers Critical to Your Grant’s Success
- How Can I Become an NIH Reviewer?
- Review Emphasis Shifting from ‘Impact’ to ‘Innovation’
- 12 Expenses You Can (or Can’t) Charge Against Your Sponsored Agreement
- How to Stretch Grant Dollars — by Buying Smarter
- Awarded a Grant? Don’t Fall Into These 12 Management Traps
- NIH Plans Stricter Financial-Conflict Reporting Rules
- How 6 Scenarios Play Out Under NIH’s Proposed New Conflict-of-Interest Rules
- Federal Agencies with SBIR Programs

P.I. Questions With Expert Comments and Reader Responses
- Certain Times of the Year When It’s More Advantageous to Submit Grant Proposal?
- When Is the Best Time to Apply for One’s First Grant?
- Mention Contradictory Data in Application?
- What Are Pros, Cons of Seeking SBIR Grant vs. the RO1?
- How Can I Preserve My Data When Re-Submitting a Rejected Grant?.
- Impact Score vs. Significance Score
- Grant Application Budget
- Do Reviewers Look at ‘Other Support’ in Considering Proposals?
- Can Study Section Reviews be Appealed?
- Was “Too Ambitious” to Blame for Non-Funding?
- Does Tenure Protect a PI Who Loses Project Funding?
- Budgeting for Effort: A Delicate Task
- Obligated to Hire Consultant?
- Stab in the Back? Co-Investigator Now Wants Greater % of Effort than Agreed
- Who Owns the Supplies Ordered Off of a Grant That Is Now Expired?
- Moving Grant to a New Institution
- I’m One of Two PIs on Project; Will My Move to New Institution Result in Loss of Direct Costs?

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown