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Johnson & Johnson Market Share Analysis - Product Image

Johnson & Johnson Market Share Analysis

  • Published: December 2010
  • 245 pages
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Johnson & Johnson Market Share Analysis


Our new report, “Johnson & Johnson Market Share Analysis” provides in-depth information on Johnson’s market position in the different medical equipment markets it operates in. The report provides Johnson market share information in fifteen key market categories – Surgical Sutures, Glucose Monitoring, Orthopedic Accessories, Interventional Neurology, Joint Reconstruction, Spinal Surgery, Peripheral Vascular Devices, Interventional Cardiology, Wound Closure Devices, Orthobiologics, Traditional Wound Management, Clinical Chemistry, Vision Care, Trauma Fixation and Immuno Chemistry. The report also provides data and information on the overall competitive landscape of the markets, the company operates in. The report is supplemented with global corporate-level profile with information on the company’s business segments, major products and services, competitors, locations and subsidiaries, financial deals and other key developments.
This report is built using data and information sourced from proprietary databases, primary and secondary research and in-house analysis by Our team of industry READ MORE >

1.1 List of Tables
1.2 List of Figures
2 Introduction
2.1 What Is This Report About?
3 Definitions of Markets/Categories Covered
3.1 Surgical Equipment
3.1.1 Electrosurgical Devices
3.1.2 Hand Instruments
3.1.3 Surgical Sutures
3.2 Diabetes Care Devices
3.2.1 Glucose Monitoring
3.2.2 Insulin Delivery
3.3 Orthopedic Devices
3.3.1 Arthroscopy
3.3.2 Cranio Maxillofacial Fixation (CMF)
3.3.3 Joint Reconstruction
3.3.4 Orthobiologics
3.3.5 Orthopedic Accessories
3.3.6 Orthopedic Braces and Supports
3.3.7 Orthopedic Prosthetics
3.3.8 Orthopedic Reamers
3.3.9 Spinal Surgery
3.3.10 Trauma Fixation
3.4 Ophthalmic Devices
3.4.1 Cataract Surgery Devices
3.4.2 Glaucoma Surgery Devices
3.4.3 Refractive Surgery Devices
3.4.4 Vision Care
3.4.5 Vitreo Retinal Surgery Devices
3.5 Cardiovascular Devices
3.5.1 Cardiac Assist Devices
3.5.2 Cardiac Rhythm Management
3.5.3 Cardiovascular Monitoring and Diagnostic Devices
3.5.4 Cardiovascular Prosthetic Devices
3.5.5 Cardiovascular Surgery
3.5.6 Electrophysiology
3.5.7 External Defibrillator
3.5.8 Interventional Cardiology
3.5.9 Peripheral Vascular Devices
3.5.10 Prosthetic Heart Valve
3.6 Neurology Devices
3.6.1 CSF Management
3.6.2 Interventional Neurology
3.6.3 Neurostimulation Devices
3.6.4 Neurosurgical Products
3.6.5 Radiosurgery
3.7 In Vitro Diagnostics
3.7.1 Clinical Chemistry
3.7.2 Genetic Testing
3.7.3 Haematology
3.7.4 Histology And Cytology
3.7.5 Immuno Chemistry
3.7.6 Infectious Immunology
3.7.7 Microbiology Culture
3.8 Wound Care Management
3.8.1 Advanced Wound Management
3.8.2 Automated Suturing Devices
3.8.3 Compression Therapy
3.8.4 Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT)
3.8.5 Ostomy Drainage Bags
3.8.6 Pressure Relief Devices
3.8.7 Traditional Wound Management
3.8.8 Wound Closure Devices
4 Company Snapshot
4.1 Key Information
4.2 Company Overview
4.3 Financial Performance
4.4 SWOT Snapshot
5 Business Description
5.1 Business Overview
5.2 Consumer
5.2.1 Overview
5.2.2 Financials
5.2.3 Market View
5.2.4 Key Strategies
5.3 Medical Devices and Diagnostics
5.3.1 Overview
5.3.2 Financials
5.3.3 Market View
5.3.4 Key Strategies
5.4 Pharmaceutical
5.4.1 Overview
5.4.2 Financials
5.4.3 Market View
5.4.4 Key Strategies
5.5 Major Products and Services
5.5.1 Overview
6 History
7 SWOT Analysis
7.1 Overview
7.2 Johnson & Johnson Strengths
7.2.1 Strong In-house Research Capabilities
7.2.2 Widespread Geographical Presence
7.2.3 Diversified Product Offerings
7.2.4 Strong Liquidity Position
7.3 Johnson & Johnson Weaknesses
7.3.1 Product Recalls
7.3.2 Patent Expiries
7.3.3 Underperforming Pharmaceuticals Segment
7.3.4 Declining Market Share in the Sector
7.3.5 Illegal Promotion of Topamax
7.4 Johnson & Johnson Opportunities
7.4.1 Strategic Acquisitions
7.4.2 New Product Launches and Strong Pipeline
7.4.3 Global Pharmaceutical Market
7.4.4 Growth in the Prevalence of Cancer
7.4.5 Changing Demographics
7.5 Johnson & Johnson Threats
7.5.1 Litigation and Legal Claims
7.5.2 Regulatory Requirements
7.5.3 Competitive Pressures
7.5.4 Increased Pricing Control
8 Competitors
9 Competitive Landscape
9.1 Surgical Equipment, Global, Market Share (%), 2009
9.2 Diabetes Care Devices, Global, Market Share (%), 2009
9.3 Orthopedic Device, Global, Market Share (%), 2009
9.4 Ophthalmic Devices, Global, Market Share (%), 2009
9.5 Cardiovascular Devices, Global, Market Share (%), 2009
9.6 Neurology Devices, Global, Market Share (%), 2009
9.7 In Vitro Diagnostics, Global, Market Share (%), 2009
9.8 Wound Care Management, Global, Market Share (%), 2009
10 Johnson & Johnson Medical Equipment Market Share Analysis
10.1 Johnson & Johnson, Global, Market Share (2009)
10.2 Johnson & Johnson, Asia-Pacific, Market Share (2009)
10.2.1 Johnson & Johnson, Australia, Market Share (2009)
10.2.2 Johnson & Johnson, China, Market Share (2009)
10.2.3 Johnson & Johnson, India, Market Share (2009)
10.2.4 Johnson & Johnson, Japan, Market Share (2009)
10.2.5 Johnson & Johnson, Other Asia-Pacific, Market Share (2009)
10.3 Johnson & Johnson, Europe, Market Share (2009)
10.3.1 Johnson & Johnson, France, Market Share (2009)
10.3.2 Johnson & Johnson, Germany, Market Share (2009)
10.3.3 Johnson & Johnson, Italy, Market Share (2009)
10.3.4 Johnson & Johnson, Spain, Market Share (2009)
10.3.5 Johnson & Johnson, United Kingdom, Market Share (2009)
10.3.6 Johnson & Johnson, Other Europe, Market Share (2009)
10.4 Johnson & Johnson, Middle East and Africa, Market Share (2009)
10.5 Johnson & Johnson, North America, Market Share (2009)
10.5.1 Johnson & Johnson, Canada, Market Share (2009)
10.5.2 Johnson & Johnson, United States, Market Share (2009)
10.6 Johnson & Johnson, South and Central America, Market Share (2009)
10.6.1 Johnson & Johnson, Brazil, Market Share (2009)
10.6.2 Johnson & Johnson, Other South and Central America, Market Share (2009)
11 Johnson & Johnson Medical Equipment Market Share Analysis by Category
11.1 Johnson & Johnson, Global, Category Revenue Share (2009)
11.2 Johnson & Johnson, Asia-Pacific, Category Revenue Share (2009)
11.2.1 Johnson & Johnson, Australia, Category Revenue Share (2009)
11.2.2 Johnson & Johnson, China, Category Revenue Share (2009)
11.2.3 Johnson & Johnson, India, Category Revenue Share (2009)
11.2.4 Johnson & Johnson, Japan, Category Revenue Share (2009)
11.2.5 Johnson & Johnson, Other Asia-Pacific, Category Revenue Share (2009)
11.3 Johnson & Johnson, Europe, Category Revenue Share (2009)
11.3.1 Johnson & Johnson, France, Category Revenue Share (2009)
11.3.2 Johnson & Johnson, Germany, Category Revenue Share (2009)
11.3.3 Johnson & Johnson, Italy, Category Revenue Share (2009)
11.3.4 Johnson & Johnson, Spain, Category Revenue Share (2009)
11.3.5 Johnson & Johnson, United Kingdom, Category Revenue Share (2009)
11.3.6 Johnson & Johnson, Other Europe, Category Revenue Share (2009)
11.4 Johnson & Johnson, Middle East and Africa, Category Revenue Share (2009)
11.5 Johnson & Johnson, North America, Category Revenue Share (2009)
11.5.1 Johnson & Johnson, Canada, Category Revenue Share (2009)
11.5.2 Johnson & Johnson, United States, Category Revenue Share (2009)
11.6 Johnson & Johnson, South and Central America, Category Revenue Share (2009)
11.6.1 Johnson & Johnson, Brazil, Category Revenue Share (2009)
11.6.2 Johnson & Johnson, Other South and Central America, Category Revenue Share (2009)
12 Key Employees
13 Key Employee Biographies
14 Company Statement
15 Locations And Subsidiaries
15.1 Head Office
15.2 Other Locations & Subsidiaries
16 Financial Deals Landscape
16.1 Johnson & Johnson, Deals Volume Summary, 2005 to YTD 2010
17 Johnson & Johnson, Deals Summary By Region, 2005 to YTD 2010
18 Johnson & Johnson Detailed Deal Summary
18.1 Partnerships
18.1.1 Kreatech Diagnostics Signs An Agreement With Veridex
18.1.2 Ethicon Endo-Surgery Enters Into Cross-Licensing Agreement With Hologic
18.1.3 Intrinsic Bioprobes Enters Into Licensing Agreement With Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics
18.1.4 Svelte Medical Systems Enters Into Licensing Agreement With Cordis
18.1.5 Nuvera Biosciences Enters Into An Agreement With Veridex
18.1.6 CeMines Enters Into An Agreement With Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics
18.1.7 20/20 GeneSystems Signs An Agreement With Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics
18.1.8 Cyberonics Signs An Agreement With Ethicon Endo-Surgery
18.1.9 Roche Signs Licensing Agreement With Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics And Novartis Vaccines & Diagnostics
18.1.10 Universal Biosensors Amends License Agreement With LifeScan
18.1.11 Ypsomed Holding Signs An Agreement With Cilag
18.1.12 LabCorp Enters Into A Licensing Agreement With Veridex
18.1.13 QIAGEN And Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics Enter Into Licensing Agreement
18.2 Acquisition
18.2.1 Johnson & Johnson Completes Acquisition Of Micrus Endovascular
18.2.2 Ethicon Completes Acquisition Of Acclarent
18.2.3 DePuy Orthopaedics Acquires Finsbury Orthopaedics
18.2.4 Advanced Sterilization Products Acquires Gloster Europe
18.2.5 Johnson & Johnson Acquires Mentor
18.2.6 Johnson & Johnson Completes Acquisition Of Omrix Biopharmaceuticals
18.2.7 Johnson & Johnson Acquires HealthMedia
18.2.8 Ethicon Endo-Surgery Acquires SurgRx
18.2.9 Veridex Acquires Immunicon
18.2.10 Johnson & Johnson Nordic Acquires Amic
18.2.11 Johnson & Johnson Acquires Conor Medsystems
18.2.12 Cordis Acquires Ensure Medical
18.2.13 Johnson & Johnson Acquires Colbar LifeScience
18.2.14 Ethicon Acquires Vascular Control Systems
19 Recent Developments
19.1 Strategy and Business Planning
19.1.1 Jun 03, 2010: Johnson & Johnson Highlights Growth Strategies For MD&D Segment
19.1.2 Nov 03, 2009: Johnson & Johnson Announces Restructuring Initiatives
19.1.3 Sep 28, 2009: Johnson & Johnson, Crucell Enter Into Strategic Collaboration
19.1.4 Jul 03, 2009: Cougar Reports Successful Completion Of J&J' Initial Tender Offer
19.1.5 Jul 02, 2009: J&J, Elan Sign Agreement For Alzheimer’s Immunotherapy Program
19.1.6 Jun 17, 2009: Tibotec, Global Alliance For TB Sign Collaboration Agreement
19.1.7 Jun 17, 2009: Johnson & Johnson Receives Regulatory Clearance For Acquisition Of Cougar
19.1.8 May 21, 2009: Johnson & Johnson Acquires Cougar For $1b
19.1.9 Jan 30, 2009: Codman Plans To Close Its Manufacturing Operations In Miami Lakes
19.1.10 Dec 19, 2008: Johnson & Johnson Acquires LGE Performance
19.1.11 Jan 07, 2008: Johnson & Johnson To Expand Into Indian Orthopedic Devices Market
19.2 Legal and Regulatory
19.2.1 Nov 08, 2010: New York Woman Brings Suit Against DePuy Orthopedics And Johnson & Johnson For Defective Artificial Metal-On-Metal Hip Implant
19.2.2 Oct 06, 2010: Affymax Announces Decision In Arbitration Against JNJ
19.2.3 Sep 30, 2010: Lieff Cabraser Heimann & Bernstein Files Class Action Lawsuit Against Johnson & Johnson
19.2.4 Sep 29, 2010: Izard Nobel LLP Files Class Action Lawsuit Against Johnson & Johnson
19.2.5 Feb 17, 2010: US District Court Rejects Johnson & Johnson Motion In Guidant Case
19.2.6 Jan 20, 2010: Boston Scientific Says Court Rules Johnson & Johnson Patents Invalid
19.2.7 Jan 15, 2010: US Files Lawsuit Against Johnson & Johnson
19.2.8 May 08, 2009: Medtronic And Johnson & Johnson Reach Agreement On Royalty Disputes
19.2.9 Mar 31, 2009: Appeals Court Affirms J&J Stents Infringe Boston Scientific Patent, Claims Against TAXUS Liberte Dismissed
19.2.10 Jan 15, 2009: Boston Scientific Announces Appeals Court Decision
19.2.11 Dec 01, 2008: Brodsky & Smith Announces Investigation of Investor Options In Proposed Acquisition Of Mentor By J&J
19.2.12 Aug 05, 2008: Johnson & Johnson Receives US Subpoena On Bile-Duct Stents
19.2.13 Jul 11, 2008: Amgen Settles Antitrust Law Suit With Ortho Biotech
19.2.14 Jun 17, 2008: Johnson & Johnson Resolves Lawsuit With American Red Cross
19.2.15 Jul 19, 2007: Ortho-McNeil Settles Litigation With Par
19.3 Government and Public Interest
19.3.1 Sep 28, 2010: FDA Warns Three Companies To Stop Making Unproven Claims On Mouth Rinses
19.3.2 Jan 18, 2010: Hagens Berman Investigates J&J For Securities Fraud
19.3.3 Nov 12, 2009: US healthcare Reforms To Increase Consolidation In Medical Device Industry: Johnson & Johnson
19.3.4 Oct 13, 2009: Planned $4 Billion Tax On Medical Device Makers Too High: Johnson & Johnson
19.3.5 Sep 14, 2009: Elan Amends Terms Of Transaction With Johnson & Johnson
19.3.6 Sep 03, 2009: Carey & Danis Files Four Lawsuit Against Johnson & Johnson, Ortho-McNeil
19.3.7 Sep 01, 2009: FDA Accepts Complete Response Submitted By Johnson & Johnson For Review
19.3.8 Aug 21, 2009: FDA Issues Complete Response Letter For Carisbamate
19.3.9 Aug 18, 2009: FDA's Warning Letter To Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research and Development
19.3.10 Aug 06, 2009: Elan Files Lawsuit Against Biogen Idec
19.3.11 Jul 31, 2009: Janssen's Invega Sustenna Receives FDA Approval
19.3.12 Jul 31, 2009: Janssen Receives FDA Approval For Schizoaffective Disorder Drug
19.3.13 Feb 26, 2009: Medical Equipments Manufacturers Oppose Easier Lawsuits
19.4 Product News
19.4.1 Feb 17, 2006: Conor Medsystems Receives CE Mark For CoStar Drug-Eluting Stent
20 Appendix
20.1 Research Methodology
20.2 Secondary Research
20.3 Primary Research
20.4 Models
20.5 Forecasts
20.6 Expert Panels
20.7 Consulting
20.8 Currency Conversion
20.9 Contact Us
20.10 Disclaimer

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