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Thought Leader Insight & Analysis Report - Breast Cancer Q1 2010

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  • March 2010
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In this report, the 24th in our Oncology series we summarize the perspectives of six world-class experts in the treatment of breast cancer. In this report they provide their opinions on standards of care today and their expectations for experimental therapeutics. The Panel deals with a number of issues that are important to companies trying to differentiate their new drugs within a very crowded space, including strategies and clinical trial designs that will help to leapfrog more advanced competitors. They reveal the key indications worth pursuing, and the classes of drugs that can produce meaningful survival advantages for women with these breast cancers.

This report provides essential KOL insight for key stakeholders in the breast cancer market at a significant value versus customized primary research

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Executive Summary

Top-Ten Report Highlights
- Breast Cancer Unmet Needs
- Angiogenesis inhibitors
- Antimitotics: Taxane / Epothilone / Vinca / 5FU
- Antiresorptives
- HER2
- IGF-1
- PI3K / RAS / mTOR / AKT / MEK
- Key Findings
- Breast Cancer Unmet Needs
- High Risk Adjuvant
- 1st-line Metastatic Breast Cancer
- 2nd-line / 3rd-line / Salvage Metastatic Breast Cancer
- Estrogen Receptor Positive
- Triple Negative
- Genomics / Biomarkers
- Pharmacotherapies (Alphabetical by Target)
- Angiogenesis inhibitors
- Avastin; bevacizumab (Genentech)
- Nexavar; sorafenib (Bayer-Schering/Onyx)
- Sutent; sunitinib (Pfizer)
- Antimitotics: Taxane / Epothilone / Vinca / 5FU
- Abraxane; nab-paclitaxel (Abraxis)
- eribulin; E7389 (Eisai)
- Ixempra; ixabepilone (Bristol-Myers Squibb)
- Xeloda; capecitabine (Roche)
- Xyotax; a.k.a. Opaxio (Cell Therapeutics)
- Antiresorptives
- Prolia; denosumab (Amgen), Zometa; zoledronic acid (Novartis); Bonefos; clodronate (Bayer-Schering)
- Bcl2
- ABT-737 (Abbott)
- CDX-011; CR011-vcMMAE (Celldex)
- HER2
- Herceptin; trastuzumab (Genentech)
- Omnitarg; pertuzumab (Genentech)
- trastuzumab-DM1; T-DM1 (Genentech / ImmunoGen)
- Tykerb; lapatinib (GlaxoSmithKline)
- neratinib; HKI-272 (Pfizer)
- HER3
- MM-121 (Sanofi-Aventis / Merrimack)
- Hormonal Therapy
- Aromasin; exemestane (Pfizer), Femara; letrozole (Novartis)
- IGF1
- AMG 479 (Amgen)
- dalotuzumab; MK-0646 (Merck)
- figitumumab; CP-751871 (Pfizer)
- olaparib; AZD2281 (AstraZeneca), ABT-888 (Abbott), MK-4827 (Merck), AG014699 (Pfizer)
- BSI-201 (BiPar Sciences / Sanofi-Aventis)
- MK-4827 (Merck), AG014699 (Pfizer)
- PI3K / RAS / mTOR / AKT / MEK
- 690693; AKT (GlaxoSmithKline)
- Afinitor; everolimus (Novartis)
- BEZ-235, BGT-226 (Novartis)
- MK-2206 (Merck) / AZD6244 (AstraZeneca)
- ridaforolimus; deforolimus; MK-8806; AP-23573 (Merck / Ariad)
- XL-147, XL-765 (Exelixis / Sanofi-Aventis)
- WT1
- Antigen Specific WT1; GlaxoSmithKline

Thought Leader Interviews
- Interview OHIID02395
- Interview OHIID02396
- Interview OHIID02397
- Interview OHIID02398
- Interview OHIID02399
- Interview OHIID02400

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown

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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown


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