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Thought Leader Insight & Analysis Report - Ovarian Cancer Q1 2010 Product Image

Thought Leader Insight & Analysis Report - Ovarian Cancer Q1 2010

  • ID: 1555491
  • February 2010
  • 146 Pages
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Ovarian cancer is only one tenth as common as breast cancer, but the mortality associated with ovarian cancer is higher. There are 250,000 new cases diagnosed each year in the US, and at least 15,000 women die each year in the US from ovarian cancer. While the 5-year survival for non-metastatic disease is 75%, only 20% of metastatic patients live this long. Thus there is an urgent unmet need for improved treatment strategies for ovarian cancer.

This report summarizes the perspectives of 7 highly regarded ovarian cancer specialists (all US-based). In this report they provide their opinions on standards of care today and their expectations for experimental therapeutics. The “next big thing” will be Avastin, so the Panel evaluates inhibitors of PARP and mTOR/PI3K/AKT (& MEK) in a world where oncologists have moved from platinum doublets to a triplet containing bevacizumab, carboplatin and (paclitaxel / gemcitabine / doxorubicin). The Panel identifies strengths and weaknesses for lead compounds amongst the most important mechanisms in development for ovarian cancer.

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Executive Summary

Top-Ten Report Highlights
- Key Findings
- Ovarian Cancer Standards of Care / Unmet Needs
- Subtypes of Ovarian Cancer and Clinical Trial Recommendations
- Treating 1st Line
- Treating Relapses
- Maintenance
- Genomics / Biomarkers
- Pharmacotherapies (Alphabetical by Target)
- Angiogenesis inhibitors (VEGF / PDGF /FGF / VDA)
- Avastin; bevacizumab (Genentech)
- aflibercept; VEGF Trap (Sanofi-Aventis),
- Nexavar; sorafenib (Bayer-Schering/Onyx), Sutent; sunitinib (Pfizer)
- Recentin; cediranib (AstraZeneca)
- brivanib (Bristol-Myers Squibb)
- Votrient; pazopanib (GlaxoSmithKline)
- BIBF-1120 (Boehringer Ingelheim)
- fosbretabulin; CA4P (OxiGene)
- ASA404 (Novartis)
- AMG-386 (Amgen)
- DLL4 / Notch
- Tarceva; erlotinib (OSI Pharmaceuticals / Genentech)
- a-folate receptor inhibitors
- Farletuzumab (Morphotek /Eisai)
- EC-145 (Endocyte)
- Hedgehog Pathway Inhibitors
- GDC-0449 (Genentech)
- IPI-504; cyclopamine (Infinity)
- IGF-1
- Immunology Approaches
- abagovomab (Menarini)
- AZD-6244; ARRY-142886 (AstraZeneca)
- miRNA (micro-RNA)
- mTOR / PI3K / AKT
- perifosine; KRX-0401 (Keryx)
- Torisel; temsirolimus (Pfizer)
- Afinitor; everolimus (Novartis)
- MK-2206 (Merck) / AZD-6244 (AstraZeneca)
- AZD8055 (AstraZeneca)
- PI3K
- olaparib; AZD2281 (AstraZeneca)
- BSI201 (BiPar Sciences / Sanofi-Aventis)
- ABT-888 (Abbott)
- MK-4827 (Merck), AG014699 (Pfizer)
- Platinum
- cisplatin, carboplatin, Eloxatin; oxaliplatin
- mitaplatin (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
- Src
- Sprycel; dasatinib (Bristol-Myers Squibb)
- Superoxide
- Yondelis; trabectedin (Ortho; Johnson & Johnson / Zeltia)
- Taxane / Epothilone
- Taxol; paclitaxel (Bristol-Myers Squibb)
- Abraxane (Abraxis)
- Xyotax; a.k.a. Opaxio (Cell Therapeutics)
- patupilone (Novartis)

Thought Leader Interviews
- Interview OHIID02387
- Interview OHIID02390
- Interview OHIID02389
- Interview OHIID02391
- Interview OHIID02392
- Interview OHIID02393
- Interview OHIID02394

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown


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