Mobile Broadband and Mobile Computing Devices 1Q 2011

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  • February 2011
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This report analyzes the trends in the mobile broadband market from both consumer and mobile service provider perspectives. It examines mobile operators’ broadband initiatives, challenges, and strategies to better monetize opportunities from launching broadband enabled computing devices and related access and value-added services.

"Mobile operators promise better use experience with the forthcoming 4G mobile broadband technology. At the same time, the more capable mobile network will drive the adoption of bandwidth-consuming devices and services. Operators must balance mobile bandwidth needs with the goal to maximize their revenue potentials,” said Harry Wang, Director of Mobile and Health Research. “Over the next few years, we are going to see mobile operators fine tune their operating models and actively explore new revenue growth opportunities in both the consumer and enterprise markets.”

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The Bottom Line

1.0 Report Summary
1.1 Purpose of Report
1.2 Scope of Report
1.3 Research Approac
1.3.1 Sources of Information
1.3.2 Definitions and Classifications

2.0 Mobile Bandwidth Growth and 4G Service Deployment
2.1 Consumption of Mobile Bandwidth
2.2 Mobile 4G: Finally Arriving
2.3 WiMAX, LTE and Super Wi-Fi
2.4 Operators’ Mobile Broadband Strategy

3.0 Mobile Computing Devices
3.1 Adoption and Usage of Mobile Broadband Data Card
3.2 Netbooks and Tablet Computers
3.3 Consumer Interest in Mobile Broadband Devices & Services

4.0 Market Forecasts
4.1 Forecast Methodology
4.2 Sources of Information
4.3 Mobile Broadband Users: A Five-Year Global Forecast
4.4 Sales Forecasts of Data Cards, Netbooks and Tablet Computers

5.0Market Implications and Recommendations

List of Figures:

Frequency of Internet Access on Mobile Phones in the U.S.
Type and Frequency of Internet Activities on Mobile Phones in the U.S.
Internet Activities on Mobile Phones: U.S. Adults vs. Teens
CE Devices with Integrated Wi-Fi Capability
Interest in Having Wi-Fi on Mobile Broadband Devices among Potential Buyers
Global Mobile Carriers’ Network Investment Initiatives
Mobile Network Traffic Management Solutions and Services
Global Mobile Carriers’ Data Plan Pricing Strategies and Initiatives
Business Profiles of Major Broadband Data Access Card OEMs
U.S. Consumer Interest in Mobile Broadband Sharing Options
iPad’s Impact on Purchase Decisions on Other Mobile Access Platforms
Global Mobile Carriers’ Tablet Pricing and Data Plans
Ownership and Purchase Intention of Mobile Computing Devices
Interest in CE Devices with Mobile Internet Capabilities
Preferred Mobile Data Pricing Types
Price Expectations on Mobile Broadband Access with Sharing Options
Companies Interviewed for the Report
Global Mobile Broadband Subscriber by Mobile Technology (3G/4G): 2009-2015
Global Mobile Broadband Subscriber Forecasts by Region (2009-2015)
Global External Mobile Broadband Data Card Shipments by Region (2010-2015)
Global Carrier Subsidized Netbook Sales by Region (2010-2015)
Global Shipments of Tablets with Embedded 3G Connectivity (2010-2015)
Evolving Mobile Ecosystem and Business Opportunities through Mobile Broadband

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown





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