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  • July 2016
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The weekly Who's Drilling report provides comprehensive coverage of current and upcoming exploration activity in the Australasian region, with Australian activity leading the coverage, accompanied by the major operations within Papua New Guinea and New Zealand. As the title suggests, Who's Drilling outlines who is drilling what wells, where and when they are drilling, and with what rig and contractor.

The straight facts-based report breaks all current oil and gas activity into sections, current exploration and appraisal wells with full page well details, onshore and offshore rig and seismic moves, current seismic survey progress, vessel moves, summarized CSG and international drilling activity, drilling prospects, well partner equities and key company contact detail, with the major current activity all condensed into a summary back page overview.

The 40-60 page Who's Drilling report is an all-encompassing activity profiler, which can identify upcoming hardware, drilling services and labour requirements for subscribers that provide these vital industry services, in addition to reporting any available rigs and vessels for operating companies that may have an upcoming requirement for these services.

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- Current Wells Conventional
- Coalseam Gas
- Rig Moves Offshore
- Onshore
- Seismic Offshore
- Onshore
- Seismic Moves
- Planned Seismic
- Vessel Moves
- Current Wells International
- Prospects Offshore
- Onshore
- Equity
- In Summary

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown


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