US Gambling and Gaming Industry - Prospects for Gaming Equipments

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The global gambling and gaming sector continued to show a positive trend during recession while the growth rate was slow in 2008 and 2009, a minor change in growth has been seen in 2010. Travel and leisure sector are a major driving factors of the gambling and gaming industry in US, especially in Las Vegas. In recent years rrecession affected travel and leisure industries as well and number of tourist declined in US compared to pre recessionary period in result casino gross revenue growth rate declined. During 2009, the gaming equipment manufacturing sector generated significant revenues in US, also contributed in employment growth despite the slowdown in economy.

US Gaming industry will show improvements in 2011 with a strong support from Las Vegas where tourist arrival expected to increase once again after declining for two consecutive years. On the other hand regional markets expected to struggle with the loss made in the past years.
Despite the improvements expected in 2011 the performance of the US gaming and gambling sector is forecasted to show slow growth during 2009 to 2012 compared to historical performance and expected to catch the speed from 2014 onwards which READ MORE >

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1. Lottery and Gambling Industry Overview

1.1. International Gambling

1.2. Global Betting, Gambling and Gaming Industry

1.3. Types of Gamblers

2. US Gambling Industry Performance

2.1. Market Positioning During Recession

2.2. Market Size

2.2.1. Types of Gambling and Gaming

2.3. Commercial Casino and Gaming Industry

2.3.1. Commercial Casino Revenues

2.3.2. Racetrack Casinos Revenues

2.3.3. Lottery Demand and Revenues

2.3.4. Poker Demand and Revenues

2.3.5. Internet Gambling Market

2.3.6. Sports Wagering in Nevada

2.4. Gaming Sector Performance in Canada

2.5. Atlantic City

2.6. Las Vegas, Nev.

3. Gaming Equipment Manufacturing Sector

4. Future Growth

4.1. Global Gaming Sector

4.2. US Gambling and Gaming Industry Forecast

5. Industry Developments

5.1. Technology Driving the Sector
5.2. Rising Travel and Tourism Demand with Popularity of Gaming and Gambling

5.3. Mergers & Acquisitions in the Sector

5.4. Expanding Slot Machines Market

5.5. States With Casinos and Gaming in US

6. Company Profiling

6.1. Lottomatica Group SpA

6.1.1. Business Map

6.1.2. Revenues and Income

6.1.3. Business Strategies

6.2. Scientific Games Corporation

6.2.1. Business Overview

6.2.2. Revenues and Income

6.2.3. Business Strategies

6.3. Intralot S.A.

6.3.1. Business Map

6.3.2. Revenues and Income

6.3.3 Business Strategies

Figure 1: Global Gaming Market in 2008

Figure 2: Global Gambling and Gaming Industry Gross Revenue (1999-2009)

Figure 3: US Gambling and Gaming Industry Gross Revenue (2000-2009)

Figure 4: Leading US Casino Markets in 2009

Figure 5: US Commercial Casino Sector Gross Revenues (consumer spending) (2000-2009)
Figure 6: US Racetrack Casinos Gross Revenues (2002-2009)

Figure 7: US Lottery Market (1980-2008)

Figure 8: Consumer Spending on Poker in Nevada and New Jersey (1999-2009)
Figure 9: Nominal GDP vs. Net Revenues from Govt. Operated Casinos and Slots (2001-2007)

Figure 10: Canada Casino and Gaming Sector Gross Revenues in 2009

Figure 11: Atlantic City (AC) Annual Slot Win (2001-2009)

Figure 12: US Gaming Machines Statistics in 2009

Figure 13: Global Gross Gambling Yield (2004-2012E)

Figure 14: Global Gambling and Gaming Market Forecast (2009-2012E)

Figure 15: US Gambling and Gaming Gross Revenue Forecast (2009-2015F)

Figure 16: Lottomatica Revenues by Business Operations (2008&2009)


Table 1: US Gaming Industry Segmentation (2001 & 2009)

Table 2: State by State Consumer Spending on Commercial Casino Gaming (2008 & 2009)
Table 3: US Commercial Casino Statistics in 2009

Table 4: Leading US Racetrack Casino Markets in 2009

Table 5: Atlantic City Casino Industry (2000-2009)

Table 6: LAS VEGAS Slot Machine Win (1992-2009)

Table 7: US Slot Machine Distribution by States in 2010

Table 8: States with Gaming in US

Table 9: Scientific Games Corporation Revenues by Business Segments (2006-2010)

Table 10: Intralot Financial Statistics Q32010 and nine months ended 2010

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- Lottomatica Group SpA
- Scientific Games Corporation
- Intralot S.A.

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