Premium by Design: How to Understand, Design and Market High End Products

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  • March 2011
  • 334 Pages
  • Ashgate Publishing
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There are luxuries that most of us will never be able to afford in a lifetime, but just off the shores of the moneyed is a huge, fast growing, land of premium value which inspires people to get there, even if they need to stretch their budget to reach it.

Premium by Design is a thoroughly researched, well argued and well presented study that identifies how global business leaders have succeeded in achieving margins by design. Thanks to original tools and processes, this book shows how you might also succeed. It is about better, but reachable and real, products and services. The book features insights from the world of customer science and design research.

The key challenge for the world today is finding out how sustainable is the underlying process that is driving this apparent desire for more and more indulgent material possessiveness? This book might not have all the answers, but it will provoke and trigger a long overdue debate in the premium and image driven industries about tomorrow's values. As a result it is a must read for anyone in this market, or aspiring to it.

About the Author:

Marco Bevolo is Lecturer in International Leisure Management / READ MORE >

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- Foreword
- Preface

Part 1 Hope at Checkout for Everybody:

- Achievable dreams
- Horizons where aspiration gazes
- Luxury – aim high for a strong head start
- Business tool: deciphering the 'algebra' of consumers' minds.

Part 2 'Practical DNA': the 5 Must-Haves (Rules) of the High End:

- Rule 1: it is all about the 'beef' (dimension: authenticity and value)
- Rule 2: it is all about design and experience
- Rule 3: it is all about creating the 'new' (dimension: innovation and leadership)
- Rule 4: it's about 'fame' (dimension: marketing, communication and distribution)
- Rule 5 It is about 'higher values' (dimension: sustainability and simplicity).

Part 3 Vistas and New High End Experiences:

- Urban futures: opportunities for tomorrow's high end
- Premium products and experiences through high design
- Design for tomorrow.

Part 4 Business Tools that Jump-Start Your High End:

- Creating new high end propositions
- Know thy customer: sequencing the genome of the high end mind
- Conclusions
- Appendix
- Index.

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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“I found this book to be a very useful and readable guide to what the luxury market is and what it will become and a very good primer on how to anticipate the luxury market of the future.”
– Arnold Brown, Chairman, Weiner, Edrich, Brown, Inc., New York

“Marco Bevolo, Alex Gofman and Howard Moskowitz show us the way to tomorrow’s High End by talking to experts from around the world to learn from them, listen to consumers to practically evaluate what it means and deliver the insights to all of us to get started today. Known as industry experts and innovators around the world, the authors accelerate our learning and practically invite us to a better world for all, by design…Enjoy!” – Laurent Flores, CEO, CRMMetrix, Paris, France

“How to get customers? How to lose customers? How to create a new brand from one hundreds of years old or a new idea? This and much more makes Premium by Design a literal playbook for senior management and marketing personnel for companies large and small. The real life examples bring the lessons to life, anybody who reads this book will come away with numerous ideas they can use in their businesses.” – Doug Gollan, President and Editor in Chief, Elite Traveler, New York

“Premium by Design is an excellent source of insights and learning about the increasingly important but little understood mass luxury market. It’s that rare sort of book that combines rigorous research with thought provoking views on the future while wrapping it all together in a thoroughly engaging writing style. The authors also deserve credit for including China in their analysis as it will likely be – if it’s not already – the primary battleground for tomorrow’s high end spending.” – Jim Sailor, Managing Director, TNS Greater China, Shanghai

“Premium by Design is a thoroughly researched, well argued and well presented study that combines a rigorous identification of important trends for the future, with new insights. As a result it is a must read for anyone in this market, or aspiring to it. " – Bruce Lloyd, Professor Strategic Management, South Bank University, London

“The book integrates not only the insights of 70 experts, but also cleverly refocuses our attention on the end-users -- the people that are attracted to the High End -- by means of their stories, aspirations and preferences, thereby allowing the authors to articulate a new, experience-based vision for the future of the industry. A must-read for anyone conceiving, developing and marketing higher-end consumer products and services!” – Michele Visciola (President), Mark Vanderbeeken and Jan-Christoph Zoels, Experientia, Turin

“A valuable book offering a unique insight, exploring case histories and various expert view points with actionable tools to achieve Future High End success, making this an easy read appealing to a wide audience. Highly recommended!” – Pascale Emalan, fr. Marketing and Market Research Director, Takasago, Paris

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown


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