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The 2011-2016 Outlook for Anti-Aging Products in Asia & Oceana - Product Image

The 2011-2016 Outlook for Anti-Aging Products in Asia & Oceana

  • ID: 1677063
  • January 2011
  • Region: Asia
  • 54 pages
  • ICON Group International


The concept of latent demand is rather subtle. The term latent typically refers to something that is dormant, not observable or not yet realized. Demand is the notion of an economic quantity that a target population or market requires under different assumptions of price, quality, and distribution, among other factors. Latent demand, therefore, is commonly defined by economists as the industry earnings of a market when that market becomes accessible and attractive to serve by competing firms. It is a measure, therefore, of potential industry earnings (P.I.E.) or total revenues (not profit) if a market is served in an efficient manner. It is typically expressed as the total revenues potentially extracted by firms. The “market” is defined at a given level in the value chain. There can be latent demand at the retail level, at the wholesale level, the manufacturing level, and the raw materials level (the P.I.E. of higher levels of the value chain being always smaller than the P.I.E. of levels at lower levels of the same value chain, assuming all levels maintain minimum profitability).

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1.1 Overview
1.2 What is Latent Demand and the P.I.E.?
1.3 The Methodology
1.3.1 Step 1. Product Definition and Data Collection
1.3.2 Step 2. Filtering and Smoothing
1.3.3 Step 3. Filling in Missing Values
1.3.4 Step 4. Varying Parameter, Non-linear Estimation
1.3.5 Step 5. Fixed-Parameter Linear Estimation
1.3.6 Step 6. Aggregation and Benchmarking
1.3.7 Step 7. Latent Demand Density: Allocating Across Cities
2.1 Executive Summary
2.2 American Samoa
2.3 Australia
2.4 Bangladesh
2.5 Bhutan
2.6 Brunei
2.7 Burma
2.8 Cambodia
2.9 China
2.10 Christmas Island
2.11 Cook Islands
2.12 Fiji
2.13 French Polynesia
2.14 Guam
2.15 Hong Kong
2.16 India
2.17 Indonesia
2.18 Japan
2.19 Kiribati
2.20 Laos
2.21 Macau
2.22 Malaysia
2.23 Maldives
2.24 Marshall Islands
2.25 Micronesia Federation
2.26 Mongolia
2.27 Nauru
2.28 Nepal
2.29 New Caledonia
2.30 New Zealand
2.31 Niue
2.32 Norfolk Island
2.33 North Korea
2.34 Palau
2.35 Papua New Guinea
2.36 Philippines
2.37 Seychelles
2.38 Singapore
2.39 Solomon Islands
2.40 South Korea
2.41 Sri Lanka
2.42 Taiwan
2.43 Thailand
2.44 The Northern Mariana Island
2.45 Tokelau
2.46 Tonga
2.47 Tuvalu
2.48 Vanuatu
2.49 Vietnam
2.50 Wallis and Futuna
2.51 Western Samoa
3.1 Disclaimers & Safe Harbor
3.2 Icon Group International, Inc. User Agreement Provisions

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown


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