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Italian RMBS Index Report Q4 2009—Long-Term Arrears And Defaults Accelerate, While Prepayments Edge Downward Mar 10

  • ID: 1711689
  • March 2010
  • Region: Italy
  • Standard & Poors
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  • Asti Finance S.r.l.
  • Capital Mortgage S.r.l.
  • Credico Finance 4 S.r.l.
  • Deutsche Postbank AG
  • Guercino Solutions S.r.l.
  • PB Domicilio 2007-1 Ltd.
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Standard & Poor's Ratings Services' Q4 assessment of performance in Italian residential mortgage-backed securities (RMBS) shows that the trend that emerged in the previous quarter (a reduction of shorter term arrears, higher longer term arrears and increasing defaults), has continued into Q4. The current low interest rate environment and unemployment dynamics explain this dichotomy, in our view. Some transactions backed by riskier portfolios (as measured by leverage, underwriting standards, mortgage loan products, etc.) continue to underperform the rest of the market. Overall, the current macroeconomic environment continues to be consistent with structurally lower short-term arrears and higher default levels, in our view. We believe that riskier portfolios continue to be more exposed to the current challenging economic conditions, which could...

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- BPV Mortgages S.r.l.
- Deutsche Postbank AG
- Heliconus S.r.l.
- Mercurio Mortgage Finance S.r.l.
- Marche Mutui Societa per la Cartolarizzazione S.r.l.
- Vela Home S.r.l.
- Apulia Finance N. 2 S.r.l.
- F-E Mortgages S.r.l.
- Sestante Finance S.r.l.
- Berica Residential MBS 1 S.r.l.
- Spoleto Mortgages S.r.l.
- Apulia Mortgages Finance N. 3 S.r.l.
- Berica 5 Residential MBS S.r.l.
- Media Finance S.r.l
- Cordusio RMBS S.r.l.
- Credico Finance 4 S.r.l.
- Claris Finance 2005 S.r.l.
- Asti Finance S.r.l.
- Credico Finance 5 S.r.l.
- Berica 6 Residential MBS S.r.l.
- Vela ABS S.r.l.
- BCC Mortgages PLC
- Credico Finance 6 S.r.l.
- Cassa Centrale Finance S.r.l.
- Cordusio RMBS 2 S.r.l.
- BPM Securitisation 2 S.r.l.
- Claris Finance 2006 S.r.l.
- Marche Mutui 2 Societa per la Cartolarizzazione a r.l.
- Cordusio RMBS 3 - UBCasa 1 S.r.l.
- Credico Finance 7 S.r.l.
- Claris Finance 2007 S.r.l.
- Intesa Sec. 3 S.r.l.
- BP Mortgages S.r.l.
- Capital Mortgage S.r.l.
- Cordusio RMBS Securitisation S.r.l.
- PB Domicilio 2007-1 Ltd.
- Cassa Centrale Securitisation S.r.l.
- Eurohome (Italy) Mortgages S.r.l.
- Grecale ABS S.r.l.
- Adriatico Finance RMBS S.r.l.
- UniCredit SpA Obbligazioni Bancarie Garantite Programme
- Guercino Solutions S.r.l.
- RESLOC IT S.r.l.
- Popolare Bari Mortgages S.r.l.
- Estense Finance S.r.l.

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown