Global Toll Facilities Ratings and Outlooks: Current List Sep 04

  • ID: 1712663
  • September 2004
  • Region: Global
  • Standard & Poors
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  • 407 International Inc.
  • Cofiroute
  • El Paso
  • Illinois St Toll Hwy Auth
  • Mcallen Intl Toll Bridge
  • New York St Thruway Auth
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This list, originally published on Sept. 24, 2004, has been republished to remove four entities from Table 2 (International Toll Facilities): The ratings on Spanish highway concessionaire Empresa Nacional de Autopistas S.A. (ENA) and related entities Autopistas Concesionaria Astur-Leonesa S.A. (AUCALSA), Autopistas del Atlantico Concesionaria Espanola S.A. (AUDASA), and Autopistas de Navarra S.A. (AUDENASA) were withdrawn on Oct. 28, 2003, as a result of insufficient information made available to Standard & Poor's to substantiate the ratings. A corrected version follows....

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- Florida Div of Bnd Fin
- Ohio Tpk
- Illinois
- Florida
- Harris Cnty
- Delaware River & Bay Auth
- Kansas Tpk Auth
- Maryland Transp Auth
- New Jersey Hwy Auth
- New Jersey Tpk Auth
- New York St Thruway Auth
- New York St Br Auth
- Triborough Br & Tunnel Auth
- Oklahoma Tpk Auth
- Pennsylvania Tpk Comm
- Rhode Island Tpk & Br Auth
- Mcallen Intl Toll Bridge
- Chesapeake Bay Br & Tunnel Dist
- Laredo
- Cameron Cnty
- El Paso
- McAllen
- New Hampshire
- Central Florida Expressway Authority
- Illinois St Toll Hwy Auth
- North Texas Tollway Auth
- Greater New Orleans Expwy Comm
- Delaware River Jt Toll Br Comm
- San Joaquin Hills Transp Corridor Agy
- E-470 Pub Hwy Auth
- Mid Bay Br Auth
- West Virginia Parkways Authority
- Eagle Pass
- Florida Tpk Enterprise
- Maine Tpk Auth
- Niagara Falls Br Com
- South Jersey Transp Auth
- Foothill-Eastern Transp Corridor Agy
- Puerto Rico Hwy & Transp Auth
- Caisse Nationale des Autoroutes
- Empresa Nacional de Autopistas S.A. (ENA)
- Fjellinjen AS
- Autopistas del Atlantico Concesionaria Espanola S.A. (AUDASA)
- Autopistas de Navarra S.A. (AUDENASA)
- Dulles Greenway
- Oresundsbro Konsortiet
- Alameda Corridor Transp Auth
- Santa Rosa Bay Bridge Auth
- Road Management Consolidated PLC
- Cofiroute
- Miami Dade Cnty Expwy Auth
- PT Citra Marga Nusaphala Persada
- Autolink Concessionaires (M6) PLC
- New Hampshire Tpk
- Road King Infrastructure Ltd.
- Autopistas del Sol S.A.
- Orange Cnty Transp Auth
- Tampa Hillsborough Cnty Expwy Auth
- Halifax-Dartmouth Bridge Commission
- New Brunswick (F-M) Project Co. Inc.
- Strait Crossing Development Inc. (SCDI)
- 407 International Inc.
- Golden Gate Br Hwy & Transp Dist
- BRISA Auto-Estradas de Portugal S.A.
- Autopista Tijuana Mexicali S.A. de C.V.
- Bay Area Toll Auth
- Atlantia SpA
- Northwest Pkwy Pub Hwy Auth
- Japan Highway Public Corp.
- Rodonorte Concessionaria de Rodovias Integradas S.A.
- Ruta del Maipo Sociedad Concesionaria S.A.
- Autoroutes du Sud de la France S.A.
- Transurban Finance Co. Pty Ltd.
- The Federal Bridge Corporation Limited
- ALIS Finance a.r.l.
- Texas Tpk Auth
- Autopista Veracruz Cardel
- Korea Expressway Corp.
- Connect M77/GSO PLC
- Sociedad Concesionaria Costanera Norte S.A.
- CountyRoute (A130) PLC
- Sociedad Concesionaria Vespucio Norte Express S.A.
- Abertis Infraestructuras S.A.

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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown


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