Citigroup Inc. Jan 04

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  • January 2004
  • Standard & Poors
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  • Arcadia Financial Ltd.
  • Citibank N.A.
  • Citicorp Capital IX
  • Citigroup Capital I
  • Citigroup Capital VI
  • Citigroup Capital XII
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High and relatively stable earnings, measured by absolute dollar amounts as well as returns on revenues Extraordinarily diverse set of businesses operating worldwide Disciplined management structure with clear acquisition goals and stringent expense management Ability to gain market share in investment banking Leadership position in credit cards, subprime lending, investment banking, and retail brokerage High-risk mix of business lines, e.g. consumer finance, emerging markets activities, investment banking, and venture capital Capital and reserves relative to the company's risk profile are not exceptional, but are offset by considerations of diversification and financial flexibility Lack of a strong home country base in retail branch banking Citigroup Inc. (Citigroup) continues to generate good and relatively stable earnings in a difficult operating environment thanks...

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- Citigroup Inc.
- Washington Mutual Finance Corp.
- Citicorp
- Citibank N.A.
- Citibank (West) FSB
- MetLife Insurance Company USA
- Citibank (South Dakota) N.A. Sioux Falls
- Citigroup Global Markets Inc.
- Primerica Life Insurance Co.
- MetLife Life and Annuity Co. of Connecticut
- Arcadia Financial Ltd.
- Citi Swapco Inc.
- Citicorp Life Insurance Co.
- First Citicorp Life Insurance Co.
- Citibank International Ltd.
- Banco Nacional de Mexico S.A.
- Citigroup Global Markets Holdings Inc.
- Citigroup Pty Ltd.
- California Commerce Bank
- Banco Citibank S.A.
- Salomon Reinvestment Co. Inc.
- Bank Handlowy w Warszawie S.A.
- Citigroup Capital II
- Citigroup Capital III
- Citicorp Capital I
- Citicorp Capital II
- Citicorp Capital III
- California Federal Preferred Capital Corp.
- Citicorp Capital IX
- Citicorp Capital VIII
- Citicorp Capital VII
- Citicorp Capital VI
- Citicorp Capital V
- Citibank (West) Bancorp Inc.
- Cititrust & Banking Corp.
- MetLife Insurance Ltd.
- SSBH Capital I
- Citibank (West) Holdings Inc
- Citigroup Capital V
- Citigroup Capital IV
- Citigroup Capital VI
- Citigroup Capital VII
- Citigroup Capital VIII
- Citigroup Capital X
- Citigroup Capital XI
- Citigroup Capital XII
- Citigroup Capital XIII
- Citigroup Finance Canada Inc.
- Citigroup Capital I
- MetLife Insurance Ltd.
- Citibank N.A. (Canadian Branch)
- Citibank N.A. (Uruguay Branch)
- Citibank Securities (Taiwan) Ltd.

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