European Synthetic CDO CreditWatch Actions After Running February 2009 Month-End SROC Figures Mar 09

  • ID: 1752670
  • March 2009
  • Region: Europe
  • Standard & Poors


  • Alexandria Capital PLC
  • Aura (Ireland) CDO PLC
  • Claris Ltd.
  • Eirles Two Ltd.
  • London Wall 2006-1 Ltd.
  • Quartz CDO (Ireland) PLC
  • MORE

The following table provides the tranches, series, and synthetic rated overcollateralization (SROC) figures for the 295 European synthetic collateralized debt obligation (CDO) tranches affected after running the February 2009 month-end SROC figures. For the related media release, please see "S&P Puts Synthetic CDOs On CreditWatch After Running February 2009 Month-End SROC Figures," published on March 25, 2009....

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- Jupiter Finance Ltd.
- Eirles Two Ltd.
- Eirles Four Ltd.
- Brooklands Euro Referenced Linked Notes 2002-1 Ltd.
- Argon Capital PLC
- Coriolanus Ltd.
- Sceptre Capital B.V.
- Xelo PLC
- Saphir Finance PLC
- Claris Ltd.
- Alexandria Capital PLC
- Thunderbird Investments PLC
- Edam Funding One Ltd.
- Salisbury International Investments Ltd.
- Cloverie PLC
- Brooklands Euro Referenced Linked Notes 2004-1 Ltd.
- Asset-Backed Obligaties Ltd.
- Rutland Rated Investments
- Elva Funding PLC
- Quartz CDO (Ireland) PLC
- Aria CDO I
- Ryder Square Ltd.
- Asgard CDO PLC
- Astir B.V.
- ELM B.V.
- STARTS (Ireland) PLC
- Lunar Funding V PLC
- Prime Square CDO Ltd.
- Iris SPV PLC
- Rente Plus Co. Ltd.
- Omega Capital Investments PLC
- Omega Capital Europe PLC
- Omega Investments Cayman Ltd.
- Delta CDO PLC
- Ashwell Rated S.A.
- Midgard CDO PLC
- Brooklands Euro Referenced Linked Notes 2005-1 Ltd.
- Aura (Ireland) CDO PLC
- C.L.E.A.R. PLC
- Aphex Pacific Capital Ltd.
- Khamsin Credit Products (Netherlands) II B.V.
- Carneros III PLC
- Baker Street Finance Ltd.
- Claris III Ltd.
- London Wall 2006-1 Ltd.
- Dorset Street Finance Ltd.
- Claris IV Ltd.
- Heartland Funding PLC
- Ortelius Finance PLC
- Deutsche Bank AG London and N.V. Slibverwerking Noord-Brabant
- M&G Credit Finance (Ireland) PLC
- Swedish Export Credit Corp.
- Societe Generale
- SGA Societe Generale Acceptance N.V.
- IXIS Corporate & Investment Bank

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown


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