Well-Architectured Fluoropolymers: Synthesis, Properties and Applications

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  • July 2004
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  • Elsevier Science and Technology
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Because of the increasing need for ever better performing materials endowed with specific properties, macromolecular engineering has become a useful tool for designing well-architectured polymers (telomers, telechelics, stars, dendrimers, alternating, block- and graftcopolymers). These polymers are nowadays seeing an enormous growth. Among them, fluoropolymers are seen as high value added materials in many applications ranging from surfactants, optical fibers, biomaterials, coatings, to membranes for fuel cells. Indeed, the relationship between structure of the monomer to the properties of the polymers is of increasing interest so that these properties are tuned for the most appropriate applications. As most fluoropolymers are prepared from radical synthesis, this book devotes various parts on the use of the controlled radical (or pseudo-living) polymerisation of fluoromonomers leading to discoveries of thermoplastic elastomers or original surfactants for polymerisation in supercritical CO2.
Well-Architectured Fluoropolymers: Synthesis, Properties and Applications, is composed of five chapters starting with a general introduction outlining basic concepts. Emphasis is placed on recent READ MORE >

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Chapter 1 : Telomerisation Reactions of Fluorinated Alkenes.
Chapter 2 : Synthesis Of Fluorinated Telechelics as Precursors of Well-Defined Fluoropolymers.
Chapter 3 : Synthesis, Properties And Applications of Fluorinated Alternating Copolymers.
Chapter 4 : Synthesis, Properties, and Applications Of Fluorinated Diblocks, Triblock, and Multiblock Copolymers.
Chapter 5 : Synthesis, Properties, and Applications of Fluorinated Graft Copolymers.

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Ameduri, Bruno
Boutevin, Bernard

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