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Market Insights: Household Products in Brazil Product Image

Market Insights: Household Products in Brazil

  • ID: 1772737
  • February 2011
  • Region: Brazil
  • 58 pages
  • Datamonitor

This report forms a part of the newly introduced product series titled "Market Insights". It aims to provide both quantitative and qualitative analysis to clients on the market data and trends across various industry sectors.


- Examines developments in the Brazilian household products sector

- Provides latest retail data at a sector level further segmented by markets along with 5 year forecasts, highlighting specific growth areas

- Identifies the leading players in the market, providing details on brand portfolio and new product launches

- Tracks the latest M&A deals that have taken place in the household products sector in Brazil

Highlights of this title

The household products sector in Brazil was estimated to be worth $7.9bn in 2009, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of about 9.5% during 2004-09.

Textile washing products was the key category driving growth in 2008-09 within the household products sector.

Sectoral growth is fueled by factors such as increased disposable income, and growing concern over health and wellbeing in the country.

Key reasons to purchase this title

- Sector understanding: develop a detailed understanding of the household products sector and identify the key growth markets within it

- Consumer trends and behavior: find out the latest consumer trends driving the household products sector in Brazil alongside consumption and usage data

- Competitive landscape: obtain information on the key players operating in the sector and understand their key strengths in various markets

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What this report is about
How to use this report
Market definition

List of Figures
List of Tables
Economic overview
Demographic overview
Brazilian household products market value and growth
Household products market: a global perspective
Comparison with growth economies
Brazilian household products categories by value
Future prospects
Leading categories
Lagging categories
Demographic and economic trends
Expanding middle class will drive consumption in the country
The young and aging Brazilian population demand greater levels of household hygiene
Consumer trends
Price-conscious consumers demand value for money
Industry trends
Hosting two huge sporting events in the next few years will drive the need for better sanitation and hygiene in and around Brazilian homes and communities
Increasing private label sales could dilute the strong brand equity of major players
Leading players and their shares
Presence of leading players in various categories of the household products market
Key players by categories and their ranks
Leading local player profiles
Química Amparo Ltda
Bombril Cirio
J.F.Produtos de Limpeza Doméstica Ltda
Zuppani Industrial Ltda
Recent M&A deals
Product launches by top players
Methodology overview
Secondary research
Market modeling
Creating an initial data model
Revising the initial data model
Creating a final estimate
Creating demographic value splits
Primary research
Data finalization
Ongoing research
Further reading
Ask the analyst
Datamonitor consulting
List of Tables
Table 1: Household products market definitions
Table 2: Key statistics for Brazil and other growth economies, 2009
Table 3: Federal infrastructure investment plans for the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics
Table 4: Brazilian household products market: top 10 players by company share and product launches
List of Figures
Figure 1: Real GDP and real GDP growth rate in Brazil, 2004-14e
Figure 2: Merchandise exports of Brazil, 2004-14e
Figure 3: Real GDP growth in Brazil and other growth economies, 2004-14e
Figure 4: Population in Brazil by age groups and median age, 2004-14e
Figure 5: Brazilian household products market sales, 2004-09
Figure 6: Brazilian household products market sales, 2009-14e
Figure 7: Brazilian household products market sales value (2009) and growth (2008-09) compared to other leading nations
Figure 8: Household products market per household expenditure and growth in growth economies, 2004-14e
Figure 9: Number of households compared to the average household size in Brazil, 2009-14e
Figure 10: Household products market growth in Brazil and other growth economies, 2004-14e
Figure 11: Per capita expenditure on various consumer goods in Brazil, and CAGR over 2009-14e
Figure 12: Washing machine sales in Brazil compared with the decline in sales of textile washing products, 2003-08
Figure 13: Brazilian household products market sales: contribution by categories, 2009
Figure 14: Brazilian household products market: growth by categories, 2008-09
Figure 15: Brazilian household products market value and growth by market, 2004-09 and 2009-14e
Figure 16: Brazilian household products market: leading categories by 2008-09 growth (%)
Figure 17: Examples of tissue products launched in 2009
Figure 18: Brazilian household products market: lagging categories in terms of 2008-09 growth (%)
Figure 19: Growth in various economic classes in Brazil between 2001 and 2008
Figure 20: Population distribution by age and gender in Brazil: 2000-50e
Figure 21: The degree to which various factors influence Brazilian consumers' choice of household cleaning and laundry products
Figure 22: Question: "how similar are store brand products compared to famous brand products in the household products market?"
Figure 23: Brazilian household products market: leading players and their ranks, 2009
Figure 24: Brazilian household products market: presence of key players across categories, 2009
Figure 25: Brazilian household products market: market share of top five players compared to other competitors, by category, 2009
Figure 26: Brazilian household products market: top five players by category, 2009
Figure 27: Brazilian household products market: new product launches by category, 2009 (percentage contribution)
Figure 28: Brazilian household products market: new product launches, volume and growth for 2008-09
Figure 29: Brazilian household products market: new product launches by category, 2009
Figure 30: Conclusion

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