Outlooks: The Sovereign Credit Weathervane, 2010/2011 Update May 11

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  • May 2011
  • Standard & Poors
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  • Abu Dhabi (Emirate of)
  • Bulgaria (Republic of)
  • El Salvador (Republic of)
  • Isle of Man
  • Mongolia
  • Republic of Seychelles
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Standard & Poor's Ratings Services has found that its outlooks and CreditWatch listings on sovereign ratings have been useful indicators of future rating actions. Since we began assigning outlooks to our ratings in 1989, we have never lowered a sovereign rating with a positive outlook. On the other hand, we have raised 148 out of 209 sovereign ratings with positive outlooks. (The ratings we refer to throughout this article are long-term foreign-currency sovereign credit ratings.) Similarly, we have raised only one sovereign rating with a negative outlook, and we have lowered 131 out of 232 sovereign ratings with negative outlooks. Of the ratings on CreditWatch with negative implications, we have lowered 59 out of 83. We found that historically, we...

Standard and Poors RatingsXpress Credit Research provides in-depth coverage of international corporates, financial institutions, insurance companies, utilities, sovereigns and structured finance programs. RatingsXpress Credit Research lets users determine the credit rating of holdings and identify key factors underlying an issuer's creditworthiness, distinguishes the different risk exposures for new and existing deals, and provides an understanding of how their analysts interpret key regulatory, political and environmental events and their economic impact.

Research Type: Commentary
Criteria articles describe the thought process and methodology Standard & Poor's analysts use in determining ratings. These commentary pieces discuss both the quantitative (economic and financial) and qualitative (business analysis and caliber of management) aspects of the analysis, as well as legal issues.

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- Australia (Commonwealth of)
- Austria (Republic of)
- Canada
- Denmark (Kingdom of)
- Finland (Republic of)
- New Zealand
- Norway (Kingdom of)
- Sweden (Kingdom of)
- Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
- France (Republic of)
- Japan
- United Kingdom
- Spain (Kingdom of)
- Germany (Federal Republic of)
- Belgium (Kingdom of)
- Italy (Republic of)
- Hong Kong (Special Administrative Region)
- Swiss Confederation
- Ireland (Republic of)
- Malaysia
- Thailand (Kingdom of)
- Korea (Republic of)
- Singapore (Republic of)
- United States of America
- Iceland (Republic of)
- Netherlands (State of The)
- Portugal (Republic of)
- Brazil (Federative Republic of)
- Greece (Hellenic Republic)
- Israel (State of)
- Taiwan (Republic of China)
- India (Republic of)
- China (People's Republic of )
- Turkey (Republic of)
- Luxembourg (Grand Duchy of)
- Cyprus (Republic of)
- El Salvador (Republic of)
- Mexico
- Hungary
- Indonesia (Republic of)
- Chile (Republic of)
- Oman (Sultanate of)
- Colombia (Republic of)
- Philippines (Republic of the)
- Argentina (Republic of)
- Czech Republic
- Uruguay (Oriental Republic of)
- Slovak Republic
- Malta (Republic of)
- Pakistan (Islamic Republic of)
- South Africa (Republic of)
- Poland (Republic of)
- Bermuda
- Paraguay (Republic of)
- Jordan (Hashemite Kingdom of)
- Qatar (State of)
- Romania
- Trinidad and Tobago (Republic of)
- Slovenia (Republic of)
- Russian Federation
- Kazakhstan (Republic of)
- Liechtenstein (Principality of)
- Egypt (Arab republic of)
- Latvia (Republic of)
- Croatia (Republic of)
- Panama (Republic of)
- Dominican Republic
- Lebanon (Republic of)
- Costa Rica (Republic of)
- Lithuania (Republic of)
- Kuwait (State of)
- Morocco (Kingdom of)
- Estonia (Republic of)
- Peru (Republic of)
- Cook Islands
- Ukraine
- Bulgaria (Republic of)
- Bolivia (Plurinational State of)
- Papua New Guinea (Independent State of)
- Jamaica
- Suriname (The Republic of)
- Barbados
- Mongolia
- Isle of Man
- Ecuador (Republic of)
- Belize
- Senegal (Republic of)
- Botswana (Republic of)
- Republic of Seychelles
- Guatemala (Republic of)
- Grenada
- Vietnam (Socialist Republic of)
- Bahrain (Kingdom of)
- Andorra (Principality of)
- Saudi Arabia (Kingdom of)
- Ghana (Republic of)
- Cameroon (Republic of)
- Commonwealth of The Bahamas (The)
- Benin (Republic of)
- Sri Lanka (Democratic Socialist Republic of)
- Burkina Faso
- Republic of Mali
- Mozambique (Republic of)
- Macedonia (Republic of)
- Montserrat
- Serbia (Republic of)
- Montenegro (Republic of)
- Georgia (Government of)
- Nigeria (Federal Republic of)
- Bangladesh (People's Republic of)
- Republic of Fiji
- Kenya (Republic of)
- Abu Dhabi (Emirate of)
- Belarus (Republic of)
- Gabon (Republic of)
- Ras Al Khaimah (Emirate of)
- Aruba
- Cape Verde (Republic of)
- Honduras (Republic of)
- Azerbaijan (Republic of)
- Uganda (Republic of)
- Guernsey (States of)
- Bosnia and Herzegovina
- Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
- Albania (Republic of)
- Zambia (Republic of)

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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown


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