Industry Report Card: Global Project Finance Ratings Remained Stable In First Three Quarters Despite Credit Crunch Oct 07

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  • October 2007
  • Region: Global
  • Standard & Poors
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  • 407 International Inc.
  • Coffeyville Resources LLC
  • Discovery Education PLC
  • Kiowa Power Partners LLC
  • Mackinaw Power LLC
  • Queens Ballpark Co. LLC
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The 2007 credit crunch had a definite effect on project financings coming to market. Deeply speculative rated projects had a tough time selling debt. Project finance bankers realized this early and were structuring the debt leverage of projects to attain ratings in the 'BB' category. This trend is continuing into the fourth quarter of 2007. However, the ratings on the project finance transactions that Standard & Poor's Ratings Services covers remained relatively stable for the first three quarters of 2007. As of August 2007, investment-grade entities accounted for about 67% of the entire rated project finance portfolio. About 80% have stable outlooks. The remaining projects in the portfolio consist of 16 ratings on CreditWatch negative, and one rating on Watch...

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- Massachusetts Development Finance Agency
- Pennsylvania Econ Dev Fing Auth
- Confederated Tribes of the Warm Springs Reservation
- Central Valley Financing Authority
- Covanta Energy LLC
- Philippines (Republic of the)
- Colowyo Coal Funding Corp.
- Sacramento Cogeneration Authority
- Oleoducto Central, S.A. (OCENSA)
- Excel Paralubes Funding Corp.
- LS Power Funding Corp.
- Salton Sea Funding Corp.
- Oresundsbro Konsortiet
- NRG Energy Inc.
- Kern River Funding Corp.
- Road Management Consolidated PLC
- Edison Mission Energy Funding Corp.
- Orange Cogen Funding Corp.
- Autolink Concessionaires (M6) PLC
- Quezon Power (Philippines) Ltd. Co.
- Brooklyn Navy Yard Cogeneration Partners L.P.
- Express Pipeline System
- Express Pipeline Partnership
- New Brunswick (F-M) Project Co. Inc.
- LoyVic Pty Ltd.
- Borger Energy Associates L.P./Borger Funding Corp.
- Harper Lake Solar Funding Corp.
- CE Generation LLC
- Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline LLC
- Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline L.P.
- Alliance Pipeline L.P.
- Alliance Pipeline Limited Partnership
- 407 International Inc.
- Cordova Funding Corp.
- Tenaska Georgia Partners L.P.
- Red Oak Power LLC
- Iroquois Gas Transmission System L.P.
- Orion Power Holdings Inc.
- Tenaska Alabama Partners L.P.
- Integrated Accommodation Services PLC
- Midwest Generation, LLC
- International Power PLC
- Rowville Transmission Facility Pty Ltd.
- Austin Convention Enterprises Inc.
- Oleoducto de Crudos Pesados
- Ruta del Maipo Sociedad Concesionaria S.A.
- FirstLight Hydro Generating Co.
- Elwood Energy LLC
- Transurban Finance Co. Pty Ltd.
- Broadcast Australia Finance Pty Ltd.
- Utility Contract Funding LLC
- The Federal Bridge Corporation Limited
- Metropolitan Biosolids Management LLC
- Metronet Rail SSL Finance PLC
- The Coventry & Rugby Hospital Co. PLC
- Exchequer Partnership (No. 2) PLC
- Autopista Veracruz Cardel
- Denver Convention Center Hotel Authority
- Green Country Energy LLC
- Societe Marseillaise du Tunnel Prado-Carenage S.A. (SMTPC)
- FPL Energy American Wind LLC
- Colver Power Project
- Itapebi Geracao de Energia S.A.
- Calpine Construction Finance Co. L.P.
- Tenaska Alabama II Partners L.P.
- Octagon Healthcare Funding PLC
- Sociedad Concesionaria Costanera Norte S.A.
- Catalyst Healthcare (Romford) Financing PLC
- InterGen N.V.
- FPL Energy Wind Funding LLC
- CountyRoute (A130) PLC
- Sociedad Concesionaria Autopista Central S.A.
- RMPA Services PLC
- Calpine Generating Co. LLC
- DBCT Finance Pty Ltd.
- Tenaska Virginia Partners L.P.
- DTE Energy Center LLC
- Sociedad Concesionaria Vespucio Norte Express S.A.
- Autoroutes Paris-Rhin-Rhone S.A.
- Baesa - Energetica Barra Grande S.A.
- Lombard Pub Facs Corp.
- Carretera Viaducto La Venta-Punta Diamante
- DBNGP Trust
- Kiowa Power Partners LLC
- Catalyst Healthcare (Manchester) Financing PLC
- Aventine Renewable Energy Holdings Inc.
- Autopista Monterrey-Cadereyta
- Crockett Cogeneration, A California L.P.
- FPL Energy National Wind Portfolio LLC
- FPL Energy National Wind LLC
- Premier Transmission Financing PLC
- Libramiento Plan del Rio
- Healthcare Support (Newcastle) Finance PLC
- San Antonio Convention Center Hotel Finance Corp.
- Transform Schools (North Lanarkshire) Funding PLC
- Coffeyville Resources LLC
- Express Pipeline LLC (USA)
- Ruta del Maule Sociedad Concesionaria S.A.
- Ras Laffan Liquefied Natural Gas Co. Ltd. (3)
- Thermal North America Inc.
- Central Nottinghamshire Hospitals PLC
- The Hospital Co. (QAH Portsmouth) Ltd.
- Sacramento Municipal Utility District Financing Authority
- Baltimore Hotel Corp.
- Libramiento de Matehuala
- NewHospitals (St. Helens and Knowsley) Finance PLC
- VeraSun Energy Corp.
- Alpha Schools (Highland) Project PLC
- Capital Hospitals (Issuer) PLC
- Services Support (Manchester) Ltd.
- Highway Management (City) Finance PLC
- Astoria Generating Co. Acquisitions LLC
- Windsor Financing LLC
- Consort Healthcare (Birmingham) Funding PLC
- Aspire Defence Finance PLC
- Alte Liebe 1 Ltd.
- CRC Breeze Finance S.A.
- Darwin Cove Convention Centre Pty Ltd.
- MPC Funding Ltd.
- InspirED Education (South Lanarkshire) PLC
- Autoban - Concessionaria do Sistema Anhanguera Bandeirantes S.A.
- Yankee Stadium LLC
- DirectRoute (Limerick) Finance Ltd.
- Queens Ballpark Co. LLC
- FMG Resources (August 2006) Pty Ltd.
- The Hospital Co. (Swindon & Marlborough) Ltd.
- Abu Dhabi National Energy Co. PJSC
- Sabine Pass LNG L.P.
- Concessionaria Ecovias dos Imigrantes S.A.
- Nakilat Inc.
- Reliance Rail Finance Pty Ltd.
- Ostregion Investmentgesellschaft Nr. 1 S.A.
- Longview Power LLC
- Discovery Education PLC
- NSG Holdings LLC
- Breeze Finance S.A.
- Lea Power Partners LLC
- Mackinaw Power LLC
- Healthcare Support (North Staffs) Finance PLC
- Consort Healthcare (Mid Yorkshire) Funding PLC
- Peterborough (Progress Health) PLC
- Concessionaria de Rodovias do Oeste de Sao Paulo S.A.
- Channel Link Enterprises Finance PLC
- Sandy Creek Energy Associates L.P.
- Consort Healthcare (Salford) PLC
- Consort Healthcare (Tameside) PLC

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown


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