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Regional Japanese Banks: Competitive Advantages Lie In Small Business Lending May 05

  • ID: 1802925
  • May 2005
  • Region: Japan
  • Standard & Poors
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Lending to small and midsize enterprises (SMEs) is the primary measure of competitiveness among Japanese regional banks. Major banks are superior in lending to large corporations and unsecured lending to SMEs and individuals due to their economies of scale and accurate scoring systems. However, Japanese regional banks are comparatively stronger in secured lending to SMEs, attributable to their area-specific focus and on-going businesses relationships with customers (Chart 1). However, as the total amount of outstanding loans to SMEs is declining in Japan, regional banks need to raise their competitiveness to create and profit from new markets. When providing secured loans to SMEs, a bank's ability to evaluate collateral, in terms of coverage, speed, accuracy, and cost, is a key component...

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Hokuriku Bank Ltd.,Chiba Bank Ltd.,Joyo Bank Ltd. (Unsolicited Ratings),Gunma Bank Ltd.,Toho Bank Ltd.,Iyo Bank Ltd.,Bank of Yokohama Ltd. (Unsolicited Ratings),Hachijuni Bank Ltd.,Nanto Bank Ltd.,Juroku Bank Ltd. ,Chugoku Bank Ltd. ,Daishi Bank Ltd. (Unsolicited Ratings),Bank of Kyoto Ltd. ,Hyakugo Bank Ltd.,Hiroshima Bank Ltd. (Unsolicited Ratings),Bank of Fukuoka Ltd.,77 Bank Ltd.,Higo Bank Ltd. ,Kagoshima Bank Ltd.,Yamaguchi Bank Ltd.,Keiyo Bank Ltd.

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