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Effects of Introduction of Deposit Insurance Caps on Japanese Financial Institutions Mar 02

  • ID: 1802939
  • March 2002
  • Region: Japan
  • Standard & Poors
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  • 77 Bank Ltd.
  • Bank of Iwate Ltd.
  • Fukui Bank Ltd.
  • Hyakujushi Bank Ltd.
  • Nanto Bank Ltd.
  • Shiga Bank Ltd.
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Standard & Poor's does not expect a large-scale immediate shift of funds from deposits to other investment options following the introduction of new limits on deposit insurance protection from April 2002, given continued support to financial institutions by the Japanese government. The new limits will only apply to some deposits from April, and deposits in settlement accounts will continue to be fully protected. Standard & Poor's is concerned, however, that the implementation of deposit protection caps may increase a "flight to quality" among depositors and, in the medium term, financial institutions with weaker credit quality may suffer from deterioration in their funding flexibility. In addition, the managements of financial institutions with stronger credit quality will face challenges in investment options...

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- Industrial Bank of Japan Ltd.
- Shinsei Bank Ltd.
- Fuji Bank Ltd.
- UFJ Bank Ltd.
- Daiwa Bank Ltd.
- Norinchukin Bank
- Aozora Bank Ltd.
- Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank Ltd.
- Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corp.
- Hokuriku Bank Ltd.
- Shizuoka Bank Ltd.
- Chiba Bank Ltd.
- Ashikaga Bank Ltd.
- Joyo Bank Ltd.
- Asahi Bank Ltd.
- Gunma Bank Ltd.
- Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi Ltd.
- Toho Bank Ltd.
- Hyakujushi Bank Ltd.
- Iyo Bank Ltd.
- Kiyo Bank Ltd.
- Bank of Yokohama Ltd.
- Hachijuni Bank Ltd.
- Nanto Bank Ltd.
- Suruga Bank Ltd.
- Juroku Bank Ltd.
- Daishi Bank Ltd.
- Bank of Kyoto Ltd.
- Hokkaido Bank Ltd.
- Yamanashi Chuo Bank Ltd.
- Fukuoka City Bank Ltd.
- Hiroshima Bank Ltd.
- San-in Godo Bank Ltd.
- Bank of Fukuoka Ltd.
- Bank of Nagoya Ltd.
- Musashino Bank Ltd.
- Tokyo Tomin Bank Ltd.
- 77 Bank Ltd.
- Shoko Chukin Bank
- Akita Bank Ltd.
- Higo Bank Ltd.
- Hokkoku Bank Ltd.
- Kagoshima Bank Ltd.
- Oita Bank Ltd.
- Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank Ltd.
- Shiga Bank Ltd.
- Yamaguchi Bank Ltd.
- Keiyo Bank Ltd.
- Shinkin Central Bank
- Chuo Mitsui Trust & Banking Co. Ltd.
- Aomori Bank Ltd.
- Michinoku Bank Ltd.
- Bank of Iwate Ltd.
- Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corp.
- Sony Bank Inc.
- Seven Bank Ltd.
- Fukui Bank Ltd.
- Chiba Kogyo Bank Ltd.
- Sapporo Bank Ltd.
- North Pacific Bank Ltd.
- Bank of Ikeda Ltd.
- Senshu Bank Ltd.
- Awa Bank Ltd. (The)
- Shikoku Bank Ltd.

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