Kingfisher in France: Local Profile and Global Analysis

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  • May 2011
  • Region: Global, France
  • 61 pages
  • iCD Research
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‘Kingfisher in France: Local Profile and Global Analysis’ contains details on company’s local operations, news and events, key competitors and a Global SWOT Profile for the parent company, which includes peer group analysis, to provide essential context for readers.

ICD Research's ‘Kingfisher in France: Local Profile and Global Analysis’ is a comprehensive report covering the company’s local and global operations. At the global level it also includes peer group benchmarking analysis for Kingfisher Plc in order to provide essential context and insight into this retailer's operations. In addition, the report has an insightful strategic analysis of the company with a SWOT framework.

The report is an essential tool to get a detailed understanding of the company; obtain analysis of the market and competitors; as well as internal and external factors which could impact the industry

The report identifies and presents key information of Kingfisher. In addition, it gives the description of the local operations as well as news and events of the company. Key information and operational overview of some key READ MORE >

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1 Introduction
1.1 What is this Report About?
1.2 Scope
2 Kingfisher in France - Company Profile
2.1 Company Overview
2.2 Business Description
2.3 Local News
2.4 Key Employees
2.5 Key Employee Biographies
2.6 Major Local Competitors
2.6.1 ITM Enterprises
2.6.2 Group Adeo
2.6.3 Bricorama SA
2.6.4 Mr. Bricolage S.A.
3 Kingfisher Plc. - Business Analysis
3.1 Company Overview
3.2 Business Description
3.3 Kingfisher Plc. - Major Products and Services
4 Kingfisher Plc. - Analysis of Key Performance Indicators
4.1 Five Year Snapshot: Overview of Financial and Operational Performance Indicators
5 Kingfisher Plc. - Operational Performance Analysis
5.1 Retail Space & Store Analysis
5.1.1 Retail Space Analysis
5.1.2 Sales per Store Analysis
5.2 Operational Efficiency Competitive Benchmarks
5.2.1 Sales per Square Meter
5.2.2 Operating Profit per Square Meter
5.2.3 Revenue per Employee
5.2.4 Operating Profit per Employee
5.2.5 Number of Employees per 1,000 Square Meters
5.2.6 Operating Margin
5.2.7 Inventory Turnover
5.2.8 Fixed Asset Turnover
5.2.9 Total Asset Turnover Ratio
5.3 Growth Performance Competitive Benchmarks
5.3.1 Revenue Growth Analysis
5.3.2 EBITDA Growth Analysis
5.3.3 Total Asset Growth Analysis
5.3.4 Growth in Store Numbers
5.3.5 Growth in Floor Area
5.4 Scale of Operations Competitive Benchmarks
5.4.1 Retail Floor Space
5.4.2 Store Numbers
5.4.3 Number of Employees
5.4.4 Total Revenues
5.4.5 Total Assets
6 Kingfisher Plc. - Mergers & Acquisitions and Partnerships
6.1 M&A and Partnerships Strategy
6.2 Recent Developments
7 Kingfisher Plc. - SWOT Analysis
7.1 SWOT Analysis - Overview
7.2 Strengths
7.3 Weaknesses
7.4 Opportunities
7.5 Threats
8 Kingfisher Plc. - Company Statement
9 Kingfisher Plc. - History
10 Kingfisher Plc. - Key Employees
11 Kingfisher Plc. - Key Employee Biographies
12 Kingfisher Plc. - Locations and Subsidiaries
12.1 Head Office
12.2 Other Locations & Subsidiaries
13 Appendix
13.1 Methodology
13.2 Ratio Definitions
13.3 Disclaimer

List of Tables
Table 1: Key Facts: Kingfisher in France
Table 2: Kingfisher in France, Key Employees
Table 3: Kingfisher in France, Key Employee Biographies
Table 4: Key Facts: ITM Enterprises
Table 5: Key Facts: Group Adeo
Table 6: Key Facts: Bricorama SA
Table 7: Key Facts: Mr. Bricolage S.A.
Table 8: Kingfisher Plc. - Fast Facts
Table 9: Major Products and Services
Table 10: Key Ratios - Annual
Table 11: Key Ratios - Interim
Table 12: Key Capital Market Indicators
Table 13: Revenue Growth Analysis
Table 14: EBITDA Growth Analysis
Table 15: Total Asset Growth Analysis
Table 16: Growth in Store Numbers
Table 17: Growth in Floor Area
Table 18: SWOT Analysis
Table 19: Kingfisher Plc. - History
Table 20: Kingfisher Plc - Key Employees
Table 21: Kingfisher Plc. - Key Employee Biographies
Table 22: Kingfisher Plc. - Subsidiaries

List of Figures
Figure 1: Retail Space Analysis, 2006–10
Figure 2: Sales per Store Analysis, 2006–10
Figure 3: Sales Per Square Meter
Figure 4: Operating Profit Per Square Meter
Figure 5: Revenue Per Employee
Figure 6: Operating Profit per Employee
Figure 7: Number of Employees per 1,000 Square Meters
Figure 8: Operating Margin
Figure 9: Inventory Turnover
Figure 10: Fixed Asset Turnover
Figure 11: Total Asset Turnover Ratio
Figure 12: Retail Floor Space
Figure 13: Store Numbers
Figure 14: Number of employees
Figure 15: Total Revenues
Figure 16: Total Assets

Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown
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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown





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