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Italy Agribusiness Report Q2 2011

The Italy Agribusiness Report features Business Monitor International (BMI)'s market assessment and independent 5-year forecasts to end-2015 for production, consumption and trade across core agricultural commodities.

BMI’s Italy Agribusiness Report includes independent commodity price forecasting and analysis for key agricultural outputs, an overview of the agribusiness competitive landscape and a discussion of the downstream context of agricultural production in relation to country food consumption forecasts and composite food and beverage trade forecasts.

Key Benefits:

- Use BMI's independent 5-year industry forecasts to test other views - a key input for successful planning in dynamic agribusiness markets.
- Apply BMI's medium-term commodity price forecasts to assist with budgetary planning and the identification of investment opportunities and potential risks.
- Assess the activities and market position of your competitors, partners and clients via our Competitive Landscape Tables.


Executive Summary
An analytical summary of BMI’s latest key industry forecasts and views, highlighting recent changes and key risks to the industry outlook for agribusiness in Italy.

Industry SWOT Analysis
At-a-glance perspectives on the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats facing the agricultural industry.

BMI 5-Year Supply & Demand Forecasts
Typically divided into six sections, often more depending on a market’s agricultural diversity, the chapter provides insight into each market’s agricultural industry, centred on 5-year sector forecasts for the consumption, production and trade of key agricultural commodities.

Consumption forecasts are accompanied by a discussion of the main drivers of consumption growth: macroeconomic factors, food processing trends, price movements and, increasingly, demand from the non-food sector.

Production forecasts examine the trends influencing BMI’s production outlook: global demand, price increases, public and private sector investment and agricultural efficiency improvements.

Trade forecasts are accompanied by a discussion of the factors influencing a country’s trade in agricultural goods, including domestic demand, global prices and government trade policies.

BMI’s forecasts are accompanied by a Risks- to-Outlook assessment, which examines potential factors that could affect our existing forecast picture and the likelihood of their occurrence.

BMI’s Commodity Price Forecasts
A fundamental and technical analysis of the short- and medium-term price outlook for key agricultural commodities, based on globally-recognised benchmarks.

Downstream Context
Analysis of headline food and drink forecasts, including total food consumption, per capita food consumption and total sector trade, which provide important downstream intelligence for primary agricultural producers.

Methodology & Sourcing

The Italy Agribusiness Report is based on an extensive network of multilateral organisations, government departments, industry associations, chambers and company reports.
Executive Summary
SWOT Analysis
Italy Agricultural SWOT
Italy Political SWOT
Italy Economic SWOT

Industry Forecast Scenario

Italy Grains Outlook
Table: Italy – Wheat Production & Consumption
Table: Italy – Corn Production & Consumption
Table: Italy – Barley Production & Consumption

Italy Dairy Outlook
Table: Italy – Milk Production & Consumption
Table: Italy – Butter Production, Consumption & Trade
Table: Italy – Cheese Production, Consumption & Trade

Italy Livestock Outlook
Table: Italy – Poultry Production, Consumption & Trade
Table: Italy – Pork Production, Consumption & Trade
Table: Italy – Beef & Veal Production, Consumption & Trade

Italy Rice Outlook
Table: Italy – Rice Production, Consumption & Trade

Competitive Landscape
Table: Agricultural Commodity Producers & Traders
Table: Agribusiness Suppliers
Table: Integrated Agricultural Producers

Commodity Price Analysis
Monthly Softs Update
Table: Cocoa
Table: Coffee
Table: Milk
Table: Sugar
Grains Update
Table: Corn
Table: Rice
Table: Soybean
Table: Wheat

Downstream Supply Chain Analysis
Industry Forecast Scenario
Consumer Outlook
Total Food Consumption
Table: Italy Food Consumption Indicators -- Historical Data & Forecasts
Canned Food
Table: Canned Food Value/Volume Sales -- Historical Data & Forecasts
Confectionery Value/Volume Sales -- Historical Data & Forecasts
Mass Grocery Retail
Table: Italy Mass Grocery Retail Sales by Format
Table: Sales Breakdown By Retail Format Type
Table: Food & Drink Trade Balance -- Historical Data & Forecasts
Macroeconomic Forecast
Table: Italy - Economic Activity, 2008-2015
BMI Forecast Modelling
How We Generate Our Industry Forecasts
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