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The Frontier Research Report: Providing World Class Research to Help Investors Identify Publicly Traded Wealth Building Opportunities in Emerging & Frontier Markets Product Image

The Frontier Research Report: Providing World Class Research to Help Investors Identify Publicly Traded Wealth Building Opportunities in Emerging & Frontier Markets

  • Published: September 2014
  • Region: Global
  • Frontier Research

The Frontier Research Report is a monthly newsletter designed for discerning and hands-on investors who are looking for intelligently conceived ways to improve their investment returns. It is published by uniquely qualified and intensely focused experts in emerging and frontier markets. The publication is currently focused on taking advantage of the global commodity boom by identifying the very best overlooked and undervalued small-cap natural resource companies in these markets.

The goal is to help individual investors and wealth managers greatly improve their portfolio performance. For investors and financial planners trying to address important family financial goals such as:

- College Tuition for the children,
- Saving for a home purchase,
- Retirement Savings
- Long Term Health Care, or
- Building Generational Wealth

The major US stock indexes have been a miserable failure over the last 11 years in delivering returns. On the other hand, the commodity sector is booming, due to global demand created by rising standards of living driven by the process of urbanization in Asia. In short, the masses are moving out of the countryside and into the big cities READ MORE >

Why look for natural resource opportunities in emerging and frontier markets?

- Because commodities are outperforming major stock indexes by a large margin, and
- Because this trend is set to last for a considerable number of years into the future, and
- Because, returns in emerging and frontier markets often far exceed those possible in developed countries, and
- Because, ‘actual risk' can be much less than ‘perceived risk', in carefully selected countries with rapidly developing economies.

This approach sets the stage for out-sized Profits among investments in well researched companies that demonstrate they have the right qualities. As an example, a company profiled and recommended in the May 2010 issue of the Frontier Research Report has returned 300% for subscribers to date.

Each company recommendation contained in the pages of the Frontier Research Report will provide comprehensive and detailed coverage with clear and simple summaries as to why the company being discussed represents strong shareholder value at this time.

Some of the issues covered will include:

- Natural Resources - The amount and quality of the company's resources deposits,
- Natural Resource Projects - Details of the company's projects, their economic viability, and the companies progress in reaching important milestones,
- Management – The experience of management and their past successes,
- Cash in the Bank – Review of the company's cash position and whether it has sufficient funds to reach important milestones,
- Financing – Has the company been successful in attracting investor attention, and will they have access to investor capital when needed to advance their projects?
- Jurisdiction – Are they in a stable, secure and mining-friendly jurisdiction, with incentive for natural resource developers?
- News Flow – This is perhaps the most important issue to address of all. It is positive and verifiable progress conveyed to the investing public in the form of press releases that moves a company's stock price. The newsletter carefully identifies the important milestones and selects companies for investment that are on the verge of these important milestones.

These important issues, and more, are addressed in comprehensive yet easy to understand language. The newsletter also provides research and analysis of selected emerging and frontier market countries to provide investors with a broader context in which to understand the companies singled out for investment.

“Compelling investment opportunities are described in the pages of the Frontier Research Report. Not only are the investment ideas fresh and interesting they are also well explained. As a professional investor who subscribes to numerous investment newsletters I can say, unequivocally, that the Frontier Research Report is special because it does a superb job describing the true value of the recommended stocks. Keep up the great work!”

Randall Reinwasser, US
President, Solitude Canyon Investment Advisors

“I have spent some considerable time reading your current and past content and am very impressed with the level of detailed coverage and the performance of your ideas.”

Richard W., Canada

“Your research is a very helpful beacon in the void of unbiased information on junior exploration stocks. Your recommendations are very profitable and I would like to thank you for bringing these interesting companies to our attention.

Please keep up the excellent work.”

Albrecht M., Germany

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