Market Access Europe: It’s Not Just About Price

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  • May 2011
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“May you live in interesting times.”

Considered a curse by some, the saying could also be a blessing—especially when it comes to the evolving world of market access in Europe.

Given its complex geo-political situation, position in the global economy and number of voices to be heard, market access in Europe is both an environment of great hurdles—and great potential. While price and cost containment are major factors tackled by administrations and the pharmaceutical industry alike, it is only part of the story.

The rest of the tale is as multi-faceted as the region itself. National reimbursement policies that vary widely from country to country, payer restrictions and health care legislation have created an environment that can no longer focus solely on price. The result is a growing awareness in the industry of the importance of developing strategies that prepare the market, ensure there are no hidden payer issues and which pre-empt stakeholder concerns.

In Market Access Europe: It’s Not Just About Price, FirstWord casts a critical eye on the rapidly changing European environment to consider the key drivers and barriers to READ MORE >

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Executive summary

The evolution of market access

What is market access?

Pharmaceutical company alignment to the external environment

Demonstrating and communicating value

Regional differences and challenges
- Expenditure on pharmaceuticals
- Drug utilization
- Approaches to price control
- Fixed pricing
- Cost effectiveness/cost benefit analysis/measurement
- Profit caps, rebates and reductions
- Reference pricing

Market access dynamics
- Patient- versus product-centric approaches to market access
- The industry view
- Patient and provider view
- Pan-European vs. local approaches
- Healthcare systems view
- Pharmaceutical industry view

Key market access challenges and opportunities
- HTA: the challenges and the future
- Efforts to create a European approach to HTA
- Most believe that HTA should be driven by national needs
- Pricing & reimbursement
- Price controls
- International reference pricing
- Price interdependencies between countries
- Value Based Pricing: A new level of pricing sophistication
- Therapeutic/internal reference pricing and therapeutic substitution
- Parallel imports
- Risk share schemes
- Disease management
- Where can industry partner?
- Value: Balancing the short term and the long term
- Generic substitution
- Generic-drug companies position in new drug development
- Time for a new partnership model?

Critical considerations for approaches to market access
- Societal expectations
- Government policies
- Patient engagement
- Payer engagement
- Prescriber engagement
- Long term partnerships between healthcare providers and industry are the way forward

Challenges for industry and governments
- Continued innovation
- Generic erosion of brands, new generics ? ?biosimilars?

The need for an holistic approach by the pharmaceutical industry

Looking ahead: Linking price and value through partnership and outcomes
- Partnership
- Value based pricing methodologies
- Patient-reported outcomes?demonstrating value well beyond price

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Note: Product cover images may vary from those shown





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